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Stories of Barren (40k Feudal World Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. @Tamu @Donairian
    In another quick clash it seemed the Brigand was able to flip the table as his fist returned the previous favor to the Priest’s own face. The man of the ‘proper’ faith finding his nose broken by the sudden impact as well as stumbling backwards. A sudden burst of blood seeping through his broken nostrils which quickly began doing down his face. The priest was then open to another attack from the Brigand but before Fergerand could act he could hear movement from down the road. A lot of it, far more than just an animal or single person, if he had been on this road for long enough he would know of the monks who regularly maintain it. They were a pious and far from defenseless lot and certainly more than a match for him just with numbers. If he wasn’t that familiar with this place then his instincts simply told him to not waste time and leave immediately.

    Anderson, who was unable to notice anything else but his current pain, would be greeted by a group of twenty eight monks. All of them wearing simple brown robes and cloaks that take away individuality along with a distinctive capirote(a large pointed hat with a face concealing mask). All of them carried some sort of weapon in hand, from simple axes and swords to black powder firearms. Though the largest of their band wielding something strange, it almost resembled something of an eviscerator but due to technical limitations instead of a whirring chain of blades and an engine it was instead one single large blade. Clearly large enough to fell a horse in a single stroke if need be it was obvious why the largest monk carried it, no one else would be able to carry it let alone swing it.

    “We heard the fighting and ceased our holy labors, are you alright…” The largest one said as he seemed to pause for a moment to look over Anderson. Spying obvious religious symbols around his armor the man said. “Brother?” They asked assuming Anderson is another man of the faith, not anyone of blood relation.

    After sometime Ytris would find her shrine ready for travel but their cavalry escort seemed to still be preparing as they had not approached them. After several minutes of waiting they would hear the sound of horses moving towards them and see several grim looking men in segmented metal armor riding upon black horses. Unlike the expensive and colorful armor of noblemen this armor, while high quality, was clearly much more utilitarian in purpose. More than likely meaning that these individuals were either nobles of lower standing or not nobles at all. The only one wearing stereotypical brightly colored cloth covered armor was riding in the front of the warriors. With a open face helmet Ytris would be able to immediately see that it was Nam who was significantly younger than his guards.

    The young noble waved with a smile, he seemed excited at the prospect of working with these warriors. “Hello soldiers of faith!” He said with almost childlike excitement. “I apologize for the slight delay but my men weren’t prepared for the sudden call to move out so it took time for them to prepare. Shall we go now or do you require more time?”

    The man seemed to think for a moment. “Well we don’t exactly recruit foreigners to the Cohortes Urbanae but the Tribune might be interested in having a doctor around.” The guard said, the word Tribune clearly being used to refer to his superior and possibly the commander of law enforcement in this city. “I can take you to him if you wish, you’ll have to leave your weapons at the front though before you can get to see him though.” While the statement was mostly casual it was clear that if Idris would not be allowed further without complying.

    Out of the trees Inu would spot the search party, seven men dressed in colorful attire and armed with lengthy spears as well as one of them carried a net. It seemed they were more than prepared for the creature to not come back to the circus quietly. Upon coming across Inu and his pet along with the butchered corpse of the animal they all immediately seemed discouraged. More than one of them making a sound of defeat upon the sight, some of them taking off headwear and uttering prayers in a different language. “What have you done?!” One of them asked with a heavy strange accent.

    The men looked at the Jester with faces that suggested they were not entirely inclined to trust this masked person at all. “Yes that is what we are here to do, we’re trying to find a weak spot in the pile of rubble they’ve made around the town.” The one that had first asked the question said. “We can’t get an exact number of how many of them there are but they are greenskins so there’s bound to be a lot. Every man is entitled to his own kills but you best keep count since no of us will do it for you.”
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    The gambit worked, satisfied Fergerad retrieved Merconheidi from where it was embedded in the road and was about to follow up his assault until he heard the sound a large number of people approaching from the direction of the Chapel. Monks, better armed than your average lynching mob at that, he snarled and looked back at Anderson practically spitting out his frustration as he prepared to retreat from the fight.

    'Your luck, Priest.'

    Before he could be spotted by the procession of Monks the Brigand fled into the trees and out of sight, he had no time even to leave his signature a fact that irked him greatly but at least there still was one back at his shack, it would have to do, he already had most of his takings for his stay here on his person. He would have no time to spend recovering at his makeshift outpost anyway as the risk was too great that the Chapel monks would be looking for him, so he would have to prepare himself for the long trek back to the camp. Fergerad grunted with exertion once he was out of immediate earshot of the monks on the road as he began running for the deeper part of the woods. Of all the camps he could think of going to right now the Divine Mandate probably was the one most likely to offer employment at this point, he pondered briefly returning to his own band instead, he did not want to do so yet without some significant prize to show for his efforts. So with a destination in mind he paced himself as prepared to walk the long journey east to the Divine mandate.
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    "Please, if it won't be any trouble for you." Idris replied, taking the man on the offer to escort him to the Tribune. Complying with his request, he left behind the two sabres, his crossbow and the two beautifully wrought curved janbiya daggers. He was uneasy, almost apprehensive to leave behind his tools of trade. However, despite his background he was still a man of his people, and insulting a host is not something he would do so lightly.

