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Super Elite (quick Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: someone afraid to die?! :p

    anyway... I head to bed for now; sorry to keep you hanging in the middle of the fight! *but let me know what you think of this rp so far and how I could make it better* <different rp systems are all trial and error!>
  2. Lovely Alucard Alu_Mordicus Forum Beta Tester

    (Too late to join?)
  3. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    I don't think so, this was designed (or the goal was) to be a quick but challenging RP that would allow players to enter and exit with ease. I would list your character faction/class/name/gear here and Urian will see how to integrate you into the fight tomorrow.
  4. Lovely Alucard Alu_Mordicus Forum Beta Tester

    Imperial Guard Sergeant

    Name: Lucas Brisk (Sgt. Brisk)
    Primary Weapon: LasCarbine
    Secondary Weapon: Trench Knife
    Additional: Krak Grenades
  5. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    (No sororitas)...

  6. Bramif Bramif Subordinate

    Dark eldar Death Jester:
    Name: Malith
    Primary:Shrieker Cannon
    Secondary: NONE!!!
  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Ah DARN IT! I knew I forgot something!!! *edit right away*
  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    As the battle went on, the Astartes fighting the 4 Combatants (Lychguard, Sorcerer, Lictor and Chaos Terminator)

    it seemed that more enemies appeared. Besides the Astartes now also 8 Tactical Marines (all with Bolters) appeared, marching from the direction where the Dreadnought fights. At the top of a hill 4 Devastators appeared, 3 with Heavy Bolters and one with a Plasma Cannon.

    The Combatants were outnumbered, until a warp portal next to the Lictor opened and spat a Imperial Guard Seargent and a Dark Eldar Death Jester out.

    <19 Assault Marines & 1 Dreadnought left ; 5 injured ; 1 heavily injured>
    <7 Assault Astartes in the way to the Dreadnought for the Terminator>
    <4 Assault Astartes engaging from further away after the sorcerer's distraction>


    8 Tactical
    4 Devastators (3 HB, 1 PC)
    19 Assault Marines ; 5 ASM injured ; 1 ASM heavily injured
    1 Dreadnought

    OOC: btw if you try to attack eachother you cannot hurt eachother as the "Voice" behind all this protects you from eachother harm because you are supposed to fight together, even if you do not want to :p [doesn't stop you from pushing others in enemy fire though]

    In future I will also abbreviate your enemies... Assault Marines = ASM ; Devastators = HBD (heavy bolter devastator) ; PCD (Plasma Cannon Devastator) ; Dreadnought = DN ; Tactical Marine = TSM

    Also regards the actual turns, if you did something already please ignore it and just write new regards the new situation I want you give chance to adapt ;)

    Posting-wise please just describe the effect (i.e. aims at the head of the Assault Marine) I will roll out your results ; the enemy counters I will then put in the same post which will make single duels / fights faster and easier ; this will also encourage you guys to work together instead of a 1-man army :p
  9. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    Imperial Guard conscript (whiteshield)
    789th armageddon steel legion infantry reserves logistic duty, serial number ##00000989767657889412/2-A
    Name: Grigorius Kheldian


    primary weapon: autogun M40 autogun, lot of magazine. can't fire jammed need to unjam maybe broken.
    secondary weapon: stubgun 3 magazines, entrenching tool

    defensive equipment: The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, perfect condition.
    no armor only helmet standard armageddon steel legion pattern.

    additional: gas mask no filter don't work. big backpack with few various caliber/tipe ammo /energy cell all not compatible with weapon equipped ,food rations, meditik (no idea how to use and how many medication contain probably by the weigh half empty) big and heavy package containing many " The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer". A standard pattern box of a disassembled heavy stubber maybe some piece in the kit is missing or broken 2 magazine fill of ammo unkow if it can fire.
    some papers with annotation about "how to manage to kill orks and surive" from an armageddon steel legion guardsman who actually survived a battle at least the last time i meet him.
  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    You are aware that the additional stuff won't be really counted? I am not sure if you are serious about that or if you try to troll.... Anyway ; you go too in-depth ^^ keep it simple like the others, this is designed to be a quick lil RP thing and nothing like Tides of Destiny or the Chapter Master Games.
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