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Submitting Bugs / Contacting Support

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieFleming, Mar 14, 2016.

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  1. thx :D
  2. Pierre-Richard PeterRich Lead Level Designer

    will check, thanks!
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  3. Chuffy Chuffster Deacon

    I seem to have run out of bugs to report. This a good thing because now they are logged, but a bad thing because I was enjoying the bug bounty. Overall it's good they are caught. :)

    Time to hang up my Bug Bounty Hunter cloak and focus on smashing the enemies of the Emperor.
  4. Don't worry next patch will come ;)
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  5. Selke Selke Member

    the only bug you got is your CHAOS-SUport!
    Balacing 6-
    All other 3 Races are a joke if you comper tham to your DEAMChaos. If chaos is that strong Ultweh hab be destroyed long a go and Terra hab be fallen in the Hereci. Dream on and Bug the gamebalacing more and more to DEAMLANDCHAOS. It can not be that 1 Faction got all good stuff even the best and the Rest get only trash or lousyer version of the Chaospowers. THX for the BUGYEST BALACING EVER!
    rename louy game in Chaosdream the Crusede is ower this you pissed of the eldar and noe you pisse of Orks nrxt Spacemarines.
  6. noone will take you serious if your posts are like this
  7. terry Active Member

    Graphical glitche on low graphics on some maps works fine on over settings but not on low and there is a lot less lag on low graphics it's don't end up dieing from lag kills when will the fix this problem it's hard to see if end up quiting the map some Times
    most maps never do this thou but some do and 1 is a fortresse map IMG-20170112-WA0002.jpeg
  8. Khenry Subordinate

    I bought EC on the christmas sale and havent yet been able to play it.I have verified integrity, reinstalled both steam and eternal crusade, reinstalled mircrosoft visual c++ 2005-2015 but to no success
  9. click the link in my signature and make a ticket about it
  10. Sanada Sanada Arkhona Vanguard

    Abaddon's grace is too overpowered, it 2 shots a space marine regardless of distance.
    It is a 1 shot if it is a headshot.
    This seriously needs some attending.
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