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Stories of Barren (40k Feudal World Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Nodding in agreement to the administrator as he crossed out the ship's name, Idris moved away, finding his work here completed. Used to the cold demeanor, he understood the clerk's flat reaction to the loss of his employees.

    "I will leave you to your work."

    Walking out, and through the stranger's city, he tried to collect information on this new environment. If there is a war brewing, he wants to know. Visiting the town square he would pay notice to criers and notice boards. If there was a merchant' quarters within the marble city, he would go there and attempt to secure lodgings in the local tavern.

    Last but not least, he would try and find any mercenary band, or perhaps find the Watch Captain and ask him for work.
  2. Inu nodded to his companion as a go ahead. He started to lick the blood up from the dead animal. Letting a small moan escape his lips as he licked blood. Inu turned to his companion and gave a smile.
    “Let’s get us a fire going and eat. Remember don’t waste his blood.”
    Giving the wolf a pet on the head he started gathering wood to make a fire. Making sure to get a drink of the blood before looking. He wanted this neat to be cooked perfectly for his companion.
  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Curious, a group of travelers? bounty hunters or more maybe former villagers let us go investigate." those orks aren't going anywhere and a hand destroying an ork meant another and in getting away to a bag of Thrones even if it meant it was smaller. The jester thought as she went forward on her steed.
  4. @Tamu @Donairian
    In this second clash the heathen marauder would find his gods either not hearing his prayer or decided to stand by and watch as his attempt at disarming the Missionary went wrong by a hair’s width. Instead of tripping the holy man he simply found a righteous armored fist crashing against his unexpecting face. Though not having quite as much staying power as his hammer Alexander’s fist would still have enough force behind it to knock the bandit away from him. Luckily for Fergerad he was wearing a helmet that covered his face, otherwise this blow would have done more than raddle his head and break his nose.

    The bearded general looked less than amused about Ytris’ critique of the strategy but didn’t seem like a big enough elitist to not see logic in what she said. “I will not give you any of my riders however since my son was so insistent on allowing you in here perhaps I could allow you his guards along with himself. That comes up to fifteen riders for your little expedition. How many do you have within your shrine?” He asked while Nam listened in the background. The younger noble seemed to be excited about this, probably more than his father would have liked. After all military men view her kind as unreliable at best.

    In his exploration of the city Idris would find that there indeed was a war going on. The Tibress Republic, which was the nation this city belonged to, and the Divine Mandate, a large country to the east, were at war. The declaration was only recent however and there had been no battles as of yet. The culture of this place was somewhat strange, they seemed to value things such as freedom and democracy(whether Idris actually understands what a democracy is would be another question) but also holding martial prowess and war highly. Their style of clothing seemed to favor the skirt over pants, even the guards seemed to follow this. It also seemed that the favored color of this country was red. With red banners being hung from several buildings along with red paint on the graffiti covered walls. Said graffiti was anything from crude images depicting equally crude acts to advertisements for local shops.

    His search for mercenaries would come up short however as it seems the Legions(the military of the Republic) were professional and it was more lucrative and socially accepted to simply join the legions. As such if he wanted work in the way he was used to he would likely need to approach local law enforcement, the Cohortes urbanae. If he chose to he would easily find their headquarters within the city. Armored guards were currently pulling a roughed up man inside. A guard who was just standing at the entrance looked over to what he saw as a strangely dressed man. “Something we can do for you?” He asked as one of the two guards knocked out the man they were dragging with a solid punch.

    The meat would be cooked easily enough with the creature’s blood having an almost metallic taste. Evidently the creature had an iron heavy diet, if Inu had a knowledge of the local fauna he would recognize the creature was not actually from these parts. It was supposed to be living in the mountains to the far west. There were few reasons why such a creature would be so far away from its natural habitat and the shouting men he would not hear would make it clear why it was here. “Surna! Where did you go?!” Their yells would be interrupted by whistles. Evidently Inu had killed and butchered a circus animal that had gotten loose.

    As the jester approached the hunters she could hear them talking amongst themselves. Making observations aloud and offering opinions though when they heard her animal’s footsteps the turned around to see a fair peculiar sight. “Can we help you?” One of them asked the jester as one slowly reached for a spear that had been set aside.
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  5. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    Fie, a disastrous error of judgement and so the exchange continues, Fergerad now that he was at least out of direct harm's way allowed himself a half second moment to collect himself before rejoining the melee with a renewed effort. 'Different tactic this time' the Brigand thought to himself as he sought to bring down the Great Axe with all his might on an overhead swing towards where the holy man was standing, he shouted a warning so as to grab the priest's attention and force a reaction as he did so.

    'Heads up Priest!'

