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Sub Faction Jumping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schwifty, Jun 22, 2018.


Sub Faction Jumping Purchasable with Requisition?

  1. 250,000 REQ

  2. 500,000 REQ

  3. 750,000 REQ

  4. 1,000,000 REQ

  5. No this should be bought with RTC

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  1. -edit- if you'd prefer to be able to switch sub factions without spending any REQ pls say so and I'll update it in the OP

    So far we have 1 for No Requisition cost to change sub factions

    So you're Rank 6 with omgwtf amount of this stuff: upload_2018-6-22_18-42-3.png and nothing to buy with it cuz you've gone ahead and bought all the bling;
    upload_2018-6-22_18-41-46.png etc etc

    Would you delete your beloved toon and try another sub faction just for the hell of it?

    Want a yellow or Red Warlock or Wave Serpent instead of a Purple one for example? (eldar get so few sub faction variants it almost feels barely worth it)

    I'd like it if instead of deleting all that work if we could use say somewhere between 250,000 up to Million Requisition to switch sub factions. That'd keep us grinding, present and in the game and give it a bit of flavour.

    Personally I think 1 Mil would be a fair amount and it'd be something to sink all that REQ into when you have literally no other use for it.

    -edit- secretly I'm an Ork Kommando disguised as an Elf. Pay no attention to the signature, I actually love Eldar lol.
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  2. Atsidas Atsidas First Blood!

    how about using no req and just being able to switch
  3. Hmm. brilliant, wish I'd added into the vote. I'll add it cosmetically in the OP
  4. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    How would all the faction specific RTC items be dealt with?RTC cosmetics in general actually.

    I regret that my LSM is a boring fist with no faction specific cosmetics but I already invested enough real money into him that I now can't delete him. I would love an option to also refund my RTC to invest into another sub faction.
  5. I have the red helm only usable by Imperial Fists and Ultramarines, I recently deleted my Imperial Fist toon and re-rolled Dark Angel, the item's still there I just cant use it. No big deal if I decide to go back to Imperial Fist one day it'll still be there.
  6. We have 8 char slots and they are increasing that to ten slots. Make a new character.
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  7. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    How about to supplement this idea by adding an opportunity to choose/change voice acting for a character for requisition or RTC? It is not noted, when creating a character, that different sub-factions may have different voice actings, and now nothing can be done except beginning again from the first rank.
  8. Redjacc Redjacc Active Member

    i'm a founder and only have 4 char slots. Do you mean you have purchased more? if so say so, dont make it sound as though what you have is standard. Also...........swapping to another chapter/sub class should be easy..................if its not then its poor programming.
  9. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

    I deleted my character

    And created a new one - another sub-fraction
    20180630105057_1.jpg 20180630105027_1.jpg
  10. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

    They had plans to add a sub-fraction change button.


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