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Stealth Mechanics.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Exzelenz, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    So in latest AMA they confirmed that Eldar are getting stealth mechanic(s). Rejoice!
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  2. Droguza Droguza Active Member

    I will rejoice to it very soon friend, but for now i have threads to watch... and admire. Poor Black Templars...

    Ranger's and Scorpions are going to be winners now?
  3. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    Yep. So let us not count them out yet!
  4. Google Google Well-Known Member

    They could add Crysis like stealth elements to the game. I thought the Crysis series did a good job with handling futuristic stealth mechanics and it also seemed like it was surprisingly balanced in Crysis 3's multiplayer matches were it wasn't overpowered nor was it underpowered.
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  5. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    I've never played Cyrsis. What's the mechanic in the game like?
  6. Google Google Well-Known Member

    Here is a quick video I found for Crysis 3's stealth. Note that it is the singleplayer version in the beganing of the game, so it is a little easier. Plus that bow is SO overpowered. :p

    The core part of Crysis's stealth is that you have a limited amount of energy, and this becomes very noticeable in later levels and in the multiplayer. The faster you move, the more energy you use. Staying still and moving slowly are the key to a good stealth run to conserve energy and stay cloaked for as long as possible. When you get close to an enemy they can probably see you. Staying the dark areas helps too, as even at a distance if the enemy get a clear view on you when you are out in the open they can see your cloak's outline. It's pretty awesome and focuses on positioning, movement, and energy conservation.
  7. I think possibly a system usuing shadows would be possible. Say when a player of a stealth unit is in shadows he's also faded out like a rogue's stealth so the shadows conceal him even more. The level to which they're faded out would depend on the level of light on them. So yeah jsut looking at pitch black shadow you'd see nothing but shine a torch in there and suddenly there's the scorpion...Oh crap there's the scorpion!..ARGHMYFACE!!!

    They could work long grass/bushes like they do in wow. If a unit has stealth they can't be seen in a bush at all unless you walk in to the bush with them. Trouble is that then you're in the same bush as a striking scorpion and.....OMGNOTMYFUNBITS!!!
  8. Droguza Droguza Active Member

    This would all be great. The chance to put some subtlety into our army. I'm just wondering what other armies will have similar. Ork Kommando's, oh my!

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