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Stories of Barren (40k Feudal World Rp)

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    Just over ten millennia ago Imperial Explorers rediscovered a world deep within the south eastern reaches of the Ultima Segmentum. This world’s name was long forgotten and its human inhabitants long fallen from technological grace.By this point in their journey the Explorators were less than enthusiastic in their duties and when they managed to land on the planet’s surface and found themselves in a desert they decided to name the planet the first thing that came to mind. “Barren” as they dubbed it was far more than a ball of dry sand however as it was lush with both human and more native life. Very much resembling an ancient Terra even down to the human inhabitants themselves. At some point the people of Barren had completely lost the technology that had gotten them there in the first place. Leaving them to slowly develop back to a state similar to Medieval Terra.

    The Imperium would see little use in a world stuck in a technological level such as this and in the chaos of the Horus Heresy Barren would be largely untouched by either side. And during the time of the Imperium Rebuilding itself Imperial Policy would restrict the level of technology allowed on Barren. Modern medical technology would be fully allowed as to keep its meager population from being wiped out by plague but all other forms of Imperial Technology would be outright banned upon the surface. Imperial Doctrine stated that a planet such as this would not have the reality of the Galaxy thrusted upon it as it could cause a planet wide existential crisis and cause all sorts of chaos. As such save for a single star port where the meager planetary tithe of raw materials is to be collected and sent into orbit the entire planet is locked in a time before humanity ruled the galaxy.

    Barren is not without a Planetary Governor of course, since its rediscovery the Governors of Barren have lived within a Fortress Palace in orbit around the planet. The planet’s only orbital defense it is recorded that it was once an asteroid that had been caught in Barren’s orbit and acted as a minor second moon. Now it has been carved and added onto to make it a proper fortress of the Emperor’s might and as a fueling station for the Tithe ships that come to collect the planet’s dues. The Governor rarely exits his home above the planet as the business of the surface is handled by the various kingdoms and empires that have formed by the locals over the millenia.

    The Tibress Republic being one of them, starting out as a single city situated near a large river its power slowly grew as its people expanded and forged a mighty Republic based in the beliefs of Democracy with a strong martial culture. This mighty nation has found itself at war with its eastern neighbor The Divine Mandate. A highly religious land controlled by various religious leaders and land owning nobles forming a grand council headed by the so called “Divine Communicators”. A family believed to have been given the right to rule by the Emperor himself thousands of years ago. A war between the planet’s great powers is a rare occurrence where the stagnation of this Planet’s history has a chance to finally break as the status quo can be threatened and new opportunities rise for those with enough cunning to seize them. Who will rise and who will fall? One can only guess in, The Stories of Barren.
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    Anderson moved briskly through the forest with his hammer resting on his right shoulder ready to strike out at any would be ambusher and his wits about him ready to spot any traps or snags. Although the tree’s provided a good measure of shade the sun still easily penetrated the canopy with its ray’s. Despite the high-temperature, Anderson was still cool and refreshed due to the extreme weather clothing he bought many years back after landing on a frozen planet.

    The planet by the name of Barren was vastly more amiable to human life then the frozen world even if it was a feudal world that was backward both spiritually and technologically. Compared to his arrival nearly half a year back the missionary’s impression of the planet and its populace had increased somewhat as he toured the world and spread or reinforced the faith. While the geopolitical stability of the world was slowly sliding according to the scant information he had been able to gather in the island the missionary had only seen a few minor skirmishes and nothing as a full-blown war as it was said in the island.

    Regardless of the overblown nature of the information, he was still thankful that they had a decently detailed map of the world and various maps with the locations of chapels and monasteries both in various states of use or abandonment. Taking out one such map Anderson confirmed his route once more and forged on ahead to one such chapel near the border between Tibress and the Divine Mandate. According to the documents it was still in use and he had been asked to check up on it since skirmishes had been reported near the area.

    Anderson prayed to the emperor that it would not be an abandoned chapel or worst a ransacked one as he had sometimes had the displeasure of finding. Neither of the outcomes was a good sign but he would rather a chapel in disuse then a chapel that was ransacked and ruined for it would mean he would have to attempt to figure out if such acts had been done by brigands or cultists of the profane powers. Regardless of who the perpetrator was when he found them, they would earn themselves a meeting with his hammer and battle with whichever righteous souls came to his calling for retribution in the name of the emperor.
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    The hardened steel blade of the Franziska embedded itself into the improvised target with a resounding and satisfying sound the wood splintering as the door the target was resting on shuddered. Outside there was the usual sounds of the forest, birds chirping in the trees the occasional rustle of undergrowth as smaller creatures foraged for food and no signs yet that anyone was foolish enough to travel alone... Or was there?

