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Strife within Ourilicis (Eldar Strikeforce 2.0)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Shadhunter, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    When one truly understands fate as it is, myriad branching paths, then one can truly see that duty is cleaving to a particular fate, and glory is the accomplishment of duty’s ends. When we are true to the nature of the Eldar, we cannot fail.

    The Eldar had gathered on the outskirts Imperial system known as Ourilicis. The Skeins had depicted a ripple within the waters of fate; a ripple which would originate within Ourilicis and travel the stars, leaving an untold number of corpses behind in its wake. The creation of this ripple was both of unknown power and unknown origin and as such, The Seers of many Craftworlds determined that such devastation could not be allowed to come to pass. Several Corsair fleets even saw fit to involve themselves in such a matter.

    Ulthwe was among the first to arrive, having been one of the first to divine such a disturbance within the Skein. Iybraesil followed suit. Shortly after many other Craftworlds would send what or who they could in order to aid the effort. The Corsairs had already been within the area, doing light reconnaissance, the issue too sensitive for anything more at the time.

    The Eldar numbers continued to grow, and as it did, opinions over how the issue should be handled began to differ. Some sought to deploy the Warhost to eradicate the Imperials within the system and anything else they may find. Others sought a different path. One which would only show itself to a select few who walked the path of the Seer.

    It was decided to at least give the Seers some time to enact a plan of their own as the Imperials were involved in their own civil war upon their world. Had they not been involved in such a conflict, then there was little doubt they would have already noticed the Eldars growing numbers. This at the least, would buy the Seers time, but how much, would depend on the success of the plan, and how well they could delay the Warhost from spilling the blood of all those in the system.

    And it was for that reason that each of you had been summoned aboard the Ulthwe ship, Lir Dyann. Each of you would arrive aboard your respective transports, be they Wave Serpents, Falcons, or something else. Once within the hangar, you would be greeted by a Banshee, bearing the mark of the Crone Goddesses hand. "I am Firnel. Banshee of Iybraesil." She spoke quickly and with a degree of seriousness in her tone. "Farseer Altera of Ulthwe has requested to see each of you at the bridge. She wishes to speak with you. She stated that it was of utmost urgency." She paused. "I know each of you have questions you desire to have answered and I may answer anything of immediate concern, but please, be brief. The Farseer will know more than I anyhow." She turned and motioned for them to follow.

    War calls...

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  2. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    After stepping off of the wave serpent that had carried him aboard the Ulthwé ship, Laeduin surveyed his surroundings and the assembled group. Listening to the words of Firnel that had been used to greet the group, he decided to save any questions that he had until they met with this farseer, Altera. If the matter was urgent, it would be better to move with haste to learn the situation without delay, he thought. He moved forward to follow the banshee, turning to see who else had been summoned about the ship.
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  3. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The warlock hopped out of the back of his Wave serpent transport with his witchblade sheathed at his side, one hand resting casually atop of it. His eyes looked about at the... Others, whoever they may be.
    Little more than a soft exhale came from him as he obeyed the Banshee, following her steps and turning to glance at the Craftworlder - a Striking Scorpion, he certainly was able to recognize as such. The man didn't speak just yet though, deciding to observe what the others within this odd, ragtag group may do or who they were first.
    Perhaps it will be easier than quelling a Greenskin horde, he thought to himself.
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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Stepping off the transport into the ship of Ulthwe, Ylsen sighed. He hadn't been among craftworlders in a while and it had suited him just fine.
    Two had arrived already. Putting on a neutral face he just nodded a passing greeting, otherwise ignoring the others.
    To avoid growing too anxious he avoided eye contact and idle chatter, instead following Firnel's directions. He was heading for the bridge after the banshee.
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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Zerelith stepped off, the Transport her head craning around as she looked at the Ulthwe ship her face gave no emotion her eyes only seem to give off a look of curiosity, Already another greeted her and gave her direction on where to head she only had a few questions in mind for them when she got there, Already moving she began following the banshee silently. Zereliths question could wait for now she would want to speak with whos in charge then a banshee.
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  6. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Kilania Yathernis departed from the transport, and looked to see who else was with her. With another Corsair being a welcome sight, there was a fair number of craftworlders as well: a Dark Reaper, a Warlock and a Striking Scorpion. Evidently something that had to be rather serious to warrant Corsairs and craftworlders alike on the same side.

