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Stories of Barren (40k Feudal World Rp)

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  1. @Tamu
    The hooded priest nodded to Alexander. “The prayer rooms are this way.” He would point towards a staircase leading downward. The man would lead Alexander down and show him a stone corridor with rows of sturdy looking doors. “Simply pick one that isn’t already in use and I will wait for you to finish so I may lead you to the Abbot’s quarters.” The prayer room would be quite understandably bare bones. No more than a stone walled cell with an uncovered rockcrete floor and a small altar to kneel in front of. Once Alexander was done and he exited the room he would find the priest from earlier though now he has removed his capriote. His hairless head not having many distinctive features besides his skin being remarkably pale. He exchanged a brief greeting before leading Alexander back upstairs.

    He took Alexander through the main assembly hall which was the largest room in the building. Rows of pews that seemed fit to seat hundreds all facing towards a large altar that made up the back of the room. The priest lead Alexander to the back of this altar where he found a door and opened it. “Abbot, this man wishes to speak with you.” The priest stepped aside to let Alexander in. The Missionary would find the Abbot to be an older man who also was bald and cleave shaven but what set him apart from the stereotypical appearance of a monk was the plethora of tattoos on him. “What can I do for you my son?” After a brief explanation the old man would think for a moment.

    “Some of our brothers who forage for herbs in the forest have found a large army from the Divine Magistrate has been gathering along the border. While we have heard nothing from the Tibress Republic I feel it is obvious that a war is days from starting. We happen to be in the middle of it naturally and my guess is that our home is a tempting target for both sides to take over. Both of these nations follow the Emperor but in their own ways, far from the proper ways we have been taught but not so far that they are heretics. I do not think they will respect this Monastery’s neutrality in the conflict. Meaning we should prepare the best we can, while we are more than capable of defending ourselves under most circumstances I do not think we could withstand an attack from either the armies of the Magistrate or the Legions of the Republic. I have been praying to the Emperor for a solution and here you have come. So as you ask for a way to assist us I will ask you this, what do you think you can do to help us withstand the coming war?”

    The band of horsemen continued onward, Nam was mostly silent during the exchange between Ytris and this stranger but he was also clearly paying attention. But he was not the only one, Nam’s bodyguards eyed the new man with a cold suspicion . One could simply say it was their job to be but they produced a fairly powerful air of hostility that could be considered far more than natural suspicion of a stranger. It likely also didn’t help that the Marauder could tell that each of those men was exceeding the dangerous in their own right. Individually they would give him quite the challenge and as a group he wouldn’t stand a chance against them. This also gave a hint about the man they guarded, for him to be protected by these men he must be exceedingly important. Said man had a smile on his face, one that communicated genuine happiness and excitement.

    The rest of the group of made up of what appeared to be warrior monks of the eastern practices who were lead by the woman he had just fought. Their ride would eventually take them to a fork in the road, a sign was there but the words were in a dialect the riders didn’t understand but luckily Fergerand understood it. To the left the sign said they would end up at a village, given their location it would probably be a logging village. A place that is not really a necessary target for what this group intended on doing. The other way lead towards a smaller coastal city, Tibress cities were built around forts so it did seem like a more appropriate target. Though the city was much farther away and the trek would take longer the group was on horses so it likely wouldn’t be as difficult as Fergerand would have anticipated.

    The man leaned back when Inu approached him, he made face that showed a good amount of discomfort at the implications of what Inu said. Regardless of this the men would lead Inu and his pet through the forest until they started happening upon stumps mixed in with the regular trees. Slowly these stumps would increase in frequency as the regular trees began to decrease in frequency until there were only stumps and a remarkably large tent in the distance. Judging by its canvas being made of a variety of flamboyant colors he could guess that was where the circus was currently based. As they got closer Inu could make out smaller tents and buildings that surrounded the much larger tent. The more permanent structures gave an explanation for all the stumps, they were constructed of logs, some of them even still had branches coming off of them. The roofs were made out of the still green leaves and branches and the material that wasn’t used was left out to dry for later usage as firewood.

