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Stories of Barren (40k Feudal World Rp)

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  1. @Tamu
    The monks preformed what Anderson asked without question with men going into the forest with heavy woodcutting tools and others preparing carts for their various relics. The delegation would be moving on foot but they had chosen the fastest runners out of the thousand monks present so they should make it in good time. With nothing else do at the moment besides helping with the cutting down of the iron wood the Missionary would follow the teams going out into the forest. On the outside Iron Wood trees looked like any other tree but when you tried to cut into it you would find most axes only got through the bark and wouldn’t budge any further. A saw made from a metal stronger than the wood would have to be used. Or an exceedingly strong man with an axe of remarkable quality. Technically the Monastery had both of those things, the brother from before carrying a particularly large axe along with more typically build monks carrying assorted tools.

    Alexander was faced with two possible forms of labor, the obviously more difficult one would be helping the particularly large and muscular brother cut down a few trees through feat of strength alone. The less labor intensive but more complicated option would be assisting the more normally built monks cut down the trees through careful sawing. Either way the trees would be cut down and brought back to the monastery to be processed and turned into barricades. Alexander would find himself overseeing the minor construction project that was getting up various additions to the already existing defenses of the Chapel. It would be several hours until word from either group came through. Through the use of smoke signals and a spotter on the highest steeple of the Chapel they could see that the Relic team was making good time in its journey. The team sent out to speak with the forces of the Mandate hadn’t signaled yet but one could assume they are just trying to get as far as they could before the day ends. The sun was indeed making its descent towards the west. Darkness will set in soon.

    The noble listened to the brigiand’s words intently. “I see, have you done this sort of thing before?” He asked but instead of waiting for an answer he just nodded. “Never mind, it is a good plan I feel.” The lead monk nodded in agreement. “It will take some time to prepare the men and fire starting implements but I think that will work well for us.” He looked up towards the sun. “Attacking as the sun sets would make the attack more sudden. Leaving the people there even more unprepared, right?” The noble spoke though he was unsure of himself. His guards offered no opinions on the matter, the monks mostly spoke amongst themselves. Regardless of this it would seem the plan was a go as the head monk uttered something in a dialect Anderson wasn’t familiar with and the monks dispersed to start collecting materials for the torches. Nam’s guards did nothing but would follow Nam’s orders when the time came.

    Said time would come later as the group formed up, their horses having been given a break and their packs filled with torches to be used on the town. The plan was to go as Fergerad had described, a few monks going out to scout the town out first. Dressed in more normal looking attire as to not draw attention to themselves. They would return later with a roughly drawn map of the town. It was built in segments, living quarters in one area and workstations in another with very large towering stockpiles of wood placed every so often. Some having recently cut down longs sitting there for drying, others having properly dried wood which was ready for processing, and the final stockpile which held processed wood. The final stockpile had a roof over it to as to protect it from the elements. Needless to say this place was ripe for a fire to start, all they needed to do was start one in the right place and the whole settlement will go up in flames.

    The Ringleader frowned at the statement Inu made and moved away from both him and his companion. The new proximity seemed to bother Inu’s companion less and the Ringleader took notice of this. “Very well, despite your hostility I still feel you will be an excellent addition to this circus. You may go find somewhere to lay down your things and to sleep when the time comes. Once you do then return to me and I will discuss a few things relating to your new position here.” The strange cyborg went up to his rope web and pulled a rope that caused an opening to be made in the tent. This was rather obviously a sign for Inu to exit the tent with his companion.

    Once outside they would now have the task of finding a place for them to live in the large amount of smaller tents and hastily made structures that all existed around the much larger circus tent. There was a large amount of wood available if he felt like building a shack but there was also the option of just going to the forest to sleep. Granted they will have to be careful about timing that as the Ringleader likely kept a very specific schedule and being late was probably not good.

