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Strikeforce Ultra - The Ultramarines, Recruiting!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Algernon, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Luthrig Justice Ordinate

    Excellent pose. :p
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  2. RufusUltra RufusUltra Arkhona Vanguard

    Courage and honor, Brothers.
  3. I am proud to see such a fine group of ultramarines.
  4. Convarion Convarion Subordinate

    Well this looks like the home for me. Ive person been playing the table top game for 18 years and have been a Ultramarine the whole time. The Space Marine came out and it is amazing. Now EC is coming out and Strikieforce Ultra seems like a godsend.....I was hoping to find a group like this.
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  5. RufusUltra RufusUltra Arkhona Vanguard

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  6. For guilliman
  7. How many battle brothers are apart of strike force ultra?
  8. Where there is uncertainty, I shall bring light
    Where there is doubt, I shall sow faith
    Where there is shame, I shall point atonement
    Where there is rage, I shall show its course
    My word in the soul shall be as my bolter in the field.
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  9. Varus Kyrolius VarusKyrolius Arkhona Vanguard


    I am very interested in your clan but I do have some hesitation in applying and that is due to my lack of knowledge of Warhammer and the Ultramarines. Although I have collected the models for some time and played few of the video games I feel as though I am still new to it all.

    My question is: Do you need to know a lot about Ultramarines and warhammer in order to join?

    I would like to join you(Even if this does hurt my inner Tau lol) as I think it would be a fun way to learn about the Ultramarines /Warhammer Universe, meet friends and have others to play warhammer games with. I really like the effort and dedication of your clan to the Ultramarines I really think it's awesome :)

    Thanks in advance

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  10. We all work very hard together to make Strikeforce Ultra a kind and understanding community. Each individual has theyre own unique strengths and weaknesses, instead of focusing only on strengths we encourage people to set aside advantage and work together to learn, improve, and simply have fun.

    I invite you to apply at our website Ko'Vash and meet our community on Teamspeak 3. (the weekend gaming events are quite fun). Grow with us brother and help lay the very foundation of Strikeforce Ultra. March with us!
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