    The men wouldn’t bring Inu into any of these smaller buildings or tents though, they went straight for the largest one. After entering through an opening Inu would find the interior of the tent to be remarkably empty. The seats for the patrons of the circus haven’t been set up yet, there weren’t any props or rings placed down, the entire tent was just somewhat empty with the exception of sand which has been poured evenly to create a nice floor surface that was easier to walk on than the dirt outside. A sudden series of clicks would cause Inu to look upward to notice the top of the tent was a tangle of assorted ropes and something was moving within it. A large rope would fall down from the ceiling and the men would straighten their backs. Inu would hear more clicks as something began climbing down from the ceiling. They would at first seem like a giant metal spider, the ends of their eight legs opened up to claws that gripped the rope as it climbed down but as they looked at them they would realize a person was coming out of where the head should be. This person, dressed in a long red tailcoat that went down and over where their torso turns into the mechanical body and wearing a top hat over their head, was obviously the ringleader of this circus.

    “Boys this isn’t the Araldian Rock Eater, why did you bring them here?” He asked and the one man who had been talking the most out of the group spoke up. “Sir… they ate it.” They said it quietly and the ringleader seemed to not hear. “They what?” The ringleader leaned in and placed a hand by his ear. “They ate it, sir.” The ringleader quickly raised an eyebrow and looked at Inu and his companion. “Really?” He asked Inu this time.

    The board sailed through the air for a moment before striking a greenskin in the head, evidently the greenskin’s head was harder than the wood as the plank shattered on impact leaving the ork confused and angry. Without the true perpetrator in sight to blame the Ork saw that there was another Ork standing in the rough direction that the board came from. The green creature grumbled and raised his weapon, what as basically a crude mess of wood held together by fishing line and hooks. They offered a guttural grunt and a sputter of profanity before moving to smack the other greenskin on the head with their weapon. It seemed starting a brawl with the greenskins was not very difficult as these two orks began fight and nearby orks noticed and decided to join in causing a veritable riot. How stunningly easy this was to accomplish would likely leave most a little dumbfounded.
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  2. Inu gave a shrug and looked the man in the eyes before answering.
    "Whatever that giant creature was we killed and ate it. Me and my friend here woke hungry and needed nourishment. If you have a issue state it now. But maybe you would not mind helping me out with something else later at night if I help you out with whatever you need."
    Inu showed no sadness or remorse when talking about the creature they ate but a smile crossed his lips when talking about a favor for him later that night. He leaned closer to the ring leader looking them in the eyes while giving a smirk.
    "So wanna trade help?"
  3. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    It had definitely been the first time the Marauder had actually been on horseback, with his lot in life he spent more time driving a nag on a cart than any beast even remotely faster, he kept quiet as he repressed the pain he felt in his legs. He couldn't help but notice out the corner of his eyes the cold stares of suspicion offered to him by the noble's bodyguard he had considered them at best his temporary allies. For him hostility beget hostility and he glowered in return contemptuously rather than meekly ignore them, he had had his fill of other people's disdain for him even before he chose this life, nevertheless this journey may yet prove fruitful. The procession reached a fork in the road and for a moment Fergerad breathed a sigh of relief until he realized he had a long time yet before he was able to get off this horse, instead noticing that no one else knew what the sign said spoke out loud not seeing any reason to deceive the group just yet he would have to endure the pain just a little further.

    'To the right is the city, said the stone. To the left is a logging camp prominent enough to warrant both a sign and a road.'
  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Alexander knelt before a statue of the god emperor with his eyes closed and his arms resting on his hammers pommel. The missionary emptied his mind and bared his heart open to him on terra. With soft murmurings barely audible to others he began to give his daily prayer

    “I tread the path of Righteousness. Though it be paved with broken glass,

    I will walk it barefoot; though it cross rivers of fire,

    I will pass over them; though it wanders wide, the light of the Emperor guides my step.

