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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Hololo, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. PG-Windlass Hololo New Member

    Hey there i whant to present you Tabletop Simulator :
    As the title of the game say it's simulating all kind of tabletop game, now you will tell me "What the fuck Wind you whant us to play majong on that or what ?" to that i will respond "Yeah if you like majong you could" but but, here come the interesting part.

    The steam workshop is overflowing of modder creation to simulate tabletop game including something we are probably all fan of around there,
    Warhammer 40k and inside those fan creation you can find the various army of the tumultous universe of 40k, map with interactive bulding and such, the dice, ruler (flamer and such) and many other thing 40k related.

    So i encourage you to buy this (if you don't already have it)and download those georgous mods.
    And maybe we could organize some furious battle in our beloved community to test our sense of tactic, luck and other strong dice thrown in the face. The advantage being that we can now play it together without the problem of distance or breaking someone else beloved mini (Alslo not having to pay a sometime stupendous amount of money for our hobby)!
    A few exemple :
    IG vs Necron :


    And some of the workshop link : ... chtext=40k ... chtext=40k ... =trend&p=1

    PS : Sorry for the bad grammar i'm french
    PPS : You can alslo save your game and come back to it later
  2. I'm genuinely amazed GW has yet to kill this. They are fairly trigger happy when it comes to modding and attempts to recreate their tabletop game.
  3. GratLurking Recruit

    Think the only thing saving Tabletop Sim is the 40k models are workshop/modded content. The devs didn't create TTS with strictly to rip 40k off or offer an alternative to buying the plastics, they built it for a fuckton of tabletop games and added modded support that fans added models into for 40k.

    Unlike the Vassal module, which was built as 40k tabletop directly and had a direct team to focus ire on.
  4. DEIMOS The_Roadwyrm First Blood!

    We actually have a few guild members that play this.
  5. GratLurking Recruit

    Another thing that's somewhat annoying is that most those workshop mods are usually just 1:1 rips of the 40k video games (or by the looks of that IG mod linked, maybe Ultimate Apocalypse for extra points). So using newer stuff or more extravagant unit formations means either a lot of proxies or trying to make one yerself. Not much a problem for the mainline, or even some factions which have visual similarities, like, say, Space Wolves vs normal space marines, but Chaos Renegades, newer Necron formations, and the upcoming Genestealer Cultists may be a little on the SOL side.

    With that said, my perusal for a mo did pick up a handmade Adeptus Mechanicus mod, so there's hope.
    The guy's workshop collection has more, from custom Tau models (including the Supremacy Battlesuit) and various reference cards for the games as well.

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