    He came to them after all.

    Patting his loose robes, a mock gesture showing that he is unarmed, Idris nodded to the man that he is ready to meet his hopefully future employer.
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    Ytris looked up when the horses came and while her own shrine was ready for quite some time now, she was not going to insult the young noble or his guards. "We just finished our preparations. You are swift to act though, our enemies won't know what crushed them." The faithful warrior said and put her fingers in her mouth to whistle and summon her warriors. She was not attempting to suckle up to the potential new prince of blood. However, Ytris surely would not mock him or his soldiers. They might be slow to prep, but in their defense it was camp time which in the mind of most men translated to 'enjoy all the women and wine in the world'.

    Clearing her mind she approached her own brown mare with almost a copper color. She mounted it as a professional warrior, boosting herself up with the weapons already stored in the appropriate sheaths at the side of the horse. It was no less than her signature Chainsword Katana, relic to the shrine, and the monoblade Wakizashi. She tapped them gently to feel the thirst of blood throbbing within the steel.

    Satisfied to see the other warriors getting on their horses as well she gestured to mingle with the lordlings men and get to know one another, as she took the lead with the prince. She spoke once they were out of the camp. "So, what made you support my idea and even ride out with me, rather than stay at the side of your father? Trying to impress him?" Thakkar smiled at him, genuinely curious about the motives of the young man. Although there was no expectation of learning the truth.
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  5. Inu looked to his pet and then at the men. Looking at them praying over the creature he was confused but still tried his best to explain.
    "Well we woke up and both hungry. Seeing a creature out here wandering it was huge enough to feed us both. An well we did not expect it to be some pet or circus animal. Always being on the move and never staying in one spot makes it hard to really check what looks like a pet or not."
    He looked to wolf giving a small tap with his finger to his leg which signaled to be on gaurd and attack if they start anything.
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    Anderson stumbled backward as he felt the pain from his nose. The pain combined with the hit to the face stunned him making him unable to react to the brigand’s actions. By the time Anderson regained his bearings he noticed the others around him. Although the simple robes and cloaks lent a good impression on the missionary the face-concealing mask didn’t make him completely trust the others.

    It was only when he saw the assumingly crude attempt at an eviscerator and the others word’s that Anderson connected this group to the local chapel. Anderson held up his hand signaling them to stop for a few moments as he pulled out a cloth from his pouch and cleaned up his face and applying some medicinal herbs to his nose. After a few snorts and grunts as he fixed his nose, Anderson turned his attention back to the group.

    “Thank you for waiting and thank you for your help. May the emperor’s light bless you brothers. I assume you’re all from the local chapel? This one’s humble name is Alexander Anderson and I was on my way to your humble chapel to ensure you were all fine. The recent clouds of war hanging across the sky combined with the lack of communication from the chapel had the island cornered so they asked me to check up on you.

    But let us not idle here with just talk, It would be better to walk and talk for wasting time is wasting the emperors time”

    Anderson pointed to the path and beckoned them to lead the way
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    " That I c an do I respect a fine hunt, and respect it rules, never take what one has not hunted need to find a weakness then that I can help with. I shall be back when I have found a weakness. within the greenskins taken home." The jester said bumping her beast with her legs pointed and went of deciding to go, scout, the surrounding area of the green skin base.
  8. @Tamu
    The largest monk that had been speaking nodded to Anderson while the other monks seemed to keep a lookout with their assorted weapons ready. One of them firing off a musket at the fleeing brigand as the bandit hesitated for some reason, a knife in their hand as they tried to draw something on a tree before disappearing into the forest. “Yes we are from the Chapel of the Emperor’s Guiding Light, we were performing our daily duties of maintaining this path and heard you fighting with that brigand.” He said as the group began walking down the path towards the chapel. “In recent years we have faired well enough here as we follow the teachings of the God Emperor. We wear these uniforms as a way of showing that our labors are not for our personal aggrandizement and instead for the Emperor. It is not the duty of the faithful to seek personal glory after all. We are all humble when at the foot of the Emperor.” They went on as they continued down the path until they could see the Chapel.

