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State Of The Crusade

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Oveur, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    By the Machine God...this is awesome!Welcome once again Oveur to Eternal Crusade!Where the war is always.

    So...about that Mechanicum faction...
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  2. Out fracking standing!!! :)
  3. Nostramo Born NostramoBorn Forum Beta Tester

    They're busy disinfecting everything the scrap-code touched Miguel left, when he was ousted. :p
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  4. Jabba Jabba Recruit

    Haaa!! Yes, yes, I like you already Oveur!!
    What stature, what presence, what leadership, what charisma!! For a Mon'keigh that is... :p

    Oh and welcome to the "eternal winter" too (Mtl)! Bare with me, let's hope it's almost the end.
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  5. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    2 crappy Winters in a row and I just found out I'm staying in the Northern US for another year. Baaah.

    Even the damn Groundhogs have had enough of this shite :p

  6. Well said that man. ive waited 20+ years for what this game promises to be Don't rush it do it well
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  7. Comon man we all know thats one of slaaneshian fetishes
  8. Fenris Fenris Cipher

    Looks like I'm gonna be heading up there for a few years, so expect the next couple of years to be really warm, cause I'm never lucky enough to get a snow day and have off of work.
  9. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    The year after I left Australia they broke a 15 year drought. I figure the Wisconsin/Illinois weather for the last 7 years must be bad Karma.
  10. Gideon S3dition Preacher

    No fuzzy feeling here.

    Nathan has worked on 2 cancelled games, a moderately received game, and only one successful game.
    Early access is delayed yet again, this time for for 7 - 9 months.

    Let me get this straight, the game was supposed to take ~ 2 years to develop with minimal aspects without a publisher or a lot of founders. The game has been pushed back slightly with early access founder's access being pushed back a full year.

    That means core components of the game won't be ready for a year after they were expected to be finished by a very small team. A small team that can't easily just make up lost time.

    Furthermore, you had to apparently cancelled all art progression to decide how technical aspects dealing with the backend and (I assume) other infrastructure. So why no artwork again? I can't imagine your concept artists are hard at work re-writing the network engine. Are there any new models to show off? Anything at all? If not, why are your artists losing precious time? If so, why can't we see them? We were watching videos of test models and square boxes at one point. You're promising us 4 seperate factions of which only 2 factions share a similar base model/animation tree and all have entirely unique vehicles, weapons, and play styles but you can barely show us only working space marines.

    Finally, the game is ambitious enough for a team that can boast no cancelled games in their portfolio and timely deliveries. It's featuring three times more on-screen players than the current record holder, which poses both technical and design challenges that no other teams have had to face. This is coupled with mixed messages about units that suddenly may or may not be featured in the final game and vehicles that may be locked out and unavailable to ever purchase again when the game launches.

    And all of this is further compounded by the fact that you still won't even announce the game's engine.

    So, as someone who has spent a good amount of money on the game and recruited others, and for others who have done the same, what have we paid for? What assurance do we have that this isn't going to be cancelled after 7 - 9 months of delays, no art updates, and undisclosed engine, a single faction (with two separate hud colors), a handful of of concept art weapons in the store, and suddenly silence while the team decides what core components of the all the above they may change and start over on?

    Just sayin'... no warm feeling here.
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