    Fergerad noticed that the sounds of the wildlife was fading away as if attempting to remain silent from a sudden intruder into their realm, someone was passing through. The Brigand pulled the throwing weapon free of where it had embedded itself the blade glinting in the light as Fergerad briskly examined it for damage, There was someone, he couldn't hear the sounds of a cart or horses but there had to be someone he must see.

    He picked up Merconheidi and kissed the eight pronged star charm that had been hung from the spike at the end of the weapon, he made his way to the door and opened it his ears pricked as he scanned the surrounding forest, if it happened to be a passing trader then maybe he can impart a lesson on the dangers of travelling such dangerous lands. There was definitely someone, he dropped down into the foliage and scattered leaves about his person as he set off away from his hastily built shack, he had only come here to watch the road for travelers, he had been practicing his aim while he had waited, now might be his first catch of the week as he set off towards the dirt road.
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    A crack of branch, rustle of leaves and melodious chirrup of morning birds, heralded the coming dawn and start of a new day. The wind breezed, it's potency broken by the forest, carrying on itself the pungent smell of resin and spoiled summer fruit.

    Despite the joys of everyday life, the scene of a new day did little to assuage the somber mood on the bank of the forest. On it's slopped shore, amid many rocks and broken planks of wood, lay a shipwreck of last night's storm and a grave for many sailors.

    Upon the jagged shore a figure stood, a solitary pillar basked in golden radiance of the morning sun, a pillar between the ever-changing life of the forest and the eternity of memory that is the sea. Despite his companion's grim fate, the figure seemed physically unperturbed by last night's events. Any evidence of distress upon his body, visible only in the sticky dampness of his baggy woolen pants and in many strips of cloth that formed a robe around his body. Standing at the shore, the figure watched the result of his grim, but necessary work. Five ditches lay before him, dug by hand and a sharpened end of a plank, covered with sand, earth and flat surfaced stones.

    Beneath the pointed turban helmet, two mahogany brown orbs squinted at the graves, the glassiness betraying them to be lost to far distance - despite the focus of their eyelids. Much of the figure's face was hidden, white cloth wrapped around his face, leaving only his eyes visible. The ruffling of the cloth however, hinted at the movement of the lips beneath.

    At a stirring of his leaden heart, he finally knew he had the intention needed for the invocation:

    "Oh Lord of the Worlds, have mercy on these souls for they have died in faith. With my du'a as their euology I witnessed the strength of their arm, passion of their heart and fire of their souls. Forgive them and help them rest, wash them with water, snow and hail and cleanse them of sin as a white garment is cleansed of dirt.

    Oh You Who Forgive, admit them to Paradise and protect them from the torment of Warp-fire - make their graves spacious and fill it with light."

    As an end of the prayer, he invoked all of the Hundred Names of God before bowing to the graves. He knew the sailors that toiled to get him to Moda, a port city of some prominence within the Tibress Republic, were strangers to him as he was to them. They were not of his city nor of the Communion, but he knew not other prayers to send souls to rest or the gods they worshiped.

    However, Lord is Mighty, He will forgive.

    Ending the ceremony, he packed his bags, checking the chrono, before walking down the debris-cluttered shore, knowing he is not far from his intended destination. Once there, he will look for the naval shipping guild and inform them of the loss of their ship, crew and cargo.
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    Ytris stood on top of a hill which served partially as a naturally carved lookout post towards the Tibress Republic. The aggravations had reached a peak with the declarations of war and drafting of soldiers in greater numbers every week. She smiled on the thought, and so did the compatriots around her.

    "Soon we will educate all of them in the great game. How meaningless their lives are, unless they dedicated themselves to the skull throne, my brothers and sisters." The older cultist said with pride, not worried about being overheard here in the middle of nowhere.

    "Soon indeed. Let us return to the others for now. As long as blood is spilled we are working towards victory." One of the hooded cultists replied. Ytris nodded in agreement and as fast as the group had come together, they split up.

