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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Valrak, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    Some of you may of watched my previous video showing off digital Table Top, I got a lot of requests to do a game so here it is. A 500 point game showing off how the game works in this game. We had to do Imperial Fists vs Iron Warriors! I hope you all enjoy!

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  2. Redfingers Recruit

    Some minor rules errors. You used the leadership for a regular sergeant (8) but the attack profile of a veteran sergeant.

    Range of autocannons is 48". I also saw a roll of 3 used for a boltgun as a wound against a tactical marine, but he said correctly that it wounds on 4's.

    How exactly did you play this, just buy Tabletop simulator on Steam and then download the armies from the workshop?
  3. Yes. If you know the rules before hand, it really is as simple as that. But if you're newer, then you'll need to get your hands on a pdf of the codices/rules and such.
  4. DEIMOS The_Roadwyrm First Blood!

    We have at least 6 members in SFU that play if your ever interested. I do have an Ork army but the rules tend to be too much for me to deal with.
  5. Dharchaon81 Dharchaon81 Arkhona Vanguard

    Dear Valrak,
    thank you for the post.
    I stumbled upon this TT Sim. throughout my weekend and I am highly interested at all.
    Played WHF TT years ago and owning two straight armies, and a bunch of minies to glue and paint yet.

    These days I, more and more, fall in love with WH40K lore and even thought about starting some modeling.
    Even playing strikes me, but I guess I have to do a lot of study, in short sentence "get my codex".

    I have a few questions regarding the TT Simulator, not downloaded yet, but I am sure it wont last long^^

    Saw some additional tables, with rule-boards and informations on it.
    Even the single models, when mouse target them, are showing stats from the rule-book.

    => Is this normal when you "download" the stuff from the workshop?
    Or is it your own preparation of the army, before you start to play.

    It looks barely like "drag-n-drop" your needs out of the workshop, into your "chest"
    and than use what ever you like and start exploring TT or try and test-out new armies?

    => would be wonderful, if it is like this^^

    Is it possible to play Warhammer Fantasy (before AOS) also?

    => Havent seen any vids, could imagine very few people are aware of.

    Thanks for your help.

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