    He fully expected the priest to jump out of the way of such a telegraphed attack and so in case he did Fergerad was prepared to momentarily abandon Merconheidi as it embedded itself in the ground and follow up with a punch of his own when the missionary least expected it. If the priest remained it would become a test of strength, could he endure the weight of the momentum Fergerad can put behind his swing? 'Only one way to find out' the Brigand thought to himself with a smile.
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    The time spent in the city, Idris used to find employment as well as learn and meet about the culture that was thriving here. From what he could see, public discourse was somewhat encouraged with large squares attendees called Forums and open visitations to place of local governance where city fathers presided.

    All in all, not much different from his own city apart from different clothing and lack of Raja at the throne.

    Unable to find work, due to acute lack of any mercenary force, a fact he found as unlikely to occur as was ridiculous if he did not see it with his own two eyes, faced Idris with very narrow set of decisions. With the money left he could stay in the city and continue paying lodgings hopeful to find employment, or go out into the wilds and hunt.

    While having a stomach for skinning and butchering he was never good in hunting and so he continued looking employment within the city. By the grace of God, he saw a local policing force dragging a man. Following them to a place with a post on which was written 'Cohortes Urbanae', Idris walked in.

    Figuring them to be something like Nagaryapti Guard, law-enforcing individuals who attempted at each turn to suppress greedy and selfish element who would exploit the populace and thus disrupt societal harmony, Idris stepped forth, ignoring the Guards beating their charge, he himself being quite accustomed to violence:

    "Hopefully we can help each other as is only right." Idris replied, to the entrance guard. "I am good with swords and a thread. With blades and healing poultices. I can open a man and close him just as fast. Known where I can find work?"
  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Around the same amount. Depends on how many could behave themselves and are still in camp. We have been eager to demonstrate our faith in combat for many years now. So it is difficult to hold the younger ones back." Ytris said with a slightly exaggerated apologetic bow towards the older general, before turning to the younger man.

    "It would be a pleasure to my men, women and myself to have you and your fine warriors at our side. Our actions will not be glorious, but necessary to not take our chances with lady luck. Please allow me to ready my shrine for this expedition. I will leave at least one person with main encampment, just in case you need to send someone off after your son or myself. That way you do not need to spend one of yours." And of course to have a reliable spy in the camp to let her know what would be truly going on.

    After the business concluded, Thakkar took her leave back to the shrine and gathered all and everyone around. "Listen up. The son of the general will lead us into a scout party which will also act as hit-and-run operation to make sure the enemy is too distracted to block the primary army when it arrives." She would be as blunt as a warhammer, that was the nature of the secret Khornate shrine. Assume dominance, or be a subordinate.

    "This means no public praise to the Bloodgod. Which does not mean we will not shed blood for him. On the contrary. If we play our cards right, I can sway the General's son to the primordial truth. This is the moment we have been waiting for. So keep your charade up for a little bit longer and follow my lead. Remember that if you should prematurely make your relations to the true gods of this world known... I will not hesitate to cut you down in order to convince the remainder of the Divine Magistrate that we are loyal lapdogs."

    "All but the twins Jes and Raz will accompany us." She pointed at the female and male twins, who also were the youngest of the shrine. "You will remain here and travel with the camp. One of you will seek us out behind enemy lines if there is important information to be shared. The other is to do whatever the general asks of you, since we are taking care of his son." Ytris said with adamant determination.

    "Make your preparations. We will leave as soon as the pompous knights are ready." She sent them off with a hand gesture, expecting nobody to remain except maybe her second in command or one of the younglings.
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Indeed, Good fellows, I am looking for those that would be interested in removing a bit of a problem and aiding on a bounty hunt posted for those greenskins that have infested the nearby town. As I know alone I Will be unable to outperform them, but with others, I believe I and others can dance upon the greenskins grave after retaking the town from them. Any lookers among you looking to end those orks?" She asked looking down at the man.
  9. Inu looked at the animal they had killed and ate. Giving a small sigh he looked to his wolf.
    "Well we may have a issue now. Guess having some fun will have to wait since we may be in danger soon. Get ready just in case they start anything. An if they do no mercy. We bathe in the blood if they dare challenge us my friend."
    Inu gave a smile as he thought about the blood spilling everywhere. How he wants a good fight but yet a part of him felt bad. He knew what a animal companion meant. An to him losing his wolf would be death to him. Seeing the animal they ate it was a bit scary. Just thinking of that happening to his own wolf made him a bit on edge. Hoping they would understand but doubting that it would be so peaceful he prepared himself for a fight in case they started to attack.
  10. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    @Donairian @TuskatheDaemonKilla

    Anderson saw the brigand bring down his weapon in a telegraphed matter. He knew that it was to either force him back or to force him into a test of strength. Even knowing this Anderson shouted

    “Believe in the emperor for he is the light of mankind and those in his light fear no evil”

    With righteous zeal and frim determination, the missionary counter charged the brigand not eschewing from the test of strength. If he lost, then he would doge sideways before delivering another fist but if he won then he would press the attack and show this brigand the might of a servant of the god emperor.

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