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Stories of Barren (40k Feudal World Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Jun 20, 2018.

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    Anderson noted the condition of the road and just as he was about to praise the god-emperor for this good sign he was disturbed by the appearance of another man. The appearance of the man who looked to be a brigand of some short made him momentarily frown but the priest knew not to judge a book by its cover. However, before Anderson could greet the other man he heard the others demand for coin.

    Forcing a smile on his face the priest called out the brigand and slowly approached the other doing his best to mitigate the others effort to blind him. Grabingining first a coin and then his hammers pommel to unscrew it the priest talked to the brigand to dissuade the other.

    “Do not do this, my man, to mock the god emperor or to rob others will earn you naught but damnation. However, it is never too late to repent, to serve humanity and the Divine Emperor.”
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    Being more or less one of the lead figures of her shrine, Ytris sought out the commanding officer. Combat was soon at hand and her needs satisfied. But she had to know the overall plan to know how her and her fellow sect warriors could be the most useful. This war was the perfect occasion for the shrine to make a name for itself and through reputation gain more followers. And with more followers, more knights to slay for the skull throne. Khorne smiled upon them, and they shan't disappoint the god of blood.

    Once she arrived at the guards of one of the fancier and bigger tents, she bowed before the guards that denied her entrance. Her dark brown hair hung from her shoulders as typical with brass rings in them. When she had bowed, it fell over her face and when she stood upright once more, she had to move it back behind her ears. A nuisance, but it would only be tied up short before the moment of war.

    "My name is Ytris Thakkar." She presented her brass ring, icon of her death cult. "I'm one of the leading members of one of the many present shrines and wished to listen in the grand scheme of the campaign with the grand generals. Maybe even offer my advice, if desired." Ytris was prompt, direct and loud enough to hopefully someone of true importance inside might consider her presence. Considering the guards were probably ordered to send anyone away, no matter what a person claimed they had to say.
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    After several hours of walking down the jagged shore, Idris came upon a fortification that guarded the city itself. Thanking the Creator for not allowing him to get lost, he traced the stocky wall until he came upon the entrance. The level of readiness in the sentries however, betrayed what Idris wanted to know and what he heard across the sea.

    War is no stranger here. I will find work here.

    Not hiding his weapons, the two sabers resting in their scabbards on his backs, Idris nodded to the Guard Sergeant or whoever was in-charge of this section before passing through the checkpoint. Observing, but not starring, he marveled at the architecture and the pure-white color of what seemed to be marble, the fashion of many civilians and armaments of soldiers. He was far from a boy on tit, seeing many new things in his travels as a warrior, barber and priest, but with armaments he was familiar, despite never cross the sea before.

    Guided by Creator Itself, for otherwise he would not find it, he managed to find a sign reading: "Cecillio-Crassus ShipWorks and Trading Guild". Recognizing the name and coined frigate emblem as the guild who possessed the ship he was a passenger of, he entered the vaulted building premises, locating a man who seemed in-charge sitting behind a desk. Looking up from some ledger, naval-attired man addressed him:

    "Maker keep you." Idris responded to stranger's courtesy, his voice soft, unmarred by skuba-leaves or tabbac, made both stout and lithe by long years of singing praises upon the battlefields:

    "Grim work brings me."despite being a veteran of many battles, knowing the heart goes harder, but despite that bearing such news never get's easier: "Last night's storm caught Adriatic Consul and crashed it some two leagues south on some ridge. I believe I am it's only survivor."

    Without removing the face cover or turban helmet, he continued: "This one is named Idris. I have boarded Consul in Sina, a port city within Huwarazmian Rajamandala."
  4. Inu spotted the creature to then tilt his head at his companion. He sighed as he placed his hands on his daggers and turned his head to the wolf.

    “How do you always find the ugly ones for food? Because of this after we kill it you owe me. Find something fun to play with. Should be obvious I don’t care if male or female. But eating something like that you better find someone who is a lot of fun.”

    Sighing at his wolf he clutched his daggers tightly and rushed at the wild beast. Trying his best to startle it enough that it would not have time to react before his knife would pierce its heart.
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    'I would advise you put down that pommel on the ground cleric, this is but a simple robbery it would not be right to allow this to lead to bloodshed when all I request is a toll, this is my land you must pay to pass through it, a man of common sense would not risk his life on needless heroics.'