    The throwing of a rock with her Psychic powers would work again, the rock colliding with the side of a greenskin built structure and causing a few orks to look at it. “Oi Bozz, do we’z got a wierdboy?” One of them asked and said boss turned his head somewhat, and then the rest of his body when he realized he was too big to see and had to turn. “Wot ya mean? We’z dont got ona doze.” The orks all then turned to see what the boss was looking at. This gave cover for the hunters to approach the town unnoticed by the distracted orks. They congregated near the Jester as they prepared themselves for the attack they have committed themselves to. Getting weapons ready and offering battle prayers before they would leap out from their cover and attack the distracted greenskins.
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  2. Inu shrugged and looked to his companion. Giving his wolf a small pat on the head he chuckled.
    “Guess we stay here for a while friend. You choose what you want. Do we grab a tent or make our own. The woods won’t be good this time. An better to stay dry if it rains. Not sure if we would have a roommate though if we got a tent. So what would you like to do?”
    Giving this decision up to his friend. He waited for a answer. Letting the wolf check stuff out and leaning against a tree until he decided.
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  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    After the delegation and relic teams left Anderson followed the rest of the brother monks to the ironwood trees. He looked around at the forest and greeted those who greeted him, not wishing to waste time he considered his options. Anderson went up to the large monk with the axe and greeted him

    “Hello brother, I shall help you with cutting down some trees as best I can before I go to help the others saw. While I know not how many trees I can hew down if any, I would be glad to help you if my strength permits me. If not, then I shall go help the sawing team” With that said Anderson would help the large monk hew down trees for a while before going over to the sawing team and helping them. The missionary wanted to build up a friendship with both groups and help as much as he could, while this would limit his efficiency he knew that morale and friendship would last longer and be stronger than even Plasteel and rockcrete in the heat of battle.

    Once the cutting of the ironwood was finished in the forest Anderson headed back to the chapel to oversee the construing and modifications of the chapels defenses. Alongside barricades, stakes and razor wire the missionary would also show the chapel monks how to male caltrops to hinder the enemy advances, warning traps to help notify them of enemy movements and various other traps and defenses to help them kill or hinder the enemy. As night soon approached Anderson met back with the head priest and seniors monks to draft a roster of monks to keep watch and ask those tasked with construction and gathering of materials to keep going as long as they could. If signs of any hostiles showed up, then they would be told to focus on getting back in with the tools and ignore any materials left out. The construction team on the other hand would be moved indoors as much as possible so that they could continue their work.
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  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    The jester stood down waiting for the others. "Its time we need to get the big guy," She said with a whisper to the other bounty hunters now looking at the boss it was time, Grabbing one of her throwing knives she attempted to make a throw at her targets head. The big boss of the orks
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  5. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    He was in quiet contemplation, he had found himself a whetstone and had busied himself tending to Merconheidi while the monk's scouted the lumber town, in a secluded place out of sight of prying eyes he checked and double checked his weapons and equipment in preparations for potentially a long night ahead of him. He had found a small rodent in the undergrowth and was casually roasting it in a smouldering pit of embers he had kindled and covered to avoid attracting attention, eating it for nutrition along with conserving his energy would give him the endurance he needed to last that little bit longer in the raid, also he had a thing for killing small furry creatures.

    'For the skull throne and the red river, I seek to find home, in a blood washed red battlefield I will not find none.'

    Fergerad sang these words quietly, it was a war song often sung by the barbarians on the eve of battle said to give a warrior a sense of fortitude, he had learned it from osmosis and he admitted the tune had grown on him from his time serving the warband.
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  6. @Tamu
    The next shift of monks would exit the monastery as night approached, evidently they had already made a system of those active during night and those active during day as they would never allow a moment devoid of productivity. A moment without something being done and improved would be shameful to the Emperor after all. The God Emperor had worked tirelessly to forge humanity into the pure and great thing that it is now so what excuse do they have to leave a moment without something being done. So while he may go to sleep the monks will continue the work he and the other leaders had planned out.

