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Striking Scorpions Claw?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Mileena, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. A: Eldar have no equivalent to Power Fists while everyone has their equivalent. They don't even have ANYTHING past Power Swords while everyone else has Mauls/Axes/Fists. That means any fight with a decent melee person means SS will lose due to weapon breaking.

    B: Scorpion claws are actually FASTER than Power Fists.

    C: If you haven't noticed, JPAs for Space Marines have Power Fists. And unlike SS, a JPA can escape and come back while also having safer places to disable a vehicle, AKA the top of a rhino/predator. An SS will get turned to bits the moment someone sees them. Even their cloaking isn't very hard to see.

    D: FDs aren't the ONLY Tank Killers the Eldar has.

    E: Why does every Space Marine player get to use weapons that are suppose to be extremely rare?
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  2. Plongo Subordinate

    I want to know why you want it, so far its just for durability. Also yeh lore wise they strike at initiative, but in terms of balance it will be the same as PF and klaw otherwise that would break the game. This isn't about LSM (though point cost has made it very hard to use other weapons, and currently people mainly use chainswords and bolters), its about why people want a Claw? I want to know why. I play SS and happily enjoy the class, but i can't imagine a PF equivalent making it better.
  3. Whitefox550 Whitefox550 Well-Known Member

    Because it's cool as hell, because Eldar players want to play their iconic classes and heroes just as much as space marines.
  4. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    They really don't one-shot with a Lashsword. Not even from behind, unless they're attacking from Stealth. They definitely don't one-shot anyone when fighting toe-to-toe.
    A Claw, on the other hand, would allow a skilled Scorpion to wreak all sorts of damage on an unsuspecting group of enemies. For an increased cost, of course, as is only fair.

    This is why I suggested we swap the function of the Scorpion Claw and Fire Dragon Axe. That would allow the Claw to function nice and fast (well, slower than a chainsword, but definitely faster than a Power Fist), with the Dragon Axe behaving like a Power Fist. It also means you can't get stealthed tank-hunting Scorpions, which would be bullshit from a gameplay perspective, and means Fire Dragons can go about their tank murdering in different ways depending on preference.
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  5. Plongo Subordinate

    It's not the damage but the poison which does the one hit. you can hit and forget. amount of times i get smacked, turn to purge the little sh#t, then after chasing the little devil i die from the poison lol
  6. I personally dont see the harm in making the scorpion claw a thing in EC. Its an iconic striking scorpion weapon.
    I think that charging the claw should reveal the scorpion immediately if that's not the function already. Its already been said over and over that every race has a power fist equivalent minus Eldar. Would this added item be game changing? Hardly! It would just make for a more expensive loadout with a more menacing (but slower) melee weapon that can hurt and stun vehicles.

    In the tabletop the scorpion claw acts like a power fist doubling the users strength, but Eldar are Strength 3 compared to a space marines strength 4 meaning that claws are Strength 6 compared to a power fists Strength 8.

    So just make a slightly weaker damage powerfist in game that maybe strikes a little faster. Giving Eldar a melee weapon thats useful vs vehicles at long last.
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  7. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    I doubt you've only been hit once. The Lashsword has Poison 30 on it unless it's changed recently. One Fast Attack from the front should therefore do you around 150 damage at most.

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