    For men united in the purpose of the Emperor are blessed in his sight and shall live forever in his memory.

    For the words of the faithful are the mountains. But the deeds of the faithful are the world

    For no army is big enough to conquer the galaxy. But faith alone can overturn the universe

    Where there is an enemy, rage! Where there is a victory, rejoice!

    Ye of faith lay a fire within your soul and another between your hands and let both be your weapons.

    For one is faith and the other is victory and neither may ever be put out.

    Praise be to the eternal God Emperor, Praise be to him on Terra”

    After his prayer was over Alexander followed the other monk with a benevolent smile on his face. Once they reached the abbot he thanked the other monk before using the sign of the imperial eagle to greet the abbot. When the abbot asked the question, Alexander explained himself in a polite yet firm tone.

    After listing to the abbot Alexander took a deep breath and gave a bow to the abbot. When he looked back up the missionary’s kind face was replaced by a grim smile, his previously warm and pious eyes now burned with righteous hate. After a brief pause, he gave his opinion to the abbot.

    “If they are of righteous faith in the God-Emperor then they will not attack, so I propose we sent a small delectation of monks to tell them of our intentions. In the meanwhile, I suggest we focus on building defense and barricades with ironwood inside the chapel proper. I doubt we have the numbers to hold the walls against them. From a strategic and tactical point, they cannot afford to bog down many troops to claim the chapel. If we bleed them then they can afford it even less.

    However, we should gather what holy relics are in this chapel and make plans to secret them away with a dozen or more brothers to guard them. Even if we fall the relics of faith can be preserved to another chapel. If they choose to forsake the emperor and attack a chapel made in his name, then they shall know my wrath. If you do not have any strategists then I can utilize my time in the imperial guard to become one.”
  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "eheheheehheh." The Jester giggled as she began Sneaking her way into the Ork camp using the fight as a distraction she road her odd stead and kept low as she began trying to make her way inside the ork fort town. Keeping a dagger at her side she kept ready incase a ork would see her.
  6. @Tamu
    The Abbot nodded in agreement. “Your words are driven by the Emperor’s eternal wisdom. I will begin the preparations for what you have said with a sermon to the brothers, you are welcome to attend and say a few words of your own of course.” The Abbot pushed away from the table so he could stand. “Ring the Bell of Assembly.” The Abbot said to the brother that had lead Alexander up to this point. The Abbot then walked out of his room, seemingly expecting Alexander to follow him. As they walked into the main hall of the chapel they both could hear the ringing of the assembly bell. A long deep call that surely could go out for miles. “I suggest you have a seat, it may take some time for the entire brotherhood to assemble.” The Abbot said despite the fact that he was standing.

    The Abbot would stay standing during the entire time they waited for the population of the chapel to assemble which came up to about an hour and a half. The entire room would be packed full of men all wearing the same colored robes. Despite the sheer volume of people the room was remarkably quiet, as each and every one of them knew to be quiet upon entering this room. “Brothers of the Emperor’s Eternal Light!”The Abbot called out from the altar. “You have been called here as our home is under threat by armies of the two empires at either side of us. These nations are both loyal to the Emperor but take their faith in a more diluted manner. As such we must prepare for the eventuality that one or both of these nations will threaten us and attempt to take our home for their war.” The Abbot turned and looked at Alexander.

    “This man has come here by the grace of the Emperor to assist us in this very trying time, he has a plan for how we shall hold our ground against the coming storm.” The Abbot motioned for Alexander to come forward. “Tell them what we shall do and they shall do everything within their power to complete your plan.” The Abbot would leave the floor open for Alexander, whatever he said the Brothers of the Chapel would get to work immediately.

