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Support more resollutions

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by HAXTC, Nov 24, 2016.


Do you mind a game not properly supporting common resolutions?

  1. Yes, I mind because...

  2. No, I do not mind because...

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  1. HAXTC HAXTC First Blood!

    Are you ever planning to support more resolutions than just a max of 1920x1080?
    Seriously, what kind of game doesn't have proper support for 2540x1080 for example? We're almost in 2017 now and I'm forced to play windowed so I get proper scaling for a stupid resolution like 1920x1080? I'm out. Seriously, I'm out and done with this game. It feels like I'm playing on a €2000,- dumbed down fucking console with this game. I don't care about people who don't have the same hardware. I don't care about people having a so called disadvantage if they don't have a resolution as high as others. I play my games on a PC, I don't need this limited software bullcrap. If it is because of 'unfair' advantages then stop developing games for PC and stick to a console, where everybody is equal and limited. If it's some bs about the engine not supporting proper scaling then stop the excuses and make it work. It can't be that hard to force the game to render the field of view vertically or horizontally. This just feels like the same shit Warhammer 40.000: Regicide is. I don't even expect a reply. It feels good enough to just have this of my chest and to just ALT+F4. More than €200,- spend on something I expected to be able to fail in every way imaginable. I just never imagined this to even be possible in this time of age. I'm done. Have a good day.
  2. Ecios Ecios Active Member

    Yo wazzup baby da Big E is here! And Big E sayz diz: devz jizzas moved fukin 5:4 ratio from supported shit! Dat not cool baby cuz now Big E was forced play fukin windowed mode or modafukin blurry creepy proportionz or with fukin interface outta view! Datz not whack and Big E sayz diz is not cool policy if u wanna get more players! Removin modafukin oldschool resolutionz doesnt make ur game modern! DAAAAaamn! Square screen baby! Diz is classic! Modafukin gangstaz triangle! How u dare do diz men? And shit doesnt end! Diz game donwa properly play in da window! Diz shit try'n move to left or to right! Da cursor runnin away and Big E seez fukin poppin bloody7 interface appearin' from system pannel! Fuk diz all dawg bring back oldschool shit back or I gonna kick well ur asscrack! And if u dimby-mod thinkin dat diz is insult Big E sayz diz: U EVEN DIDN'T SAW HOW BIG E IS INSULTIN! And all doze warningz are shitty poo fo piggy jijiz dat afraid say'n wordz like fuk! Daaaaaaaaamn!

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