    Thakkar turned her back and took a scenic forest trail towards the Divine Mandate encampment, blades clanking against her titanium armor that was beneath her cloak. She watched the birds fly and chirp about. She could not swallow a chuckle on the irony. Everything was so peaceful here, away from the frontlines. So many people wished this peace to continue. But it could not.

    Humanity could only thrive in strife. Time after time that fact had been proven. And this time it would be no different. Because what makes the difference between war and peace was the sense of urgency, the opportunity for heroism. Leaders would rise and fall, each and every officer with talent having the opportunity to go down in the books of history. A wide grin was on her face as she observed one of the lovebirds from earlier swoop down to grab a worm, fly it back to her nest and feed it to her baby birds.

    Humans were animals just like them. And she would kill for her flock of Khorne to grow. What good was it to ascend on the path of true salvation when you could not save anyone else? It took decades, but at last the great war they were instigating finally occurred. Now was the time to act, to search, destroy and conquer.

    She took her time on the forest trail, not hurried at all, to get back to the other elements of the death cult. Maybe there was a slight hope for an ambush upon her. Her tongue licked over her lips. The savory taste of blood from last night's sacrifice still so fresh. She bit her lips to induce self-control. It would be just another ten to twenty minutes of strolling until reaching the Divine Magistrate Military Camp.
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  6. Inu hissed as the suns rays hit his eyes and burried his face into his wolfs side before yawning and stretching. Giving the wolf a scratch behind its ear to wake it up. As his faithful pet awoke he looked around for anything out of the ordinary. Before standing up fully and leaning into a tree looking to his wolf.

    "Well my boy, not the same as sleeping somewhere fun but least this time it is quiet. What do you say to finding something to eat and hopefully this time more fun then your last choice." Petting the wolf gently he began to look around.

    Waking up in random areas was what he was used to. Was not as good as when he found a plaything. But for him it would do. Better waking up to his companion then your latest one night stand. The wolf stood up next to him and nudged his hand gently. Was the normal morning routine. Inu jumped onto the wolfs back and let the wolf lead the way. Was better that his wolf found food then him.

    "This time when we find something let me kill it. You had all the fun last time. An if we find a fight I will give up my hunt and you can find food. Deal?" He sighed looking down at his companion.
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    The jester wandered into town riding her stead, Several eyes were raised as they saw the odd figure robed in a cloak to protect against the weather, Under it, a masked figure simply sat on its stead heading to one place it was guided to the bounty board. The voices had guided her here to begin her work, And as she saw it the first thing they would need would be thrones to grease the palms and begin work. Approaching the board she would examine it for bounties to take.
  8. @Tamu @Donairian
    The forest canopy would allow streaks of light to shine through with the occasional gaps within the foliage meters above the heads of both the missionary and the bandit. Of course the most light would be found on the path as trees were specifically taken out to allow the way to be clear for the occasional traveler. It was a good sign for Anderson since someone must be maintaining the road at the very least and there were few people besides chapel monks that would bother with such menial work in these parts. But these hopeful thoughts would take a backseat as the missionary would see an armored and fairly menacing figure off to the side of the path.

    It would be at this time that Fergerad would see what had caused the wildlife to silence, a lone man dressed in armored religious garb. If memory served there was actually a small temple not too far away from here. Men like this usually had something of worth on them, religious pendants made out of gold or holy books bound in expensive materials. Could be a decent catch as long as that armor and hammer was just for show. If not then well he could have a fight on his hands, but its not like he was afraid of those either.

    Taking her time along the small trail Ytris would slowly hear the background noise fade from the chirping of birds and branches gently swaying in wind to orders being shouted and men marching in unison. The Divine Magistrate war camp was of a considerable size as thousands of men were being organized as they came in from their training and arming from further in the country. The vast majority of them were conscripted lower class men that had been whipped into shape(sometimes literally) by experienced veterans of previous wars. They wore colored uniforms that helped generals tell the difference between units from afar. The base color being a blue with a large circle in the center that was of a different color between units. Past these troops she could then make out the noble contingent of the army. Brightly colored and well ornamented suits of cloth covered lamellar armor being their trademark. These men were assembled noblemen and their sons brought up to be the heavy infantry and cavalry for the army. They were few in number but are instrumental in any battle.