    Upon being told their options the group’s leaders began talking among themselves, the woman Fergerad had fought earlier and the young noble specifically. The other monks and the noble’s bodyguards were silent as they understood they did not have the power to choose. After a brief moment of talking quietly the two of them seemed to come to an agreement. “The Logging Camp seems like a more prudent target.” The young noble said with the monk nodding with him. With that the group would go down the road leading to it, the journey itself not taking particularly long by horseback, albeit Fergerad’s obvious inept riding of the horse caused some minor inconveniences but otherwise did not impede their progress.

    Upon arriving on the edge of the remarkably large Logging Camp the group could see the reason why it had been given its own road and sign. It was really more like a large town rather than a camp. With structures that house it’s various workers being dwarfed by large the countless logs stacked on top of one another. It seemed like a fairly important source of lumber for the region and possibly beyond. “Excuse me, sir?” Fergerad would hear the noble ask for him. “Do you have any suggestions as to how we should raid this place?” The noble as if he had never done anything like this. Given the man’s youthful looks, it was likely that he had indeed never done anything like this before.

    Inu’s proposal didn’t seem to sway the ringleader initially but after a few moments of thought their face would turn to a smile. “I could perhaps be swayed into such a thing but I of course would require something to gain. Perhaps you could join my circus, become a performer and bring awe and joy to the masses who patron this place? From your build I could guess you are quite the athlete so with some training you should be able to fit right in.” The Ringleader would move around Inu to inspect him some. Their mechanical legs whirring as they all moved independently to achieve movement in a remarkably unnatural fashion. Inu’s companion didn’t seem to appreciate the sound they made, perhaps their mechanisms vibrated at a frequency that was unpleasant to their more advanced ears.

    The Jester’s approach of the town was unnoticed by the orks who were now fighting one another rather loudly. The brawl was quickly growing as greenskins were attracting to the violence and it would seem to consume every nearby greenskin until there was a distinctly loud bellowing of profanity and poorly spoken gothic. “OI YA ZOG FILLD GITZ I’Z SAID NO BRAWLn WIFFOUT ME PERMISHUN!” The greenskins immediately ceased their fighting at hearing this voice. They all turned towards the direction it came from as a much larger figure came around from a building that had been added onto by the greenskins. Out of a large hole came a large greenskin, standing more than a head taller than the other orks and covered in a variety of scavenged bits of metal that seemed to simply be nailed into his body. Behind him he was dragging a large club made from a log with several swords stuck through it along with many of bits of sharp metal. He had the jaw of a shark placed onto his own jaw in the regular fashion greenskins would do to make it appear they have a “Ded ‘Ard Bite”.

    If the Jester would look behind her she would notice the hunters had decided to break from their position and start moving to where she was. Perhaps thinking that now most of the orks are in one place their wouldn’t be noticed and well that appeared to be right. Not to mention with most of the greenskins in one place it would be easier to kill them all. Though what certainly wouldn’t be easy is taking down the warboss, greenskins flock around strength and their leaders are always the biggest, toughest, most violent one of them.
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  7. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    The Brigand looked unperturbed by the appearance of the logging camp he was nonplussed by the question posed to him by the noble though, a raid and he was asking him a man they had just met how to do it? Had he joined a Noble's escort or a travelling circus? Fergerad carefully dismounted from his horse, landing with a thud he kneeled down and found two dry stones on the road, striking one against the other he sent a spark flying harmlessly into the barren ground, he had practiced starting fires on his own in the woods long enough for him to manage without much difficulty. He examined the large settlement in the distance, he dropped the two rocks and straightened up brushing himself off, speaking clearly he gave his answer to the Noble in a cold slightly sinister tone.

    'Against a settlement this size you do it with fire, it would have been a good idea to have brought a supply of pitch or tar to light torches, also to have come at night when the people were sleeping when whatever defenses they may have would be at their weakest. This is a logging camp so these people would have built their homes out of the same wood they had cut from the forest, with a torch you would toss a burning weapon up onto a thatched roof or a bale of hay left for farm animals and the whole building would be set alight.'

