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Stealth Mechanics.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Exzelenz, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. So'Kiel So-Kiel Well-Known Member

    If the Rangers are in, so will be the snipers of all other factions, think about that.
    And the Eldar have so many wonderful Aspect Warriors! Do you really want Rangers instead of Aspect Warriors' greatness?

    But even if Rangers are in, their stealth mechanics is pretty simple, they are invisible at a long distance, and can be noticed on middle ranges by kind of Predator-style shimmer when they move. If they don't move, they are much harder to notice.

    But the Striking Scorpions have to adopt some other kind of stealth (though they pay a great homage to Predator with their looks).
    I like this:
    But it could happen, that we won't normally see enemy name-plates anyways (unless pressed a button or not even that - unless you are killed). Still, if the game uses 'spotting' mechanics (like Battlefield, MWO or many other games), it makes really difficult to spot the enemy if it doesn't bear a 'spotted'/'not spotted' marker above. This could work well with the 'better cover usage' mechanics promised to Eldar.

    Or we could use something like this for Scorpions, but without cloaks:
    Still, normally Scorpions do not have infiltration, it's an Exarch power to hide his squad.
  2. SonOfLorgar SonOfLorgar Well-Known Member

    If you could put up half an arguement i would actually waste another second in you. See you on the battlefield.
  3. Quothe Quothe Subordinate

    Over here (post 96) Pat Balthazar alluded to sniper rifles when asked about how load outs would work r.e. changing your class.
    He said:

    it's clearly not a 100% confirmation, but it does point in that direction at least.
  4. Quothe Quothe Subordinate

    To be fair that has been true since 3rd edition, but has recently changed with 6th edition so that normal scorpion aspect squads without an exarch can infiltrate.
  5. So'Kiel So-Kiel Well-Known Member

    I would not argue. What the Devs say is a bit contradictory at times, so I prefer to do what we Eldar do the best - wait patiently. If they decide to have snipers in game, I hope they implement them good and won't break anything.

    Still, I have to say I would not much like the character modification to be very extensive. I'd prefer that there were classes with their own set of potentially available gear, so that the classes were persistent, while maintaining some inner progression - so that a Scorpion would be always a Scorpion. By any means I wouldn't like to see a Dark Reaper donning lighter armor and taking up a sword. It would be nonsense.
  6. Anshar Anshar Master

    Compared to what? "lol stealth is for wussies" that your entire side is?

  7. Quothe Quothe Subordinate

    cool thanks for the info Anshar, forum omni cognizance isn't my strong suite :)

    That's certainly a big problem with the Eldar ranger... they can't really do anything other than camp (and some may argue be camp :p)
  8. Anshar Anshar Master

    Well since they want to make it shoot and move, maybe they will add a.. reaction specific on the mini map to when a sniper fires so any enemy snipers can target him if he doesn't move quick.
  9. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    I am sorry mate, but that is very weak argument tbh. :) The game will have asymmetric balance, so it is obvious that races should not copy each other.
    What? I can easily camp a bit from the trees and then move on to the other position, which shouldn't be a problem for anyone. Done it in every game as a sniping class, so unless EC will FORCE me to camp (well we know that it is not gona happen, don't we?) I will be fine. And Rangers are not about combat mostly, just think about how great they would be for scouting.
  10. So'Kiel So-Kiel Well-Known Member

    My main argument was the next line to the one you quoted. "The Eldar have so many wonderful Aspect Warriors! Do you really want Rangers instead of Aspect Warriors' greatness?" If the basic class is Guardian, and another one is Ranger, and another one is probably Warlock (you can't leave Eldar warhost without psykers), what does it leave us with? Two Aspects? This sounds very wrong to me. Even 3 aspects is too little.
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