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Stories of Barren (40k Feudal World Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    Fergerad's head tilted slightly with some confusion when the one woman leaped off her horse and then addressed the Brigand as 'of fortune' as if she thought it was the place he came from, had she misunderstood the term, or was mocking him? A flash of anger at the implication and seeing a glint of metal half pulled from the scabbard made him swiftly draw Mecronheidi from its scabbard and hold it tightly with both hands as the person that he presumed to be the leader slowly approached, challenging him as she did so. There was a moments pause and Fergerad realized that the woman Ytris was expecting an answer to her challenge, he took in what he had heard up to this point staring down the Warrior priestess with cold unblinking eyes through his metal visage. If she had intended to scare him then her judgement had failed her utterly, people were afraid of him not the other way round. With some intensity in his voice he returned the challenge his stance unwavering and his gaze barely blinking.

    'I do not like impromptu fights to the death, those are the domain of power tripping young militia with something to prove or the self inflated ego of bounty hunters, battles like this can be done more professionally. Yet, never let it be said that I would turn down a challenge, or that I underestimate my opponents no matter their appearance, if a fight is what it takes for a mercenary to get employment around here then a fight is what I offer.'

    The Brigand examined his opponent, she was slight but may undoubtedly be very agile for her profession, too quick for a simple assault to be effective, he would take more damage before she became exhausted enough to be hit with a counterattack. In his confused response to her challenge there was an air of uncertainty, this was his chance to strike first and with some ferocity, he reached for one of his Franziska axes judging the distance and the strength he would need to put behind the throwing weapon. With a burst of speed he drew the Franziska axe and in one flowing motion threw it with great accuracy and velocity at the woman the weapon rotating in the air. As it flew Fergerad charged expecting the leader to dodge to either side, he would swing Merconheidi wide horizontally to force her back and take command of the fight, she would react to him first, unless a serious mistake was immediately made by his opponent the fight officially starts here.

  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Ytris appreciated the welcomed fight and quickly stepped to the side to evade it, a strand of hair flying off in the breeze of the air as the axe landed behind her somewhere in a rock, almost landing in the side of one of the horses.

    But then was the Brigand already upon her, forcing her on the defensive and stepping quickly back and sideways. "Now that is the spirit!" Ytris said excitedly, not wasting her time on an attack as the axe kept coming by her face, her hands still were on her blades - resting in their sheaths.

    "But if you wish to become a monk indeed, my brigandier of fortune. Then you might not want to kill me. Take my head and you will not win respect, but my pack to jump at you." She said, dancing around the swings as they came. Soon she had to retaliate in order to press her for back. There was only so much space to maneuver about and time to be spent before he caught her rhythm.

    "So what will it be? Kill me in order to die an unnecessary death? Or put that pretty axe away and join our shrine of the brazen blood?" Ytris asked as a final determiner. If the answer would be no or replied with yet another assault, she would attack with everything she has. First going for a parry attack of her main blade, and then bring the cylinder about to extend her hidden blade straight into the adversaries' arm.

  3. Inu looked at them and shrugged. Giving a small sigh he went to the tracker and gave a small smile before leaning into his ear.
    “I will follow. But because you all are showing me fear of your master. I wanna see how scary this man can be. But later I would love to pay you a personal visit unless someone else is more fun.”
    Inu leaned back to look at his pet. Giving a nudge of his head to say follow he looked at the others awaiting them to lead them to the master they spoke of. Hoping the master might be a bit more fun then these men.
  4. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    The swings suddenly stopped, Fergerad breathing heavily realized his opponent was not fighting back and brought Merconheidi down on the ground embedding the blade in the dirt, keeping both his hands on the blade so as to pull it free when he needed. Examining his surroundings he looked at the woman 'Ytris' he was sure she was called now with the glare of a man who feels he has been cheated of a fair fight, he calmed down and remembered what he had came to talk to these people for, he didn't know what they were doing here but he explained his purpose.

    'I am not 'of fortune' it means Mercenary, I am Fergerad of the Kurgon and I came seeking to sell my services, I confide in a priest for my spiritual needs so I am his follower, he is a man I trust implicitly. I have no desire to become a monk, I am here to find employment and if I take your head it would be worthless to me.'

    With a single tug the Brigand pulled the great axe from the dirt and held it facing down toward the road, he straightened up taking one hand off the weapon and stretched it wide as if preparing to embrace the eyes behind the visage were blank and without emotion. Fergerad continued his speech, he gripped the blade tightly, if this went wrong he would swing the Merconheidi defensively and then retreat back into the woods, though his words suggest differently he was not prepared to die here.

