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Strife within Ourilicis (Eldar Strikeforce 2.0)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Shadhunter, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Ylsen bellowed and quickly realized how fast and loud that got out. He looked a bit awkward after the fact.
    "I mean...Vaotera, yes. To loo- search and investigate, yes."
    Ylsen fiddled with his Shredder gun idly, anxious to get going already. He elbowed the other corsair subtly, in a hint to get her to agree with him. @Maleth
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  2. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The warlock naturally, went over and 'swatted' Ylsen upside the head with his free hand - though despite the scolding tilt of his head from the helm, he did his best (and was remarkably successful) at making sure he didn't seem angry or anything excessive, towards them; just a small, scolding gesture.
    "My own opinion shall be to see to this... Civil war; but if we are to see what their mining operation is, I shall not argue. The greenskins themselves will be relatively easy to dispatch, if we were to at least partially attempt to guide the Mon'keigh into aiding. Even just giving them a glimpse, however fictional it is, at the thought of warbosses uniting, would help drive them into action."
    ( @Wata )
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  3. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Vaotera." Kilania sighed, cradling her lasblaster, agreeing with her fellow corsair more out of hoping to at least start doing something more interesting than looking at Greenskins or Mon'Keigh. Sure, it might be a perhaps petty reason to pick a mission to do, but then again an interesting mission might be more engaging for her, and so she'd be more focused on it (which may get better results).
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  4. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    "I also agree with Vaotera." Laeduin said placing his helm on his head, "But another question also follows this. Who shall lead the group on the surface?" Laeduin tilted his head in question seeing the warlock and the corsair, but quickly faced the group. "Who is in the best position to lead a mission?"
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "I agree that we should go to Vaotera," Kara'shanwe spoke up, though the sound of the giant Wraith made her feel a little uneasy for a moment. It reminded her of something ... she considered the matter for a moment. Sometimes, in the brief transits through the warp, she thought she heard voices ... the voices of the neverborn. The voice of the Tempter. And, now that she forced the memories to resurface, the voices of the dead. It was a certain resonance the ancient had; something that could not quite be accounted for by his artificial shell.

    But she was a Warp Spider; the Aspect was nothing if not accustomed to dealing with the uncanny. Kara'shanwe tilted her head slightly as she looked up at the huge Wraith-construct, and made a small gesture of respect.
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  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Hey! Watch it, princess!"
    Ylsen replied to being swatted, he spread his arms in mild challenge taking a few steps closer.
    Once the vote for Vaotera gained majority favor, he put on a smug victorious grin making sure the Warlock could see it and crossed his arms content in the final result.
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  7. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Warlock didn't seem to give any reaction - merely a barely-noticeable head-tilt at the grin or arm-spreading, before turning his attention back to the elders. Perhaps Ylsen would see this as him quietly resigning in defeat; or perhaps it was him just being a twat and ignoring him.
    Both might be a bit expected.
    ( @Wata )
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  8. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    "Then it is decided." Altera stated. "We will depart for Vaotera immediately then. You are to gather in the hangar within the hour as we have prepared a Wave Serpent for your descent. Our rangers have managed to locate an entrance to the Imperial Station and from our reports, there is no activity in the area. It should be safe for you to proceed through it, but be careful once inside, we have no idea what waits inside."

    The Strikeforce would be given the full hour to gather their equipment and meet within the hangar, or Firnel would find them and bring them to the hangar herself. Once within the hangar they'd find the Wave Serpent there with it's hatch open, as it waited for them to board. The Wave Serpent was adorned in the colors of Ulthwe and seemed to be armed with the Standard issue turret mounted Shuriken Cannon as well as a hull-mounted Shuriken Catapult.

    Firnel then ushered each of them inside. Inside the Serpent they'd find various plasma grenades, melta bombs, and other forms of supplies they might possibly need before or after they deployed. "Don't get yourselves killed on your first day in Ourilicis." Firnel stated with a soft wave and a chuckle as the hatch closed behind them. After they took their seats they could feel the Serpent slowly lift off and then finally leave the hangar.

    "Greetings Strikeforce. I am Lorendril." A voice from within the Serpent stated. "I have been assigned to pilot this Wave Serpent as well as to provide support if you deem it fit." He paused for a moment. "As for Vaotera, our rangers have located an entrance into the human facility and it seems that there hasn't been any activity there in some time. We should be able to make our way inside undetected from there. But after that, no one knows what's inside, so the utmost caution is advised."

    The Serpent would touch down on Vaotera several minutes afterwards. "Helmets on everyone. The atmosphere here is a little toxic. You wouldn't want to come back sick." The hatch then opened to reveal a small silver building which stood out amongst the dry and sandy landscape they found themselves in. The area was rather flat save for several plateaus in the near vicinity and what appeared to be a mountainous region in the distance. The only other feature that stood out to the group was the small Imperial facility. The was the occasional mark of blood along the walls as well as a single human corpse next to the front door. Several small chitinous creatures seemed to be biting and chewing away at the carrion, occasionally nipping and snapping at one another. They were somewhat comparable to Termagants at first glance, but it was quite apparent that they were local wildlife rather than an inter-galactic harbinger of doom.

    They hadn't seemed to notice the Eldar or the Wave Serpent yet, likely too busy consuming and fighting over their meal. They didn't seem all too much of a threat, at least not to a group, or a tank for that matter. Right next to these creatures, the Strikeforce could see the front door though it didn't seem operable at the moment. Sparks flew from the door on occasion as it tried to open for a brief second and then almost immediately closed itself once again.

    @Jorimel @Wata @Taec @Shashi @Vlayden @Vulpas @Maleth
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  9. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Laeduin crouched, glancing around to identify his surroundings. He observed the door, the corpse and the creatures, but could see nothing of iminant danger. "What course of action should we take to attain entry?" He asked the group quietly, trying to keep the stealthiness of the mission. Even if nothing presented itself immediately, it would be best not to stir anything waiting.
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  10. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Warlock slipped out of the Wave Serpent without too much notice; his attention was little more than a nod at the Pilot, his name being slipped someplace else in his mind to remember later.
    Once out into the Wasteland, he looked at the Door and gave a small shrug at Laeduin's words, not giving any speech just yet; if anything, he wouldn't speak at all from the journey to this destination, being a silent man.
    ( @Taec )

    Akerath looked about for any form of cameras, or vox-comms that may be about to pick up audio near the door, before walking over. His mind reached out into the Immaterium, attempting to gain power - he was sure to be wary and careful of drawing any attention, trying to keep himself as little more than a wisp amongst the torrent of damned souls and hatred amongst the Warp.
    He'd feel the static-like energy roiling within him if he was successful, its instability as threatening as any weapon of war; which was where he'd focus his magics once more.
    If unsuccessful, it wouldn't have any real affects. But if it were, the Warlock would harness and focus his energies into his arms and torso, hardening them and turning them to a strength like Iron - his muscles thickening slightly and his hands clenching outwards, The Eldar around him could feel the psychic energies within him that physically manifested, before he'd reach out and try to pull the door open either pushing it in or pulling it out, whichever was the one that would be easiest or make less noise; the latter being far higher a priority than the former.
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