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Suggestions For Improving EC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pouncey, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Correct, Situationally more powerfull maybe, but with a drawback that balances it out. That's also how i interprete horizontal progression.
    But in EC we undoubtly have Vertical Progression. Veterans and Masteries alone show that
  2. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    Well then.

    The only option is to just have everything unlocked by default, isn't it?
  3. Atarius Atarius First Blood!

    No, not necessarily. Horizontal progression is often chosen to compensate the power gap between new and old players (you played Wow, so you know what I mean),but still give the player the illusion of progression. You have to think of a zero sum game to balance the options.
  4. Mozinwrath Mozinwrath Steam Early Access

    To me, EC's progression system seems really lackluster. When you gain a Rank, you really don't feel like you have accomplished anything, other than being able to equip weapons and gear you might not want or need. It just has no substance. I think one of the issues is that the unlocks are entirely gear driven, and that the gear itself doesn't seem like a substantial upgrade from one Rank to another. Being able to go into the next battle with a shiny +2 Armor trinket doesn't really affect the gameplay, nor does it seem like an upgrade.

    It isn't until you look back at a Rank 1 character from a Rank 5 perspective that you see a difference. Is the difference between them worth the time put into it? That is up to individual interpretation, I guess.

    I have been complaining about the RTC prices for a while. Not only are the denominations of RTC bundles a greasy attempt at manipulation, there is nothing (in my mind) that warrants such purchases.

    You know how many times I've noticed that someone that killed me had RTC cosmetics? Once. A Raptor with spiky looking legs. I thought- "Well that's neat. Someone actually spent money on that crap. I'm still dead, and still don't give a ^&*( about how he looks." <-- That is the issue with the RTC shop. They have nothing people NEED. There is no demand, and as such, the prices need to be high to compensate for the lack of sales.

    Pay to Win. Let's talk about that a second. In the upcoming F2P model, free players are capped in several areas. Now, considering you HAVE to pay to unlock X/Y/Z, from their perspective, would a Veteran running around killing froobs (free-to play noobs) be considered P2W? Of course it would. The label is unavoidable.

    So why not run with it? RTC mods in the shop, consumables (which I've mentioned several times) for XP/Req boosts, and a price decrease to cosmetics. The game needs money. Denying a P2W aspect (when it will be considered as such anyways) simply out of pride will not put food on the table.

    When I found out armor was nothing more than a secondary health bar, I was disappointed. I still am. Not only are the "formulas" for gameplay overly complex, they are unnecessary and deceptive. Toughness is damage reduction, armor is a different health bar, penetration is doesn't even need to be that complicated. Let alone so poorly documented.

    Having a "numbers" sheet on the character screen somewhere that displays the various calculations could be helpful. "Your damage reduction is X. <Insert reasons why>". Just that would help alleviate some confusion.

    Personally, I don't agree with how they were handled entirely. I see Armor as a damage reduction that is only applicable to the "armor lifebar", and Toughness being the same for the "health lifebar". Penetration would reduce the damage reduction, increasing the damage taken overall. It would also allow weapons that can target only one or the other, and give a reason to have armor repair in the game. But those are just opinions, and this isn't Burger King. I won't get it my way.

    These are only some of the issues with the game. I can handle the meta shifts from one area to another, or the flavor of the month weapons getting spammed to hell. I can handle the Salty Shitflingers of the world being asshats at the end of matches.

    The biggest problem I have? For the LOVE OF GOD, switch to different server hosting. Nothing ruins this game more than connection problems. It isn't my connection, it isn't the server I pick. It's the connections to the host. Amazon I believe. I get that it could cost more (see above for RTC issues. Or don't, if you want to go broke), but retaining players is more important right now than anything else. And you won't retain them with the connection issues that exist. Running around with a fully geared Vet doesn't matter if they get one shot by the ultimate enemy- LAG.
  5. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    WoW had vertical progression, not horizontal progression.

    Also, you do know that the guy I replied to said that horizontal progression still provided a significant advantage because of the diversity of options, right?
  6. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    Pay-to-Win games that go all-out like that just die faster.

    People won't pay to win, they'll go find a game that's not pay-to-win. Because free-to-play users usually aren't anywhere near as attached to or in love with Eternal Crusade as you are. They won't stick around through that.

    Regarding how armor doesn't make sense to you? It didn't make sense to me at first, either. Like, how does my armor repair itself in mid-battle? And then finally it clicked.

    You ever play any sci-fi shooter games where you have a blue health bar that replenishes when you don't take damage, called shields?
  7. Mozinwrath Mozinwrath Steam Early Access

    That is entirely possible. Unfortunately, it's more likely than people realize. Free players won't shell out cash for the RTC shop. Hell, even the current playerbase isn't doing it. If they were making sustainable income off the current playerbase, there wouldn't be a F2P option.

    There are numerous successful games that can be considered P2W. It's up to the consumer themselves to determine if it's worth it. Personally, cosmetics have never been worth it.

    There needs to be an economic change. In the future, the game will retain X% of free players. Those players might purchase the full version. Y% of those will buy cosmetics. Eventually, unless there is a change, the game will return to the exact economic state it is in. Why? Because once those players have ALL the cosmetics and the full version (unlikely), there is NO MORE INCOME. They have nothing left to buy. Which results in the same situation the game is in now.

    That there are magical Techmarine-equivalent angels that roam the battlefield, helping people who have not been shot at for X seconds?

    Of course I have. However, they are not equivalent. A personal shield generator with it's own power source, or a magical suit of armor that repairs itself when it gets shot to hell by projectiles? Neither of those are universal in 40k.
  8. Atarius Atarius First Blood!

    *Facepalm* of course WoW had vertical progression, I was talking about the dragonball syndrome and the power gap which it creats and WoW is the perfect example of it and not that WoW had horizontal progression... Maybe I wasn't clear enough.

    What exactly do you mean? I also posted that "more options =more power", not power in the vertical sense (now your Bolter makes +100 dmg), more like ok, 100 direct damage with lower fire rate or 50 direct damage + 50 damage over time with a higher fire rate? Both do the same damage, both have advantages and disadvantages. That's real horizontal progression and the option alone makes the player who can choose "more powerful" than a player without it, even if the difference is small.

    (Edited; please note that's a simple example and it is far more complex than that. It's just for the understanding purpose)
  9. No.
    Animation quality does effect gameplay.
    Just like frame rate.
    If what you do feels liek shit, generally you're going to end up playing like shit too.
    I'd rather quality and then quantity.

    Imo: Remove the progression tree.
    It only really exists to appeal to the retards who still think EC is an RPG in some way.
    Its clunky, poorly set up and makes menu navigation a nightmare.
    Just make each rank unlock that tier of items that then show up in the players loadout slots as "unlocked item". Better yet increase the ranks to 20 and quarter the time it takes to unlock a rank and make veteran status at rank 10 or 15.
  10. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    They took a standard shield regen game mechanic from ordinary sci-fi games, and associated it with body armor instead.

    So of course it's stupid.

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