    Deliberately he stepped out of the forest and onto the road still watching the missionary very carefully still holding the pommel of his hammer Fergerad felt confident he won't be able to do anything without dropping a part of his now partially dismantled weapon. His thoughts still passed to the use of his franziska axes but he dismissed the idea of using them for now. Still marching towards the missionary the Brigand continued his speech calmly clutching the gleaming weapon very tightly with both hands his armor shining dully in the rays of light filtering in from the forest canopy.

    'That said, I will give you honesty of my word, I demanded money or your life you have chosen to resist, now try and reconsider while I swing Merconheidi a few times in your direction.'

    Very suddenly the Brigand exploded into action advancing forward quickly moving to swing his great axe horizontally along the missionary's midriff, he fully expected the man to jump back, yet this first action was a test of reflexes nothing more.
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    @Donairian @TuskatheDaemonKilla

    Anderson's smile faded and his face hardened when the brigand spoke once more. With a grim tone, the priest replied to the brigand.

    “These lands belong to the Chapel of the Emperor! They are not yours, a man with common sense would not make such a foolish lie in front of a man of faith!”

    Anderson took notice of the action of the other and got ready for battle. This brigand may cause others to cower in fear but Anderson had seen and confronted horrors far more vile and fearsome in his service to the God-emperor than the brigand in front of him. Tightening his grip on his weapon and readying his pommel the priest wanted to ask the brigand once more to surrender and repent but before he could the other man made his move.

    “Repent in the name of the GOD-EMPEROR!”

    With a Yell and a prayer, the priest counter charged the brigand seeking to stop the other’s axe blade with his hammer shaft and shoulder bash the other to the ground.
  7. @Tamu @Donairian
    As the men clashed the Missionary would find he miscalculated his block as the blade of the marauder would slip under his guard and impact on his chest. Luckily Anderson was wearing armor which prevented the blade from reaching his flesh. But this was no reason to celebrate as the blunt force still transferred, leaving both a sizable dent in his breast plate and painful bruise on his chest.

    The guard didn’t seem particularly swayed by what he perceived to be just another insane monk with a sword but a stirring within the tent did seem to show that Ytris’ assumption about the commanders of the armies was true enough. A younger man pulled away the curtain that acted as the door to the tent. She could tell he was younger that her, barely out of his teens. “Guard let this woman of faith in, we would be honored to have her council.” The guard said nothing and complied, moving out of the way for her as the young man opened the curtains for her to enter the tent.

    Once inside she would be able to take in the interior of the command tent. Incense lamps burned to create a sweet smell that helped calm and clear that mind while more standard lamps provided lighting. A large circular table with a map of the Magistrate and the Tibress Repiblic with various figurines placed down representing various armies. The largest of them on the magistrate side could be assumed to be them while smaller ones could be border forces. Around the table were seated various men of high standing, some being obvious nobles with ornate armor and others being generals of more modest origins with more plain and utilitarian.

    “Who have you let into the command tent Nam?” An older man with a long white beard asked the much younger noble who had let Ytris on. “A leader among the holy warriors father, she wished to listen to the planning so that she may offer advise.” The young man whose name was evidently Nam said with a smile. His father didn’t seem very excited about his son bringing in some random person claiming to be a warrior monk. “Very well, I will humor you in this Nam.” The old man looked to Ytris and began to explain the plan for this campaign. In essence they will be entering the borders of the Tibress Republic in force from a small point with their overall force and easily destroy any minor resistance they might encounter and then fan out from there into seven separate forces which will take out key border cities and make room for reinforcements from further within the Magistrate. Over all they were here to make way for the proper invasion force which is still being put together farther in the Magistrate. Not win the war. “There, do you have any opinions then?” The old man asked as his son looked at her expectantly.

    The man looked down at the papers he had been looking through and picked up a quilt and crossed out the name Idris has said. “Shame, I know her Captain well.” He said referring to the ship. “I’ll have to send out letters of condolence to next of kin of all the recently registered crew. The sea gives and takes away as they say, I doubt some of them will be surprised.” His voice was dull and a little sad, he has had to do this more than his fair share of times that much was obvious. “Anyways unless you’d like to make further statements get back to your own business.” He motioned to the door with his free hand as his other was reaching into a drawer to get some envelopes and paper.