    And off to the side of all of these troops in their own almost separate camp would be Ytris’ kind. The assorted warrior monks that had decided to follow this army to war, with the Magistrate being a highly religious land there are dozens if not hundreds of individual sects and even more temples based in every corner of the country. And at the call of war these temples send out warriors to follow the various mustering of troops off to war to fulfill their divine purpose of destroying the heathens to the west. These highly skilled and diverse warriors are often thought as unreliable by most noble generals as they are usually not inclined to listen to orders unless a religious leader is in control of the army they have chosen to “support”. It seemed for now the inhabitants of this camp recognized Ytris as one of these monks, being unaware of her true allegiance.

    The man would find himself entering the Tibress port city of Triumph after trudging across the beaches. From down on the beach the first thing he was greeted by was its parameter walls. They were shorter very boxy thick walls with stone watchtowers dispersed regularly along them. Clearly this city was no stranger to war, that was immediately obvious. He would follow the walls until he came across a gate manned by eight men armed with large rectangular red shields and short swords. They seemed to be looking over any and all persons that went passed them to enter the city. While not outwardly stopping anyone it was clear something had this city on higher alert than usual. Passed the gate the man would notice the striking marble architecture being vastly different from that of his home as while pillars supported large structures. He would find his way to the shipping gild, thankfully along with the local way of writing there was also universal low gothic writing written under everything. Within the building for the shipping guild he would find a man in naval attire sitting at a desk. “State your business sir.” They said looking up from a few manifests splayed out on his desk.

    Relying upon his large canine companion to find food, Inu would find himself riding through the forest he had ended up in at great speed as his friend would pick up the scent of something. If Inu was looking he would spot it through the trees, a strange four legged ape faced beast. It seemed to be unaware of their presence and the wolf got down low to hide itself from the creature. From here Inu would be able to slip off and handle the kill on his own.

    The bounty board was filled with assorted requests, perhaps a notable one being held for the head of a man who slept with a nobleman’s daughter. It seems the father was more than a little disgruntled by the deflowering of his daughter, offering one thousand and five hundred worth of gold for the head of the one responsible. Only problem being the nobleman wasn’t sure who it was but they were offering to allow individuals to investigate the scene of the ‘crime’. Aside from this request another interesting one, a group of greenskins has recently taken over a fishing village and the inhabitants were requesting help from bounty hunters. Though the reward for this one was a bit less substantial, only offering five hundred gold but it is well known many lords also offer gold for the heads of greenskins. So while they might not get much from the villagers there would be more money to be made from the dead greenskins. As the Jester would look at the board they would notice passers by staring at them, they should choose what they wanted fast.
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    The jester put a hand to her mask looking at the bounty board, She knew she was not an investigating type, she preferred simpler things like the thrill of the hunt going to the bottom bounty she took the green skin bounty and head off, as she began and noticing those that stare she waved. "A jester goes to perform their duties, and give their audience a show, Good day all." She said to the onlookers as she road her beast now heading towards the village that needed this aid.
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    So it was a priest travelling by himself, likely a holy man on pilgrimage a more esteemed gentleman would not come this far by himself unless this one put far too much confidence in his own ability, or luck for having not been stopped before. The brigand kept steady, the missionary was armored and looking very sure of himself he could tell that much, faith can easily do that for a person but there could be some genuine skill behind that garb, Fergerad decided he should be careful as he addressed the traveler who had actually seen him at this point.

    'Put a lot of trust in the God Emperor to wander alone wouldn't you agree holy man, I watch these roads and I would request a toll for your safe passage. Of course if you should happen to refuse I would be forced to use my blade against a man of the cloth, a man of my profession has his standards.'

    As he finished Fergerad let Merconheidi gleam in the rays of light filtering through from the canopy deliberately targeting the shine of the weapon to glare in the face of the traveler so as to dazzle and disorient if the fellow proved immediately hostile. It was a trick he picked up from a partner in the trade after having a few patrols or sneaky travelers try and shoot him down with concealed weapons before, it usually worked when he needed to make a quick get away or reach for one of his Franziska axes. With Merconheidi practically shining in the light he addressed the priest again giving his demands in a more straightforward manner this time.

    'So heavenly Emissary, your money or your life.'

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