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Sub-faction changes and your RTC

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Nahsti_Rogue, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. G'day again lads,

    It has come to my attention that name changes are coming to the ingame store for 1K RTC? And I'd assume they would be adding the Sub-faction changes, with these what happens to our purchased cosmetics? I know that there are certain pieces that unlock across your account I have a Dark Angel and a Blood Angel, and unlocking one piece for both of them at the same time is quite nice but what about the others? I want to change my Chaos Space Marine from Iron Warriors to Word Bearers but I have purchased Cosmetic items on him with RTC I've bought with my own money rather than the free RTC we get at the start and the 20K RTC that went out.

    Will there be any type of exchange? I know it seems a hassle but since there is no way to get more character slots (as of yet) for NON-FOUNDERS in this focus I don't want to have money wasted since I live in Australia the RTC is quite a pretty penny and I know this is my own problem which is fine I understand but it'd still be nice to have something out of it.

    My steam prepaid card I used today converted as: $50 AUD to $38.xx USD. Which as you can see is quite a gap I can't even purchase the amount of RTC I intended and have to resort to purchasing x2 $20 USD ones, I had an extra $3.xx USD on my account hence why I could purchase two.

    Thanks for the read and your replies

  2. Tremor BlackGoo Subordinate

    subfaction change alone would be enough for me.
    bought the cosmetics also for factions i do not play at the moment :)
  3. I wouldn't mind if I we're getting more slots but it might take me a few days to get over the heart break of deleting a leveled character

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