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Stories of Barren (40k Feudal World Rp)

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  1. @Tamu
    The night would go by seemingly in an instant for Anderson but of course time is relative to oneself. As he slept the night group of the monks continued work. Adding onto defenses with iron wood, collecting materials for the manufacture of gunpowder, hunting and foraging for food, and may other necessary tasks. And of course there was the delegations sent to both the Divine Mandate (also known as the Divine Magistrate in some circumstances) and the Tibress Republic. Two signals were given from late in the night, both parties had continued during the night after a brief rest, evidently the armies had moved closer towards the middle of the neutral grounds. The party sent to the Tibress Legion reported that negotiations went well, the Legion would respect the sanctity of the monastery and not make any moves against it. The party sent from the Mandate would unfortunately reported the opposite, negotiations did not go well with the army from the east. An attack from them was likely and they would be moving soon sense the armies have spotted each other.

    As Anderson woke in the morning he would find a monk waiting outside his door patiently, upon being prompted the man would immediately divulge the information gathered from the night. The parties had returned in the night with the one sent to the Mandate camp bringing back several of their number wounded. They had explained that some of the monks that followed the army called their ways of worship untrue in the name of the Emperor. Naturally the party did not take kindly to this and some of them got into a fight. This escalated quickly and they were run out of the camp. The members of this group have quarantine themselves for hours of penance, meanwhile the Tibress group were fine and given the new circumstances have offered to go back out and ask for the help of the Republic in defending the Monastery if Anderson finds that prudent. Normal monastery procedure was suspended due to the coming battle, the morning hours of prayer however are still planned. Anderson could give his orders to the congregation from the altar.

    The night would be full of bloodshed, burning, and a bit of looting on the part of the brigand. The Logging settlement was destroyed and its populous scattered or dead, this certainly was a blow to the Republic’s lumber supply in this region. But for the personal gain of the brigand he would unfortunately not find much within the town worth his attention when it came to loot. The town was not very wealthy in goods besides wood and most of that was burnt beyond use. The group slept outside the burnt town in a hidden camp as to not attract attention from anyone that may have ridden in an attempt to aid the town. All through the night the brigand would be bothered by something they had almost forgotten about. His mark, when they were fighting that priest along the road. He wasn’t able to finish his mark and this face ate into his mind almost to the point of not being able to sleep. Fortunately exhaustion won in the duel between itself and almost psychotic obsession with finishing finishing the mark. But as he woke the desire to finish carving it immediately reared itself with a vengeance.

    Inu would sleep soundly in the embrace of their friend as they laid out in the forest near the circuit tent. Nothing would dare disturb a wolf that size as even the simplest of creatures understood how dangerous it was. Thus providing Inu with a large soft bed that warms itself and keeps predators away. Leaving them to eventually be woken up by the ring of a bell in the early morning. Or well perhaps it wasn’t exactly a bell but it sounded similar. As it rang the people of the circus exited their small homes and tents and seemed to be going towards a location just outside the main tent. He could spot small plumes of white smoke coming from where the people were going. Evidently people were getting breakfast, if Inu didn’t want to forage for his own food and risk killing another lost circus animal he may want to get up and check this out.

    The fight against the orks would take all night, more and more of them would just keep appearing out of the ruble and ramshackle buildings within the town. Most of that time the Jester spent fighting the warboss. The hulking beast being exceedingly angry and sturdy as it tried to kill the agile and strange woman. Eventually though the Jester would grind down the beast. Inflicting small wounds that made its attacks slow just enough for the eventual strike they beheaded it. Earning quite the trophy and proof that she had killed the leader of the greenskins. It and any other kills she earned during the night would likely get her a pretty sum from the local bounty office. But now was the time of rest and licking of wounds. The bounty hunters that were also thee had collected their fair share of bounties and injuries. Not all of them had survived the night but most did, forming a small camp in the middle of the town as they collected ears and other proof of kills for the bounty office. By this point most were sleeping after being exhausted in the previous night. Exactly what the Jester was doing was at her discretion.
  2. Inu woke up stretching and sighed at the breakfast he saw. Thinking he didn’t wanna owe them more then what he did already he went over to the group to seek a meal for him and his companion. He took the time to also check out the rest of the group. He wanted to know what the others did and who he might have to work with. Though food was a necessity too.
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    He woke with a start practically bristling from the anxiety of an intense nightmare, he had slept well clear of the logging camp as it burned so as to avoid any potential reprisals before the dawn. He had collected several trinkets and items of worth from the town and had stored them in a convenient burlap sack he had also acquired from the burning camp, he had also beheaded and clipped several helmeted heads of the present militia to hooks on his belt for presenting to the Warband upon his return to the Kurgon camp. Before he left however there was one thing left for him to do before he parted ways with the Noble's raiding group and that was to leave another signature within the town itself before he left.

    Walking into the town it was easy enough to bypass all the collapsed debris, dead bodies and burned out homes, even to brush past the shocked survivors wandering like lost lambs through the wreckage of their former lives looking for what is left. None of them bothered Fergerad, their sense of predicament as it was may be too much to bare to rail against such a figure as the Brigand as he searched for a suitable location for his signature.

    Finding a blemish free surface in amongst the ruins of the town and one fit for carving things on Fergerad with a knife that he had found on the charred earth began etching his signature on a yet standing wooden plank wall in the heart of the logging camp. Morning had come and there was a cool mist in the air, a contrast to the extreme hear that perpetuated the night, even as the Brigand work small isolated fires raged in some small parts of the settlement and the cooling embers of the aftermath were still everywhere. When he had finished he left the logging camp one final time, he was done here and was due back at his Warband with the spoils of a successful raid.

    There was however the dream to consider, on his way back to the Kurgon he must visit his prior hunting ground, a forest shack near the monastery, it's spirit must be appeased and consecrated in blood to make up for a prolonged time of incompletion. Not bothering to contact the Noble's forces he set off back to where he had found the wandering priest, gods willing if he found that unique individual again the blood will be his.
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    Anderson sat with his chin resting upon his fist as he thought of the current situation. The mixed news was not quite what he was hoping for but then the missionary mused that hope was the first step on the road to disappointment. The reason for the fight between the monks of the monastery and the army of the Divine Mandate was troubling but he doubted he could investigate the matter now or in the future.

    While a part of him wanted to interrogate the monks, who got into the fight he was hampered by them going into quarantine. With a sigh, he chose to focus on the matters at hand instead of fraying his focus and time on matters that he couldn’t help. His mindset Anderson called the tibress group and asked them to head out again to seek help.

    After the group set out Anderson gathered the others in the prayer hall and informed them of the situation. Once that was done he gave out his orders of continuing to keep a lookout and increasing their defenses. When the last order was given out he invited the head priest to conduct prayer and afterward headed out into the battlements to survey the situation and await the foe.

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