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Tactical Movement Basics

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by Rheeva, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Walking and Running.
    You think this is too easy for you? It should be. But the amount of players I see getting getting killed for no reason but being careless is astounding.

    1) Generally speaking, you do not want to run long distances. Hitting esc->redeploy and transferring to a point or transport of your choice is almost always faster than walking there. Killing yourself is only penalized if you are defending a ticket-map.
    On most maps, you are not going to run unless you are in fairly close proximity to the enemy. Generally assume you are always being threatened.

    2) If you know where the enemy is, avoid giving them line of sight for more than 15 meters. 15 meters is a distance you can usually pass without dropping your armor.
    If you don't know, where the enemy is, stay close to left-handed-cover (we will get to that later).
    High-ground is always better than low-ground. If you have to cross open field, don't run in a straight line unless you know its safe.
    Generally avoid areas with no cover at all. If you can, you should always stay in a dodge's range of good cover.

    3) It is always better to stay with your team than on your own. That being said, it can be smarter to walk different routes as long as you stay reasonably close.
    Most importantly, you should not fall significantly behind or spearhead alone. An isolated Target is much easier to take out.

    4) Speed is often a decisive factor. And by that I don't mean movement-speed, but being on a point 10 seconds earlier or later. It can change everything

    5) Walking in the middle of the road is stupid. Enemy tanks can drive you over or you get in the way of an allied transport.
    Normally, you can avoid most roads to begin with. If you can't, stay at the sides and keep an eye on your environment. Nothing is more annoying than a friendly player holding you up because you don't want to roadkill them.
  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Battlefield Awareness
    This might be the most important section in this thread. The truth is: noone can teach you battlefield awareness, but I can give you some pointers on how to teach it to yourself.

    1) Don't be static. There are very few reasons to hold a static position. If you are not waiting for anyone specific or shooting at something, you should be moving. That makes you a much harder target and also helps you to cover more ground.
    This even applies to heavies.

    2) Rotate your camera. If you are charging, you should move your camera around in a 90° angle constantly. Check out all important positions in front of you, where an enemy could hide.
    If you are not moving, for instance in cover or capping a point, you should move your camera even more. There should not be an area that is threatening to you that you haven't checked out in the last, 7 seconds.

    3) React to noises. A lot of times you can just confirm it is a friendly by looking at the minimap but it never hurts to check.
    If you hear anything and your map shows nothing, its most certainly an enemy.

    4) Learn camping-spots. The easiest way to do so is with experience. But you can also take a few seconds on a point to think about, where you would hide, if you had to defend it.
    Usually those spots will be upstairs and give a good line of sight to the actual capture-point.

    5) Use the chat! If you see enemies, call them out. If you don't have time for that, mark them with Q or ping by holding Q. You can also use the voice-command 'I need backup'. Listen to what others have to say and react to it.

    6) Watch out for your teammates. You should always aim to protect your team. Even more so for the weaker members like Heavies or Healers.
    Doing so makes it a lot harder for JPA's, Hawks or other assassins to do their jobs.

    7) Generally, always assume that someone or something is behind you.
  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Using Cover
    Now it gets interesting. Cover is one of the slightly more advanced topics, mostly because of how broken it is.

    1) Cover in Eternal Crusade can either be half/light(You can brace weapons on it and duck behind it) or full (you can't shoot over it). The cover-system is 'sticky', meaning your character can attach herself to cover and follow it.

    2) Light cover is very good for Heavy-classes like Devastators. They can brace their weapons on it for additional precision, specifically for long-range. You can exit the braced state by dodging backwards.
    However, light-cover also takes away your mobility and makes you vulnerable and flankable. You should avoid using it against precision-weapons. You should avoid deploying on light cover under fire.
    You should also avoid using light-cover with non-heavies.

    4) Light cover is also known to be bugged. Specifically, after you fired and retread into crouching-state, your hitbox will remain visible for slightly longer. Effectively that means that an enemy shooting you can still hit you when you think you are already safe.
    It also does not offer perfect protection from fire coming from elevated positions so you should make sure you have the high-ground.

    5) Hard, full or deep cover is good for Tacticals. Its mostly found at corners and doors. More often than not, you are better off just staying behind it and move freely than to actually use the cover-system.

    6) Left cover is important. The game does not have a camera-swap, with the cam being static over your right shoulder. This means that your crosshair is to the right of your character and the left half of the screen is smaller.
    What this means is that you are handicapping yourself by staying to right-handed cover and should always try to move to leftbound walls.

    7) If your enemy has more effective cover than you do, you have three options:
    -You can throw a Grenade to smoke them out. Shooting your grenade will detonate it prematurely and significantly raise your chances.
    -You can try to charge them and circle them. This works only against bad or wounded opponents
    -You can hold out or retreat. Ignoring an enemy is more often a good choice than you might think.
  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Eternal Crusade has a dodge-function in the form of an Iframe (invulnerability-frame). This means that you take no damage from any source while dodging.

    1) Dodging mid-firefight is not a good idea on its own. All you do is delay the inevitable. You are usually putting yourself in a less advantageous position than before. If you dodge, it should be with a purpose. Either to stall time or to dive for cover.

    2) You can evade Grenade-explosions, Plasma-Fire or Kannons with some timing. Watch your opponent carefully, learn the timer on grenades and keep a backup-stamina and none of those should greatly threaten you anymore.

