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Steam Early Access is a bad, bad idea.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Khamul, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Khamul Khamul Member

    So, long time steam user here, and in my seasoned opinion putting Eternal Crusade on Steam, as it is, is a horrible mistake. Here's why.

    -For one, the steam community is incredibly over-saturated with early access games ranging from small to indie companies. Unfortunately, a lot of these developers have taken advantage of the fact that you can take consumers' money before finishing the product, if ever. (See Code}{atch and their reception with Starforge and Reign of Kings). This has made a substantially large portion of the steam community very wary and weary of early release titles, chiefly because people who see early access games come in two groups: the group that expects a finished product minus a few bugs (ARK: Survival Evolved, essentially), or the group that assumes the game is a cash-in and will never be finished. In this second case, the community never, ever seems to recover on a game that's deemed a cash-in; if it ever takes off in the first place.

    As we all know, Eternal Crusade is quite far from being finished. I am very worried that putting it on Steam this early will kill the community in it's infancy stages.

    -Second, there's no beating around the bush: Steam has its' share of Warhammer: 40k games that are of very poor quality. See Dark Nexus Arena, Storm of Vengeance, early in its' production as Eternal Crusade is, the best outcome you could hope for from the Steam Community is that it's regarded as an unfinished version of Warhammer: 40k Space Marine's multiplayer. And even then, that games' community was dead within months.

    All the majority of the Steam Community see are "Date Released" and "Reviews" when looking at a game. I am seriously concerned that this is a very bad move being made by the team as it is too early. I hope i'm wrong, but I've been around Steam since Counter Strike 1.6 was released on the platform. I've seen several games go to a premature grave with early access on Steam. I guess time will tell, but I really urge the team to reconsider. A couple more pre-sales are NOT worth committing suicide with the game.

    That's about all this huge 40k fan has to say.

    TL;DR of sorts: Putting Eternal Crusade on Steam this early won't net you any meaningful amount of a retentive playerbase that doesn't already exist here on these forums. Waiting until EC's more of a solid, finished product is the best way to grow the games' potential playerbase.
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  2. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    I hope Nathan will touch down on this a little more on the dev show this week. One can only assume they have a plan up their sleeves to make a good if not great first impression for the millions of Steam users on the 25th and I'd like to hear their insight on the matter. As you stated there's big risks putting it up on Steam this early in development because for the average gamer when an EA game is made available for purchase that's essentially the title's launch day.
  3. Andraina Andraina Curator

    I concur that this move is rather risky. The difficulties spoken on this forum will be taken out of context in an instant. Possible criticisms redacted due to NDA We knew what we were getting into but the people on steam don't care about such trivialities.
  4. bigcracker bigcracker Arkhona Vanguard

    I sadly agree, This game is not ready for early access on steam at all in its current state. Past promises that have been made no longer what they are suppose to be,bugs,performance issues,missing features and a game thought to be a MMO and isn't all leads to this game taking a hard hit from the steam community, which %99 of games that take a hard hit in EA on steam never really come back around from.

    No matter how much a dev promises features and fixes are coming youtube and steam forums will be filled with "dont buy this game".
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  5. Early Access games usually have all the basic stuff that there will be at launch.
    EC currently only has basic ranged combat down, maps, graphics, classes, combat, vehicles etc etc, are all still so early in production, going EA on steam is a deathsentance.

    But lets be honest, the entire game currently is just the same as any other early access game, even at launch this'll still be similar, the goals are too high and production is rocky as hell.
  6. I'm not gonna lie; if this weren't a Warhammer game I wouldn't excuse it in its current state especially if it were marketed as an MMO (and I think that needs to be made abundantly clear that, at this time, there's no evidence of it being an MMO). If this were to go on Early Access there'd be people like me - and there's loads of them - who would continue to perpetuate the stigma that is "another game that's not going to get finished".

    There's currently a load of Warhammer games on Steam and if I don't count the Dawn of War DLC, I'd say most of these titles are average to flat out bad. And then you've got to consider which ones are releasing in the near future - Total War: Warhammer, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada and Dark Nexus Arena are being made, so that may flood the market for people who like both Fantasy and 40k. Is it a wise move to see the intellectual property go into Early Access again?

    This isn't me saying Early Access is bad, though I do feel a lot more needs to be done to keep developers accountable and customers aware of what EA is. It's another source of revenue and it'll raise awareness about this game I haven't heard mention of since a tiny mention from a poster on the Dark Nexus Arena forums. Seeing as getting White Dwarf to talk about video games as easy as widdling into a shotglass spinning on a record player fastened to a running cheetah's back, Steam is one of the few things that I can use to find out about the next Warhammer game. I constantly look for new Warhammer titles but very rarely find them through Google searches, and even then I have to know the game's title before I find so much as a teaser trailer for the game. With Steam I can find some really nice screenshots, release dates, game info and other handy things. So that's one perk: marketing. Letting people know that this isn't Dark Millenium but a brand new Warhammer MMO would be a good move, I think.

    So that's my long-winded and probably useless waffle, but there you go. With the Early Access release I'm sure it'll be better optimised (so at least it'll be playable enough to give proper feedback), but if it doesn't have a load of the key features when it appears on EA, the "it's still in development" line isn't going to hold much weight on the Steam forums.

    I look forward to it - might be able to talk about the game at long last, maybe even do some coverage.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that Inquisition: Martyr is another 40k title in development. Looks cool.
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  7. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    Most Early Access games are never truly finsished. I personally hate the very idea of EA. The Devs do not need to hit deadlines, because they can monetize the full amount off the bat. And the community burns out before the game is even finished.

    Still there are alot of games in EA that have way less content than Eternal Crusade has at the moment. I can understand that devs want to make money off their games. This doesn´t make this a smart move though.

    The moment you hit EA you are suspectible to reviews. Alot of gaming journalist say "as soon as you openly charge money for it you got no excuse" and i agree. If you push the game as it is on Steam so why did we have NDA in the first place? You knew before the game wasn´t ready for public inspection...

    If we at least got key-bindings, which i never thought was that important, but will be for steam or at least optimization it could work. At the moment the machine from the average steam user can´t handle this game at all. Be ready for the Refund train to hit you.
  8. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    I fully agree. Unless there is a very large patch with optimization and quality of life improvements, releasing the game on Steam now, even in Early Access, is a suicide.
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  9. bigcracker bigcracker Arkhona Vanguard

    I been a founder and that quote is what I thought about right away when I seen EC going to Steam EA. I feel like a lot of the features are going to be cut and the features we do go get are going to be few and far between. I am really not trying to be a downer but like many said, if this game wasn't Warhammer 40k I would be one of these people that would bash the game on steam EA. Its just not ready.
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  10. Havoc ComradeHavoc Well-Known Member

    As long as the steam EA isn't overpriced.... ah who am I kidding it's like running across an old rickety bridge. Regardless of what we say it's going to happen, but our best bet is to find bugs and hopefully get a stable release.
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