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Stealth Mechanics.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Exzelenz, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    As Patrick mentioned before, there are no "push the button to become invisible" mechanics planned as for now. And that is very cool only under 1 condition - a lot of rendered terrain (and decent distance of terrain rendering, just like in Heroes and Generals, where stealth and positioning decide everything and bushes, grass and trees are the main tools to do so), which I can not really imagine in the same pool as large scale battles. Optimization kills most of the terrain most of the time, big and small.

    I personally would love to lurk in bushes and ambush people, not just going in stealth by pushing a button.

    Do you see the "natural" stealth happening and how do you think this will affect Eldar gameplay? Mostly Striking Scorpions and Rangers if they will make it to the game of course.
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  2. Quothe Quothe Subordinate

    I was thinking about this the other day as the idea of only using 'natural stealth' doesn't really fit with the TT mechanics where this is specifically represented as cover. Actual stealth units seem to be displaying a degree of stealthiness far above the level of what the terrain affords in terms of concealment, though admittedly nowhere near true invisibility, but nevertheless this difference should be represented.
    In trying to answer the problem of how to represent this without falling back on the cheap wow rogue 'invisi' stealth I came up with the following-

    Stealth abilities could come in 4 main flavors.

    Camo, Cameleon, Obscured and Stalking

    This would be exactly what the name suggests, camoflage. It's basically just having armor roughly the colour of the terrain with outline breaking patterns and would be most commonly seen in Tao or Imperial Guard armies, it's freely available, but not very effective, though some units may take this to an extreme and have camo netting to help hide units and artillery.

    This is the ability of a unit to dynamically change to match their surroundings and would appear as though part of the unit was a lower resolution version of the terrain behind them (possibly using the dynamic scaling for textures to achieve this). Basically this would make the unit very hard to see at a distance since the lower resolution textures would apply there, but pretty easy to spot up close. Naturally this is a far more effective form of stealth.
    In the case of rangers only their cloaks and armor plates would have this effect, though when they activate sneak they try and cover themselves as fully with their cloaks as possible.
    Lictors would have a form of this ability.

    Like the warlock power, smoke grenades or Harlequin holofields obscuring is a graphic effect (such as mist, darkness or smoke) that helps hide units inside the effect, especially at night.

    While not strictly stealth, stalking does help to augment a unit's ability to act stealthily.
    Put simply every unit has a sound effect when moving that other players can hear, stalking units don't! Or at least are very quiet.
    This is the kind of stealth you would find in Striking scorpions (which explains how they can infiltrate at the start of a battle, but gain no real benefits later), though other more stealthy units would also have this to augment their sneakitude :)

    Edit- oops I misspelled cameleon as camelion lol
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  3. Anshar Anshar Master

    Octocamo borrowed from snake.
  4. Azurand Azurand Curator

    I think these are great Ideas, it would be really cool to have the camelion effect you described.
  5. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    Hm those are some interesting ideas and I personally had something like your Camelion in mind. Would be nice to be able to change Camo armor depending on which continent or just piece of terrain you are fighting, just like in PS2.
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  6. Buhh454 Member

    I think Eldar (especially rangers) need at least a short duration "push the button invisibility".
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  7. I for one would like to see stealth for the Striking Scorpions - but like So'Kiel explained in another thread, this game will not have snipers because it would affect the gameplay negatively. And I, for one, am glad. As cool as they are, they simply do not fit with the style of gameplay Behaviour wants for Eternal Crusade.
  8. Khyzer Khyzer Prefectus

    What if the Ability made you not not show up on a players HUD? Like they can still aim their reticule at you if they have spotted you through their own player skill. But it prevents your red(enemy) player name from showing up on the screen and clearly giving away your position an hostility towards the player. That way your Camo can "actually" blend you into the environment and be useful. Only moving while your target is not looking in your direction, slowly closing the distance, then using the Eldar's superior speed and agility to close those last few meters straight Striking Scorpion style?
  9. Kriegson Kriegson Subordinate

    I'm all for more "organic" forms of stealth, as opposed to people literally becoming invisible. Not appearing on hud and perhaps their camoflage adapting the same color as the background would be great. Combined with warp spiders ability to teleport and rangers ability to...well, not be close, they both should be able to avoid detection with intelligent use of terrain and cover. That plays well to eldar.
  10. solidzaku New Member

    What if there was something like 'Cameleoline Cloak' (by the way, that is a fluff-correct misspelling, the real word is 'Chameleon') that actually reduced your draw distance relative to enemy players? As an example, you could see other enemy players 3 'screen distances' away but, if you had this upgrade, you would only draw in to their vision after 1.5 'screen distances' After this it's essentially useless, which balances it so melee classes can't abuse it.
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