    Fergerad paused for a moment as remembered the times he had raided farmsteads in the past, some belligerent families would barricade themselves into their own homes thus securing themselves and their belongings. He reached for Merconheidi and slowly drew it from the scabbard on his back so he could examine the blade, he had to smash his way into such defenses using the weapon before just to reach the valuables he desired, despite the screaming of both women and children and the angry roars of their men. Acting on this knowledge there really was only one good way for a raid like this to work as he continued rather more menacingly at this point.

    'The attack has to be sudden with as many horsemen as possible racing through the streets spreading the blaze preferably as quiet as you could manage no whooping or hollering, it will seem ineffective at first but once the fire takes hold it will engulf the logging camp fast. Ideally you would have a number of men scout out the layout of the town before you perform a raid like this. People would flee their homes rather than defend them to escape the flames making our job quicker, a man is more resistant to fire than most people realize especially when clad in iron, so when the people are out in the streets they will not be barricading their homes when the real raid begins.'
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    The Jester Grinned as her plan began to work and then began to frown as she saw the huge boss. now this would be a interestingproblem to solve, no joke might get him laughing, looking back and seeing the hungers she waved. before looking back to the warboss. She needed to figure out how to deal with this fellow. As he was large and quite in charge and was likely the boss of these fellows and fighting people with there boss did tend to make things harder. Grabbing a rock and Concealing herself best she could she attempt to once more distract a green skin this time with a rock with what looked to be the BARZ.
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  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Alexander stood up and cleared his throat before gazing around the assembly solemnly. With the attention of the others firmly on him Alexander gave a speech on the sanctity of this chapel, how this place was the emperors and how it would be defended, he empathized sacrifice and perseverance. Once the speech was done he began to explain his plan to the others. He told them about sending a delegation of a dozen priest to the incoming army to ask for them to leave this holy place be, to have another dozen and a half brothers take the holiest relics and start their journey to preserve the relic in the case the chapel fell.

    Alexander waited for whatever hubbub would ensue from his plan so far. Once the others were quiet he would ask the Abbot to bring up a map of the chapel or make a one with the general outline. Once this was set up he explained how the walls could not be held by the brotherhoods numbers against the face of any large number of enemies, he told them of his plans to build ironwood barricades and defenses inside the chapel where the smaller and narrower locations would negate the enemy’s numbers advantage. He talked about using straw dummies to make their numbers appear bigger on the walls and make the enemies waste their arrows, arrows which could be salved for the chapels own defense.

    Alexander would also explain about defending the barricades in shifts, focusing the initial wall defense on getting rid of ladders or ropes instead of shooting back at the attackers. He asked for the brothers to focus their main efforts on getting ironwood and clearing the surrounding of the chapel before building a moat lined with common wooden stakes. If they had time left after the barricades and moat were finished, then he would divide them into squads of 10 based on the input of the abbot and the senior monks and train them how to fight as a squad. After explaining everything and having the abbot choose the 12 men for the delegation and the 14 for the transportation of the relics Alexander would help the others cut down ironwood.
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  10. Inu glanced at his companion then to the others. He gave a sigh before glaring at them. Being a nuisance to him was nothing. But bother his friend and it was a insult.
    “You keep bothering my friend here and the deal will go to everyone being ripped apart. Do not bother them or die slowly. Now if you want me to help out I have a few rules. Piss off my friend and die slowly and painfully. I can fend for myself but please give my friend lots of food. An lastly threaten, harm or annoy my friend and I will have the pleasure of ripping you apart and decouring your insides slowly. Otherwise I don’t really give a damn about what I have to do. I will jump through hoops and more.”
    Inu looked at them and then his companion. Giving a small click of his younger as a signal that if his friend is bothered, hurt, or annoyed to kill without hesitation. He was not about to allow anyone to hurt his friend or touch em. They were going to die. Nothing would get away. Nothing would breathe if his companion had any issues at all.
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