    'The fight has ended and so what will it be?'

  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Ytris breathed heavily too and smiled widely from cheek to cheek. "Well met, Fergerad! Also despite what people might think of us warrior shrines. We know linguistics to a solid degree. Some of us are poets after all. Either way. I call you 'of Fortune' because the gods of war smile upon you. For having met us at such very perfect time." She sheathed her blades entirely and crossed her arms, her men relaxing now that the fight was over.

    "I only offer membership to my shrines. But we are here on a rather... Divine mission. Join us and I promise you will be rewarded handsomely, even if sadly i wont be able to gain you as new apprentice." She shrugged, albeit her voice sounded like sincerely disappointed. As long as you don't betray the divine mandate, of course. Until then I would treat you as his lordship and his men."

    She gestured towards the lordling on his high horse.
  6. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    While the Leader talked Fergerad moved to retrieve the Franziska axe had recently thrown kneeling to pick up the implement, he had checked the condition of the throwing weapon and decided that after it had hit the rock the axe was still in acceptable enough repair to consider using again. He sheathed Merconheidi in its scabbard as Ytris finished, he heard 'treat you as his lordship and his men' and had to make a considerable effort to stifle a laugh, him treated equally to a lord, if only his serf father could see him now. He straightened up dusting off his armour with a couple sweeps of his arm as he did so and turned to face the leader of the divine mandate, he had a more friendly tone this time though through the grim metallic visage he could show little of how elated he actually felt.

    'For such a generous offer I am inclined to accept, you have gained yourself a capable ally and the Lord you escort dare I say is now that much safer.'

    The Brigand looked at the Lord for a short time examining his appearance little more than a cursory glance, he had kept quiet this entire time when the fight and following debate had occurred. He then back at Ytris, with nothing more to say he was now waiting expectantly.

    'Then shall we move on? I will be fine following on foot, never had the opportunity to learn to ride a horse anyway.'

  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Speed is of the essence. You will ride with me. Just hang onto me." Ytris said with a determining nod to the new comrade-at-war.

    Once on the horseback she would offer him a hand up. Whether he came up or not, he turned to the lordling at her side. "Another man on our side will improve our chances of success. And the fire burns true in him. Our spar was little more and no less than a ceremony of trust among strangers. Our mission will not be interfered, so I swear upon the honor my shrine will bring to you and your father." The monk stated towards Nam, hoping he would not complain or be too bewildered by this sudden chain of events.

    She then addressed Fergerad again. "If you have any enemies on this side of the border, leftover business or other secrets that could compromise the Divine Mandate. I would appreciate you sharing it now. I rather not have well. You run off like a berserker and kill some old enemy of yours. We must act with precision and discipline." Her voice was serious, but did leave room for compromise... To a little degree.

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  8. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    The Brigand grimaced at potential awkwardness this situation would cause, but understood the reasoning behind it, he responded rather less enthusiastically.

    'Fine, in the need for expediency it must be done. Also, do not worry if I went after every 'old enemy' I see I would have been died in a hopeless situation long before now.'

    Fergerad clambered onto the horse and tried the grip the beast as best he could, he was going to pretend like this wasn't happening until he reached where it was this group was going.

  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Anderson nodded his head as he surveyed the fortifications of the chapel. The prefabricated symbols and statues were in line with the general specifications of the imperial cult with nothing new or questionable behind added to the statues. Of course, as they moved along and waited for the mechanical gate he made sure to take notes of entrances, locations, and sentries both on the walls and outside it.

    “It is heartening to hear such a response brother. I plan to stay here a while to help out any way I can and to restore my supplies before heading out to check upon more monasteries along the way.” Said Anderson

    Anderson tied his hammer to his side to sheathe his weapon. Once that was done he made the sign of the Imperial Aquila before heading inside. With a benevolent smile and calm eyes, he greeted those who would greet him and asked the leader of the party that had rescued him.

    “If it is not too much of a bother could you please direct me to the praying room so that I may pray to the holy emperor. Oh, and could you also direct me to the head priests quarters afterward so that I may confer with him how I may help out?”
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Alright then I wonder now can we create a distraction or get the orks gathering maybe pick them off from afar." The jester said to herself, Looking over at the boards she focussed her mind and a image would appear she attempted to throw a board with her mind towards a ork attempting to have it go at another ork to start a fight.

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