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Suggestions about the management of players expectations

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by KaelaMenshaKhaine, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Here are my two cents for @KatieFleming and @Oveur about community management, especially concerning upcoming features deployment.

    First and foremost, I want to say that I highly consider your work, and appreciate the approach taken in the community management globally. Back in the old days Miguel Caron's credo was "be true, be fair, be transparent" and that is one of the things that made me get into the adventure. You remained true to that philosophy, globally, and I thank you for this.

    There is of course a "but" otherwise I wouldn't be posting this thread.

    The massive Eldar patch was at the same time a relief and a torment for many people. I believe that much of the upset could have been avoided by being more talkative beforehand about what was coming, what was not, what was about to be nerfed/buffed. Of course we have already much info by watching the livestream and searching the forum, but I am sure there can be more efficient way to centralize informations for us your players in order to be crystal clear about all the steps you are taking. This could take shape in a regularly updated sticky thread containing four types of informations (or maybe four threads, one per info type) :
    • In Concept (Long Range) - what is being discussed for possible implementation in a far future
    • In Development (Long to Mid-Range) - what is being implemented right now but not yet ready to release or even playtest
    • In Testing (Short to Mid-Range) - what is being tested right now (internally or on Founder Server)
    • In the Next Patch (Short Range) - what has crossed the QA barrier and will be in next patch
    Having a clear and accessible board listing all these info could really help people to follow quickly your work on the game, and thus know what to expect and what not to expect about the upcoming patches. Concretely, many things that are briefly said in the livestream or in interminable threads like Game Design Update could be centralized in this board.

    Finally, because i's late and I want to slice through ceramite armour before going to sleep, here are two articles that I recently read and found really interesting about community management :
    I am convinced I am not teaching anything new to you people at bEhaviour, but I really wanted to post this because community really is something that motivates and keeps me in games, and I really want EC's community to be a good place to stay at.

    Please take care of us so we can continue to take care of your wallet :D
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