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Subbed Ork Players Thoughts On F2p?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by FuriousWalnuts, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Mr.Dakka Mr-Dakka Subordinate

    Give em a few good smacks.
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  2. Markal Markal Active Member

    I think they should add the ability to punish them.. or something like that to keep them in line.
  3. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

    It will be simply impossible to keep FTP players in line, let alone Ork FTP players. Miguel has said it will even follow canon to have Orks say "Sod off" to an order as they run off and do their own thing. Punishing FTP players for not doing what they're told is a bad idea.
  4. White Mayne New Member

    Gamers are fickle you start pushing on them. They leave, good point.
  5. fatrat fatrat Subordinate

    I like the idea of f2p orks, more greenskins for me to kill. ;)

    Also the game is going to be buy to play and thank the Emperor for that.
  6. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    I'm actually looking forward to the interaction with the F2Players. Of course most of them will do the exact opposite of what you want them to do, but give the nature of the Orkz, this makes perfect sense. All we need are enough F2Players so that at least some will follow our order.
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  7. Toy Soldier New Member

    well orks need the most numbers, so this should work well
  8. People like to roleplay as CSM, or Eldar, or IoM, but the truth of the matter is, we're a lot more like orks than most of us think. I'll probably have two accounts, one Marine and one Ork.
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  9. Joculari Joculari Subordinate

    Won't be able to "control" F2P players, a lot will just mess around to test the game etc. Just look at planetside, when there's a large attack those who aren't in any battlegroups are essentially just a mindless horde that swarms the enemy and shoots anything with a red name, it'll end up the same thing I reckon. Best you can do is try to direct the hordes in one direction while the more organised groups focus on the vital objectives.
    Overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers and then crush the defenders with precision strikes.

    The F2P will go where there's most action and just follow the flow of battle, it'll be up to whatever field commanders there are to attempt to direct that flow in the direction they want.
    Then again I could be completely wrong.
  10. Samtheman FreedomFighter Active Member

    It's easier to use the term subbed, doesn't really need to have the literal word for it u get the point.
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