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Swooping Hawks now become spotted when they fly...

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Redthirst, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    How easy is it to down a hawk

    Most of the time I get the basic bolter to clip my wings

    The sky box is a decent target - it doesn't take much to ground a hawk, thus the need for real flight
  2. Safreadis Safreadis Arkhona Vanguard

    Aye.... and yet people complain about the fact it's hard to look up and aim at a swooping hawk.... I don't want them to whine again.
  3. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    I kinda hope there is a tutorial coming which teaches new players to look up XD

    We need true flight and real freedom in the air as an agile harassment unit
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  4. Safreadis Safreadis Arkhona Vanguard

    That, and Parkour for the Banshee. ... (and slow wall climbing for the scorpions) ... and melta guns for the Fire Dragons... wait they already have that.
    Scopes for the DAs with actual usefulness... A decent Starswarm missile for the Reaper... so many things... so little time, and so many whiners about Eldar advantages (Please note that they don't complain about the drawbacks of such advantages)... (and the small police is intended)
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  5. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    So much yes
  6. Whitefox550 Whitefox550 Well-Known Member

    Warframe Eldar.
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  7. Ghosar Recruit

    It's not easy to play hawk but, honestly guys (and you know this come on !) when mastered it becomes a TREMENDOUS pain in the ass for opponents. Once you are blinded by their sun rifle (or whatever its name is) there is honestly not much you can do. Another of their guns kills you really fast but i think it has a shorter range.
    And yes tac marines with bolters can down you, but many, many other weapons/loadouts aren't that great. Luckily not many eldar players master the art of pigeoon shitting on theit foes :D
  8. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    Honestly, that sounds like a great comparison

    Ash - striking scorpion
    Banshee - howling banshee
    Titania - swooping hawk (provided a buff to flight)
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  9. LeeUK LeeUK First Blood!

    I have been playing Hawk a lot since I started playing Eldar and I do really well in some matches. Other matches I find that the map itself combined with good teamwork from the enemy can really shit on my efforts. Some maps are just not that great for the Hawk from what I have noticed, the spawns and directions of attack may leave you to be spotted more easily, and have less places to retreat and hide in. Some buildings don't have so many ways in/windows to shoot through making it harder for you to surprise anyone.

    This is something that is really hard to balance because even though I feel so squishy that it's annoying sometimes, that and the fact I also don't make up for it in firepower, I can still really fuck enemies up by using my flight to flank and some smarts to get the drop on them, so I am not sure if a stats buff for Hawk would be the first action to take.

    I have got fairly good at pigeon shitting on enemies below me, even swooping UP from below to hover just above and infront of a balcony full of enemies and bomb the shit out of them, killed 4 guys in one go with my bombs last night doing that. Also some buildings are great to flank so flying around back avoiding being seen can leave you in a position to backshoot a ton of enemies while they are already busy shooting at your team mates.

    I feel that if the flight control was improved, i.e more interactive, able to move more in flight, it would balance it out more in exchange for easily being spotted in flight. As it stands it's so easy for someone to shoot you down even if you get the drop on them, as the Hawks are not that powerful ( Don't have Hunters Mark yet so I might be wrong where that's concerned ) and if the enemy is good he will react quick enough to knock you out of the sky and finish you when you hit the ground. If we had more control in flight and when we ADS in flight, like strafing quicker, I think it would be a fair trade off for being so easily spotted now.

    I feel all Eldar should strafe quicker when ADS anyway, as speed is meant to be one of their strengths yet if you want to hit anything smaller than a barn door you have to ADS and you lose your speed advantage.
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  10. LeeUK LeeUK First Blood!

    Sorry for the double post, but something else came to mind which could be tested to give Swooping Hawks a competitve buff, don't make it so easy for them to be shot out of the sky, or remove it completely. Literally their only advantage is their flight yet one shot can make them drop down which in many cases is a free kill to the person shooting at them, as they will fall and have to recover from it. By having them fall down you remove their one advantage and usually doom them.

    People might argue that it will make it too easy for Swooping Hawks to escape, but if you've ever played one you will know just how fucking squishy they are, so if you can't kill them before they get away in flight, they deserve to live IMO. Flight is their advantage, so it should be so in attack AND escape. It's a beautiful class but flight being their only strength aswell as one of their many weaknesses, is not acceptable, yes, flight is a weakness when it gets you insta killed because a shot knocked you down leaving you to die quickly.

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