    Still, the Corsair headed off after the Banshee for the sheer reason of saving her questions for the Farseer who would evidently know more about what was going on, and what they were needed to do. That and after questions she could get to know the others, given that the odds were she was going to have to work alongside them.
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  7. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Firnel led the group through the winding corridors of Lir Dyann. It appeared none of the group desired to ask her any questions, not that she had any quarrel with this of course. They garnered a few glances here and there from the Black Guardians and Aspect Warriors that passed by them. Still, all was quiet within the halls as none of those who passed by offered any form of conversation or even so much as a statement.

    Several minutes would pass before they reached a pristine doorway guarded by two Black Guardians. Firnel stepped to the side and motioned for them to the enter. The door opened immediately. Inside they would find a dim room with a large holographic map in the center of the room. Around the map there were three figures. One of which was immediately identifiable as a Farseer of Ulthwe who seemed fixated on the map at the moment. Another was an Autarch of Iybraesil, she possessed long dark hair but kept it tied, likely to keep it out of the way, with an apparent battle hardened stance, and her face carried every degree of seriousness that came with it.

    The third figure was far larger than the other two. It was immediately identifiable as a Wraith, and not only that, but a Wraithseer of Ulthwe. His Wraithbone was pristine, with few marks or scratches to mar the body, and what few remained had caused absolutely no damage. It would have been simple to cover them up, but perhaps he'd preferred to keep them? The Wraith turned to look at the group. "They're here..." The deathly voice seemed to echo within the room as he spoke. The Farseer looked up to reveal the smooth features of her face and long crimson hair that was allowed to flow freely down her back. It was immediately apparent that she was somewhat young for a Farseer. Her lips formed a content smile.

    The Autarch did not seem quite as pleased, likely she didn't agree with whatever course of action was being taken. A moment later the Farseer spoke. "Welcome to Lir Dyann. Your answer to our summons is greatly appreciated." The Autarch rolled her eyes but the Farseer paid her no mind. "I am Altera." She continued. "Farseer of Ulthwe." She then motioned to the Autarch. "This is Yserys. Autarch of Iybraesil." The Autarch nodded in response. "And the Wraith, he is Ki'el, Wraithseer of Ulthwe. May his wisdom and experience be a light to us all in this dark time."

    "I know you're all eager to learn more about the current situation and I will explain that in a moment, but first, if we could get a proper introduction? We've learned what we can of each of you, but most of you, if not all of you are not familiar with one another. And if we are to succeed in this endeavor, then you will need to be."

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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Ylsen, Reaver of Void Dragons."
    He said and took off his helmet, revealing the scar on his face and the blue stripe dyed on his long blonde hair.
    "Don't really know why I came here but still feel responsible."
    He shrugged.
    Truthfully he never wanted to see craftworlds or Eldar in trouble in general. Corsair life just suited him better and it was more fun too.
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  9. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    After bowing to the farseer, Laeduin removed his own helmet as well. He brushed the platinum blonde hair back that had been disturbed by the removal of the helmet, and after giving a sharp nod towards Ylsen in recognition, he introduced himself to the group. "I am Laeduin, striking scorpion of Iyanden." He said with a half smile, but a serious tone. "I answered the call to ensure that any threat is dealt with, and no craftworld is put in danger." He looked around the rest of the group, studying them all in more detail than when they had just assembled.
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  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    The youthful Eldar woman had kept to the back of the group as she arrived, silent in her desire to listen. She had followed swiftly and now took in the words of her elders as well as what they did not say.

    Her eyes were drawn to the form of the Wraithseer. Such a being was rare, and even among the Seers a figure that divided opinions. Kara'shanwe had respect for such a one who chose to serve even beyond death.

    Eldar woman of medium height, her confident stride accenting the femininity of her form despite the heavy Aspect armour she wore: the Warp Spider, a shell of red and black marked with accents in jade green. Bearing the rune of Biel-tan on the housing of the warp generator, with the runes of Khaine emblazoned either side, the armour was well-maintained and had seen much service with many of the Children of the Stars. She carried her helm in one hand, her gun slung across her back. Her green eyes looked about her with keen intent. Her long hair, a warm royal purple, was neatly coiled and pinned back to fit within her helmet, which she did not wear, as battle was not yet upon them.

    "Kurneshai, Farseer, Ynneath Asuryas. I am Kara'shanwe Sulvelia, of Biel-tan and here to lend whatever aid I may. I follow the Aspect of the Spider Ascendant." She straightened, with a salute. "But please, call me Kara if that suits." She smiled, her serious military demeanour lightening for a moment.
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