    The brigand’s preparation would be overshadowed by the movement of horses and their torch carrying riders. The Noble’s guards and the monks sped towards the area, they would light anything in their path and their speeding horses pushing aside or trampling anyone or anything that got in the way. Quickly fires would spread as the group took a pre planned path through the settlement. Soon the fires would be such as to light the area in a way that lights up the surrounding area in a harsh light. The strike was quick and efficient, this place will be devastated by the time the fires burn out. Peasants ran about as buildings caught fire, carrying younger ones or belongings as they did their best to save themselves from the flames. Out of a larger building a group of armed men came running with the intent on cutting off the riders. It seemed this place had some protection after all, albeit not very much. While the wood and buildings could not be saved they perhaps had the thinking of catching those responsible for this destruction. They were beginning to form up in an alleyway where the riders were headed, Fergerad would have to move fast.

    Inu’s canine companion seemed to pick sleeping in the trees as it made its way over to the nearby forest. One could suppose the animal preferred the familiar outdoors to a tent, or perhaps it didn’t actually understand Inu and was just going where it pleased. Either way Inu would be sleeping outside, hopefully he would be able to hear when activity starts up. Else he miss meeting with the Ringmaster over something important and need to face the consequences. Regardless of that the day was ending so perhaps turning in early could be good for Inu’s health.

    With a quick flick of wrist and well timed movement of arm the Jester sent a throwing knife into the direction of the Warboss. Her aim was true and the blade did find its target square in the forehead. The blade sticking into its skull but not phasing the creature, the natural resilience of greenskins and possibly just a thick skull preventing the knife from really accomplishing anything besides making the creature angry. Just then the bounty hunters heard her call too and pushed forward into the unsuspecting group of greenskins. A melee would break out then as undisciplined bounty hunters and orks started fighting one another in the light of the setting sun. The Ork Warboss ignored this though as he used a large hand to pluck out the knife sticking from his forehead. The massive green creature moving forward and trying to smash the strange human under his massive fists.
  7. Inu chuckled for a sec and followed his companion. He was fine keeping a ear out for the ringmaster. Long as his friend was happy he did not care. Yawning as he followed behind. He waited for the wolf to pick a spot and then nuzzled up against its stomach. The warm fur was all he needed to stay warm. Comfortable and warm he gave his friend a pet.
    “Though we work here for now. Don’t worry, for if they try to bother you again I will show no mercy my friend. Alone in this world. An yet the only friends we have are each other. Though I would take a monster or animals as a friend over humans any day. They never cared and so why should we?”
    He drifted off into a sleep after finishing talking to his friend. Though it was only them in the world in his eyes a part of him wondered if this place would be just like everywhere else. Get tired of it quickly or they cause his friend discomfort in any way.
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  8. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    Fergerad got up and stamped the fireplace to embers contemptuously with his armoured foot, he retrieved Merconheidi with one hand as he coldly looked over the scene of destruction the logging camp had become. He spotted a knot of organised resistance seeking to disrupt the progress of the riders and his calm began turning to fury as he set off down the rise his temporary camp was located at a dash racing into the logging camp barging past the confused peasantry knocking several down as he sprinted toward his goal.

    'Blood and death, for Warband Kurgon!'

    His fury reaching fever pitch in the midst of the fires and the screaming he bellowed his warcry in a mix of faith and bloodlust. As He approached the supposed militia the armoured brigand raised his axe, he barely paused as he picked his target and began to charge. Not caring if they had seen him or not he aimed his first blow to decapitate the warrior closest to him in one clean swing of the axe.
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    After conferring with the head priest and the senior monks Anderson bid them farewell and went off to the room assigned to him. Part of the missionary wished to stay awake and help longer , but his years on the battlefield had imparted to him that sleep and a clear head would be far more helpful for his current advisory postilion then fatigue when the time came for battle. Along the way he greeted those brothers who remained inside either to purposefully go to a task or to patrol the interior as he had mentioned.

    Upon reaching his assigned room Anderson made a mental note of the exits and avenues of approach before heading inside. The room was as spartan as he had expected and with his years of service and wanderings preferred. Nevertheless he examined the room thrice to see what he could uncover. Once that was done he put his hammer close by the bed frame, undid the straps of his armor only leaving the gambeson on. After a short prayer to the emperor Anderson went to sleep.
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  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Hehehhehe, This one is not so easy to get big one" Jester let out a laugh going for the attack both her blades came out as she began rolling dodging and running around the green skin attempting ot attack it get at its back and possibly get at its throat and head.
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