    It was a large rockcrete structure surrounded by a more archaically constructed stone wall. The structure was clearly made using more conventional Imperial Technology, the Ecclesiarchy enjoys making its places of worship impressive as to catch the attention of the local population. Even one as remote as this was still clearly made to stand out with its distinct gothic style and the surrounding land having been cleared of trees and large vegetation. As they walked passed the perimeter wall they would be greeted by the large front gates of the chapel itself. They seemed to be so heavy a mechanical mechanism was required to open it as Anderson could hear the distinct grinding of gears and the turning of cranks. “We have been preparing for such a situation for some time, the chapel provided from the brothers from beyond makes both a sufficient place of worship and a remarkable fortress. We are confident in our ability to defend it.” The largest monk said as the gates opened to reveal the furnished interior of the chapel.

    @Donairian @Uriel1339
    It would take the bandit some time to navigate through the forest, the only clearly made path was the one from earlier. They had started to make their make before fleaing but ended up being shot at and forced to leave before finishing. The nagging need to finish the symbol echoed throughout his mind causing an itch throughout his body he couldn’t quite find the source of. The shack he was living in was in fact the ruins of an old abandoned cabin that was overgrown by plantlife. Few if any people lived out in the borderland between the Mandate and the Republic, the on and off again and minor main being the main reason but other reasons being the lack of roads and general civilization in such thick forest. When the war begins in earnest much of this place will likely be burned to make way for invading armies or chopped down to fuel campfires. Certainly this forest has seen a great many slights against it, but the trees do not have the capacity for revenge or violence. Not yet anyway as Fergerad remembered a tale about a realm where there is a garden that seems entirely devoted to causing harm to all who attempt to enter it.

    Nam blinked for a moment, seemingly taking some thought into his next words as their group was ready to move out. “I can’t say I’m doing this to prove something to my father. Our relationship isn’t like that though I believe I know some that do have such relationships with their parents.” He said as the group of horses began moving down the path at a steady pace not rushing but not going especially slow either. “I’m joining with you because I am simply fascinated by your kind.” He said looking to her and then her warriors. “My mother read me many stories about the feats of Warrior Monks who train all their lives for a single glorious battle where they spend their lives in the name of the Divine. When I was much younger I even had an ambition to join on of the monasteries as an adept but my parents forbade it. As a noble I am not meant for the life of a monk you see. I am meant for the grind of politics and greater affairs that run this country, or so I have been told. Needless to say the opportunity to travel with warriors I idolize and to get away from the droning work of politics even as we march to war was something I would not dare miss.” As Nam finished his explanation the group would see a figure stumble out onto the road from the forest to the side.

    Stumbling out of the forest onto a more proper road Fergerad would be greeted by a decently large group of men and women on horseback. Nam of course would look towards the movement and look curiously at the new person. “Hello?” He asked while his guards, who were considerably less social than the young noble as the monks found their attempts at conversation were mostly ignored, moved in front of him with weapons drawn. Lances and large two handed cavalry flails prepared in case that this was an ambush. “Are you alright?” Nam asked Fergerad seemingly used to the hostile reaction his guards made towards the stranger. (Everyone here is speaking low gothic albeit likely in mildly different dialects and accents but generally you should understand one another)

    After leaving his weapons in the care of the guard standing outside Idris would be guided through the building. The front part of the building seemed designed for the processing of criminals as it was relatively open and had a long and sturdy looking metal bar running along the side, probably what prisoners were tied to as they were processed by the guards. There was a solitary desk in the front of this large relatively empty room with a young woman sitting at it. She wore something of eye glasses as she peered over several wax tablets bound in a wood. The guard escorting him gave a brief greeting to her and she gave a small wave without looking up. Passed the front area was then a large room of assorted cells ranging from small cells likely fit for one man to much larger ones likely used during times of civil disobedience. Passed the cell block would be a long hallway with several different doors. The guard would approach one and knocked in a small rhythm. “Come in Caius.” An older man’s voice called.

    Upon opening the door Idris would see that it was a tastefully decorated office with a man dressed in white robes sitting behind a desk. It would be easy to assume that this man was the Tribune that the Guard who evidently was named Caius was talking about. “Tribune, this man wished to speak to you. He’s a doctor.” The guard moved aside so Idris could move inside, once inside the Tribune would motion for Caius to leave the room. “So then, you consider yourself medically inclined?” The Tribune asked as he guestered for Idris to sit in a chair that was in front of the desk.

