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Storm Bolter is weak as hell!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TEFluffybastard, Jun 22, 2016.


Storm bolter too weak

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  1. Come on when the terminators come then we will most definatly be balanced but at the moment its too weak,
    10 damage to the head and 9 damage to the body, this spacing for damage factor should be at least higher, Make head shots great again!

    Although a lot of people are either balance purists or Lore purists the storm Bolter should be stronger and with the range penalty i dont see how it was unfair and deserved a nerf.
    Using it today it takes at least 40 rounds to take down a Nurgle out of 50
    Aswell as this a lot of people will argue that it is a combi bolter however the combi bolter is basically the chaos equivalent i seriously dont get where this nerf came from it was one of the only weapons that could take down a Melee character effectivly without being quick-attackedstunbashed to death
    Please fix, at least a distance = more damage modifier so it can take its SMG-Shotgun mantle back
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  2. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!

    The range penalty doesn't mean crap when people are already going two feet up to you and drilling a very fast-firing weapon up your ass and unloading the clip.
  3. And yet it does next to nothing compared to any other close quaters weaponry, Such as the melta or melee weapons.
  4. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    I find it exceptionally useful against Eldar.

    And its superior to current melta, there isn't even competition here.
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  5. DevilfishJack Steam Early Access

    The storm bolter seems to operate well against everything except MON. But that probably has more to do with netcode than either of the characters involved.

    Additionally, please try to break up your posts so they are easier to read.
  6. Scales Neuroactive Arkhona Vanguard

    It is good in some instances and much worse in others.
    the inside rooms on the ice map and clearing the A capture on harkus are great places for it, B harkus less so because of the size of the room, unless you brought an ammo pack you'll have to get up close for it to do any relevant damage, otherwise you could just use it from farther back as a crappier version of the heavy bolter that doesn't suppress.

    I am a stalker bolter man myself, semi-auto is a beautiful thing.
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  7. I do think the weapon needs some love (Mainly due to the fact that I never, ever find myself using it). But again, it's alpha. Beta is when we will start to see balancing between weapons take the focus. Now it's content, content, CONTENT! :D
  8. Tyranthius Tyranthius Well-Known Member

    The Storm Bolter was nerfed into the ground.

    Don't expect it to change after the crying it caused.
  9. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!

    Yes but during first implementation it was a nightmare. Like most weapons are, yes, but still, we don't want to repeat that.

  10. The Storm Bolter is supposed to be better than Melta, Multi Melta weapons in close quarters combat versus infantry. Considering the Melta/MM is supposed to be an anti tank type weapon, anti monstrous creature, anti Terminator, anti Dreadnought, anti Landraider, anti Baneblade type weapon, the Melta or Multi Melta should have never been a viable option in EC versus fast moving infantry. Good riddance to those days for Melta and Multi Melta IMO.

    Keep in mind guys the Storm Bolter was so overpowered it killed game play for about... what?.. 6 weeks last fall. You either lost to the Storm Bolter or you rolled a Storm Bolter, there was hardly anything in between.

    Also keep in mind our accuracy system just underwent a total overhaul, and keep in mind that weapon mods are coming down the pipe. I'm pretty sure the Storm Bolter will be seeing it's proper due.
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