    3) It is often a good idea to dodge into a melee-hit. The melee-fighter can not hurt you due to the Iframe and has to turn around to hit you again. Again, timing is important.
    You can also often dodge after clanging into a Defensive-Bash, evading the second, stun-part of the attack.

    4) There does exist an exploit that allows you to act immediately after dodging, before the Iframe wears off, hence being able to shoot but not being able to get shot. This exploit is not intentional, not punishable, might get fixed in the near future and is irrelevant to most of the gameplay.
  5. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Other Moves

    1) Jumping cover: Simple dodging next to light cover. Non-Heavies can also climb some full cover. Wait for the actual tooltip to show to avoid wasting stamina.

    2) Sprint-attacks: Melee-exclusive move that allows you to perform a running attack with greater reach. The easiest way to do it is to run, then let go of 'forward'/'w' (keep your sprint-button) and immediately press 'melee'/'RMB'.

    3) Dodge-attacks: Melee-exclusive move that allows you to perform a faster attack right after dodging. Just press 'Melee'/'RMB' immediately after finishing a dodge.

    4) Crouching: Not usually helpful but can be nice as Devastator to improve your spread without bracing.
  6. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access


    1) Spread resets shortly after you quit moving. This means that, if you were running, you might want to take a split-second of a break before you start shooting until your crosshair is balanced. Most important for heavies.

    2) Dodging increases your spread significantly. Again, give it a moment to cool off.

    3) The cheapest way to regain stamina is not to sprint immediately after jumping down a ledge (assuming, of course, you wanted to jump down a ledge to begin with)

    4) You can reset your spread by changing scope-attachments.

    5) If you are unsure about whether someone is friend or foe, just spot them (Q). If they have a red mark, they are hostile.

    6) Do not ress downed allies per hand before making sure it is completely safe and sane. If there is an enemy, just let them bleed out. They might be mad, but noone is bette roff if you both die.
    I would also advise you to just bleed yourself out. Don't wait for a ress unless you really want one and have a reason to expect it.

    7) Edit: I forgot ADAD. If you design a quick pattern in which to alternate the strafing-keys (A and D) and often also W and S, you are harder to hit for most players.
  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Capturing a Point
    Unfortunately, this depends a lot on the individual points which I don't want to go over one by one.

    1) This is mostly about speed. As I have pointed out in other guides, taking a defended point is very unlikely, so you want to take it before the defense can set up.
    You try to lure the enemy away, then strike before they can return.
    Initiating the cap quickly is absolutely vital.

    2) Whatever happens, don't change your plans. If you get shot at, you can not slow down or back off. You can take an alternative route, if you have that option but, the more time you waste, the worse it gets.
    Killing enemies means nothing unless the cap is initiated.
    Especially don't try to fire at enemies in superior positions. Ignore them, keep running.
    You may die or don't, but its better than being dead in the water.

    3) Sometimes the only way you can initiate or stop a cap is with a bodyblock. What that means is teammates literally putting their own lives between the capper and the enemy, to buy them time.
    If you do this, it is important not to tunnel-vision. A lot of bodyblockers focus on one, specific enemy and forget the melee that strikes from behind them.

    4) Stay away from the enemy spawn. After the cap is initiated, don't push them too far. If you get close to their spawn, you will block it and they spawn behind you. Not many teams are prepared for that.

    5) Get moving quickly. After a point has fallen, the remaining enemies are very unlikely to still pose a threat. Clean up as much as you must, then get moving before they recover.

    6) Do not Snipe. 1-2 Heavies giving supportive Fire can be nice, not more. You need to get in there to get anywhere.

    7) Use different paths. If you all rush together, it can be brutal but you also get in each others way. Melee should go in first, seed confusion, the rest should follow and secure the cap. Heavies are best off in supportive positions not at the cap itself.
  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Defending a point
    There are two, basic approaches: Outwards defense and inwards defense. Ideally, you do a synergy of both.

    1) Outwards defense are players running Anti-Vehicle. Harassers disrupting them before they get close. Counter-sniping and spawncamping.
    Inwards defense are people watching the capture-point, heavies and healers in good positions and anti-melee specialists.

    2) You should always have someone running AV. Best to do it by using a Vehicle on your won that carries 2-3 player to take care of all enemy Transports and Tanks.

    3) You should always have someone watching the points. Stealthcaps are dangerous because they distract your team and make them abandon their positions. Stealth-interrupts are even worse.

    4) Everything else is optional. If the enemy team is putting a lot of hard pressure on the point and throwing bodies at you, you want more heavies and healers. If they are carefully trying to drain you, you want to go out and deny them.
    Disruption can work great, just shoot them in the back when they charge and some are sure to turn around and chase you.

    5) If you are loosing the defense, its often a good idea to fall back to a position where you can see the point, nade it or shoot it and stall time until you get reinforcements or Av has done their jobs. However, you should not be alive by the time a cap gets initiated or interrupted. If you fell back that well, you did it wrong.

    6) If your point is halfway capped and you do not have regained control of the capture-room, you proabably never will.
  9. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Ok, I think thats it for now. Deviated a bit from my original plan to do movement there. I am sure I will add some more posts later.

    I am aware most people wont read through all this or take away a lot from this, I just like writing stuff down to organize my thoughts.
    And if it helps anyone, even better!
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  10. Good tips, thank you.

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