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Tactical LSM Video Frag

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by yoymifusil, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Hi there Brothers.

    I post a modest Video Frag, in fact is my first Eternal Crusade video frag so dont be too hard on me , I know some frags might not have a very high resolution but i was practising with the gameplay recording ^^_

    Just enjoy the video, give me some feedback if u want and keep fighthing for the good Emperor of the Blood, I mean the Emperor of the darkness, I mean whatever....



    Hi Brothers I update the thread (29/06/17) with new content.

    So here we go again, Im pleased to share with you my second videoHEADSHOTSfrag ^^

    I hope you like it, plz gime some feedback and enjoy it as much as I did while creating it.


  2. ArchKnightHough ArchKnightHough Steam Early Access


    EDIT: maybe showing my age, but LOVE the AC/DC and Metallica!
  3. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    11/10 for the music selection.
  4. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    Fairly decent plays.

    If you want to improve, drop the plasma gun and focus on using and getting good with the Bolter (regular, MC bolter does fuck all) - there is no conceivable situation in which a plasma gun is better than a bolter in EC at the moment, not even against toughness as CQB & Drum allows you to not only be more versatile but, if hitting headshots, out dps the plasma gun even against 160 toughness.

    I'd also recommend dropping the frag nades, focus on durability and ranged damage with your primary weapon - nades are rarely useful, only for securing a kill on a veteran or something, even if you get good at shooting them mid-air they're still very niche against good players.

    If you want any further advice or training, feel free to hit me up through Steam. You can find me through Valrak's steam friendslist or search for [V-M] Proteus on the community, I'm always happy to offer support to people who actively seek support.
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  5. Thanks for the feedback Proteus.

    I used the plama just for fun and have more than all Bolter plays in the video, i know atm the bolter with CQB, drum and stabilising is the best DPS loadout 4 a tactical, when i tryhard just 4 the win i used this one, but i like the variety in the gameplay so I alternate with plasma, and storm bolter.

    I like the fragsG in other to interrupt / defend point caps they are really a good tool when u are in out numbered situation, 1 good frag can give the victory.

    I add u in friends I hope we will play together.

    By the way im making the next video ( Headshoot Hunter ^^_ )
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  6. I add new videofrag to the #1

    Is a headshots variation of the regular video frags ^^ I hope u like it guys

  7. Not bad, but nothing special for what can tac marine do. I haven't seen even a frag grenade trick.
    Be a good boy - add track list to the description of videos.
  8. Thanks for the feedback Taliss Myrethael, adding track list to the description.

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