    The Circus Worker didn’t seem at all comforted by Inu’s explanation. “The Circus master will be furious about the loss of an animal!” The one that spoke before yelled at them, he was putting most of his weight upon the spear he was carrying. The tracking of the creature seemed to involved quite a bit of effort of their part and finally catching up only to see their quarry has been killed would make any tracker furious. Only it seemed they had other reasons to be angry as well, likely the fury of the so called Circus Master was to be avoided at all costs. After around a minute of silence and quiet contemplation the man spoke up again. “You must come with us, explain what happened to the master. Maybe he won’t be as furious if you explain it.” The way they said it sounded like if he refused they would attempt to bring him and his pet by force.

    Going around the village while mounted upon their unusual steed, The Jester would find that for the most part the walls were more or less manned by bored looking greenskins dressing in an assortment of rags and makeshift armor that ranged from wooden planks tied onto their body to bits of metal fastened onto them but fish hooks that were dug into their remarkably tough skin. The pile of assorted ruble seemed somewhat consistent in its height and content for most of the way until there was a mild dip in the ‘wall’. It seems the orks understood the concept of an entrance as the dip had an incline flat enough to allow someone to walk up and over easily enough. Going about the same distance to the otherside she would find roughly the same thing as well. They were easy enough weak spots to attack and get into the village proper but the problem was unless she wanted to attempt a fly over, but that might alert the Greenskins.
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    Even when he was presently fleeing he had the impulse to try and scratch his signature on one of the trees using one of his Franziska axes using four swift swipes at the tree, he was nearly shot before he could do the fourth and final strike leaving only an incomplete symbol. This was a mental blow to his psyche and he felt practically torn having to leave it behind unfinished, but he had to leave now lest the monks now feel the need to follow or the second shot showed more accuracy than the first. He fled into the forest passing by the cabin he had been using as an outpost to maraud the nearby roads, seeing the structure had got him thinking about the forest and about a tale of destruction the barbarian priest had told him, it soothed his mind somewhat and made him forget the unfinished signature at least for now, he may return to finish it another time.

    On the journey to the divine mandate temple he had to cross a road, in a mixture of carelessness on his part and sheer bad luck he emerged in directly in front of a heavily mounted escort. His hand clenched around the handle of his Merconheidi still in its scabbard, but he could tell that if this confrontation came to blows there was very little chance of success if he had to fight more than one skilled cavalry opponent. Looking around confidently he believed if he had to he could spite an attack before fleeing back into the woods where the horses could not easily follow he would disappear and the escort would give up just like he had evaded pursuing mounted militia before, but he decided he would try a more diplomatic approach this time. The Noble among them seemed to be more curious than afraid, this was unusual for the Brigand even if the actions of his guards was not that out of the ordinary, taking great care in his words he responded to the noble his hand still on the great axe.

    'Well as could be expected faced by professional cavalry, my name is Fergerad a soldier of fortune, looking for temporary employment in the nearby temple of the Divine Mandate. It appears our paths have crossed entirely by chance, I have no business with this procession and no quarrel with you good sir.'
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    Ytris - Nam
    "Fair enough. I guess I'm too used on sons wanting to impress their fathers." Ytris chuckled a bit, gesturing subtly with her head towards one of her warriors. "He is from a family where you keep count of every kill. And one must always try to achieve a higher count than any of their ancestors. It might seem archaic or even brute. But I have learned quickly that there is more behind such tradition. It is about perfecting the art, to mix combat efficiency with survival." She decided to do some small talk while covering up ahead of time for the bloodthirst for one of her companions. The younger ones simply couldn't resist the call for blood and death.

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla | @Donairian
    "Then the gods of war have truly blessed you today!" Ytris said before jumping off her horse, hand on her artifact modified chain blade and a second on an awkward looking cylinder.

    Ytris has long dark brown hair that went almost to her bottom, accessorized with brass rings, one each after worthy battles. On her left ring finger is a relatively worthless brass ring with a ruby. The public symbol of her death cult. There was a noticeable lack of scars on her face making her rather beautiful in terms of a woman - and spoke of true skill as a warrior. Powerful and self-confident emerald green eyes burned with desire for combat as they looked the newcomer up and down.

    "After all you will be given a simple but important decision in this very moment, Fergerad of fortune!" She called out to him, louder than necessary as if to intimidate him. Although she knew if he was carved of the right wood, he wouldn't even flinch.

    "My name is Ytris Thakkar! Leader of one of these shrines you claim to seek out. I allow you to accompany us as trial whether you are fit or not to become a true warrior. And should you decide not to join us..." She pulled the slightest of her blade out in challenge, but not enough to provoke an attack. "Then you will have to duel me. Win and you may go on about your life. Lose and you will become a new trophy of mine. Fergerad of Fortune."

    Ytris flashed a fierce grin, curious of how he might decide. Whichever way it might go about, it would become interesting to see what his choice would be. The great axe would be dangerous, but as long as she would be quick enough, there would be nothing to fear.

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