    The wolf looked at its master with a confused tilt of its head before Inu lept to take care of the strange looking prey. His movements worked as he had planned as the creature was caught off guard and unable to defend itself. His blades making short work of it as he managed to cut an important artery that cause blood to stream out. The creature quickly losing the energy to fight back as it was brought to the ground and eventually stopped breathing. With their prey down the wolf came over and looked to Inu expectantly. They were hungry too.

    The village would be few miles south as it was situated along a large river that cuts through this region. It was known by many names around the region but the most common one was Termins, translated as border in low gothic. Those that named it clearly wouldn’t be receiving any awards for originality but it is probably better than whatever curse laden bastardization the greenskins call it. As the Jester rode over a hill she could catch a glimpse of the town and what had become of it. The Greenskins had somewhat fortified it in their own savage way, tearing down houses and other structures that were on the parameter to form a large pile of various debris that formed a barricade around the town. Calling it a wall would be an insult to the mere concept but it was certainly something that made entering(or exiting) the village considerably more difficult.

    Off to the side of the hill she could spot a small gathering of people with various tents set up, many of them were armored to some degree which told her that they weren't villagers. In all likelihood it was a group of bounty hunters probably trying to figure out the best way to assault/"liberate" the village with a few locals giving them advice. The Jester might be able to join up with them and work together to kill off the greenskins. But they were probably going to split the bounties between themselves so there won't be as much coin to be made, it was her choice.
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    Ytris inclined her head in appreciation when the young man let her in. Once at the table she again inclined her head in respect, listening carefully in with a thoughtful finger on her chin. The incense was calming and distracting to her at the same time. She preferred the smell of iron, blood and ashes to clear her mind. When the older man presented the overall strategy, she put a finger on the entry point at the border.

    "The problem of your strategy is, that if they have the slightest intel, a small force of theirs can hold our entire armies back. If anything there should be a diversion, ambushes or scouts to make sure the path is clear. Of course I would gladly volunteer with my shrine. Assuming you can lend me fifty-or-so riders of yours alongside to make sure we can clear a way." She spoke with focus but also had a secondary plan in her mind. There was truth in her voice, but if all would work well, she would get maybe twenty riders, including an officer, to accompany her and her shrine.

    The time it would take to travel and even fight alongside is when she would start her subterfuge skills to spread the love for blood and desire for skulls. It would prove difficult, but necessary to cultivate agents of Khorne within the armies, only then there would be no room for diplomacy. And without diplomacy, only eternal war would persist.

    Ytris couldn't hide her smile as she looked the older noble in the face. "Unless you already have thought of a solution for that possibility?" Only once she would be satisfied with this issue, she would comment on the idea of taking hold of key cities. The main problem, from the first glance, was that the invasion of these seven armies was before the actual force was even assembled. How many cities could they conquer to begin with? And how many of those then hold? With only brute force they would easily be beaten, or worse. If the Republic simply considers the loss a loss and marches straight for the Magistrate, they would be left to fight constant rebellions and in need of food. This could go far from blood spill, but at least the Magistrate was on the offense - that put Ytris somewhat on ease.
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    @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Donairian

    Anderson gritted his teeth as he felt the impact from the brigand’s weapon. Thanking the emperor that his armor had held the priest wasted no time in attacking the bring with his hammer. Anderson increased his grip on the hammer so that he would utilize it better at close range. The priest would then seek to smash the other with his hammerhead attacking in small swings and jabs aiming at center mass.
  10. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    There was a hit and the Brigand recognized the telling sign of a dent in the missionary's armor, behind his face mask he allowed himself a small smile in this minor victory, however in return he became the recipient of a series of small jabs and swings designed to drive him back. There was fight left in the priest thought the Brigand as he began fending off the attacks as best he could, whoever this man was he was no stranger to battle but then Fergerad had no fear of battle himself, time to offer a compliment now that the first blow had fallen.

    ' @Tamu Commendable, a lesser man would be begging for his life right about now.'

    Fergerad jumped back momentarily then immediately advanced again in a renewed attack angling his next attack to collide with the swinging hammer the two weapons impacting mid swing with a loud crash. However the clash was intended as the Brigand then attempted to use the bearded part of his great axe to grapple with his opponents weapon wrenching away the priest's hold of the hammer with a powerful tug using the extra grip on Meronheidi as friction. As he pulled Fergerad postured his footing on the dirt road to trip up the missionary should he refuse to let go of the hammer, then he mouthed a small prayer to the dark gods that the ploy would be pulled off like he expected it to and not that the priest would somehow retain his footing and the weapon.

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