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State Of The Crusade

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Oveur, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. In the grim future...
  2. Dear Crusaders! EDIT: sorry for the wall of text ;)

    I feel like I should maybe also say a few words here!

    First of all - Miguel. Yes he was (and is) an inspiration and our beloved face for the project. There is a lot of things that can be said about him, about what he said, and how he has done things - but we also must face the fact, he was and is not a developer! He is a Leader, a great one at that and he has the gift of inspiring people and making them see not only with their eyes but also with their hearts!

    Second - Nathan. There is no doubt in my mind that he has a lot of experience and that he is a person fit to be at the head of the spear and - even in spandex - a person that has all the tools to make this game a success. He is a person with successes and failures (or let's call it not very successful things) and that makes him a person who will be able to recognize the things that lead to those situations better than people who have not experienced them!
    And that is exactly the point I want to make...

    Third - Nathans tools. I am talking about us, Brent, Steven, Martin, Nicolas, David, Ghislain and many, many more. We didn't change, we are all here! There is no-one of the core dev team that left. We still have the same passion, we still want to make the game the community wants, because we want to be part of that community, we want to play that game ourselves, more than anything! If you think waiting for a game as a customer is hard, well believe me, waiting for getting all the pieces of the puzzle can be even harder, but we must follow timelines, respect deliverables, please people in charge at the top, make sure to spend money wisely and follow rules. Organization and doing it with people who have the right ingredients and knowledge is key.
    And on top of that - we are trying to be as open as possible, showing you guys everything we do and how we do it - and even trying to involve the community as much as possible.

    Now - I am sure you understand that with a indie studio, a team of about 35 people currently all this is not an easy task. And for many reasons there comes times when we need to rethink some of the plans we made and change them. Why? simply to be able to deliver the product we have in mind!

    You might also ask why change? why is the first plan not working anymore?
    There can be a magnitude of issues; just as example, let's say a design that made great sense on paper doesn't work as good when tested - we need to take more time to iterate on it to make it as fun as we hoped it would be; or tech wise - everything works perfectly when you test it in a certain environment, on a certain hardware, then you try to make it work on an older PC and suddenly you realize you need to change things to make it work. Now I am not saying we don't work with buffers and we anticipated a lot of these kinds of problems, but there can be always unexpected ones, like e.g. financing. (and please this is not me saying that financing is not working on this project, i am just giving examples because it's an easy one) - let's say you are waiting for a money transfer and it does not kick in because of some bureaucracy outside of the company, e.g. bank or tax incentives etc. There is not much you can do but react to it, extend timelines, reduce burn rates, do things slower or maybe different - you'll have to change the plan!

    Down the road you have to deal with all sorts of things, and please again - the examples I gave are from experience, not from current situations!

    Being involved with the community, being open and showing what we do and how we do it this early means that you guys get to experience these kind of things along with us - this is not a bad thing, it's a thing we need to deal with - that's all! Things don't look worse, things are not bad, and no-one believes we cannot do this from our side!!! We have a full team of people here, optimists, pessimists, weird people, normal people, fun people, boring people - but all of them agree that we can deliver this game!!!

    There are things coming up that will be revealed and once that is done, I am sure you all get a better understanding why there is less to show/give to you guys atm - but things will change soon!

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  3. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    This last part sounds a bit ominous, or im interpreting it wrong.
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  4. not sure how you interpret it, but essence of it: not much to show/give atm - stay tuned!
  5. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    If you had to throw a random shot in the dark, how long will we have to "stay tuned" before anything new happens/is shared?
  6. Soon as I read that I got this image in my head of a Pike Phalanx wearing gymnastics spandex...
    I think I need my head checked or something... I think I should lay off the caffeine and sugar for a few days.

    To be honest everyone - I think the more time developers spend trying to calm people down, the less time is being spent productively - or even worse, I get the feeling it's cutting into their brake times and thus causing undue stress (well that's what I would feel in that situation, but that's just my opinion). Would you rather them making a fantastic game? Or them to get delayed further trying to chill us down?

    I personally can't handle getting nagged and I know people who've developed cancer from it. It's not good.

    I have ever increasing respect for these guys openness. Because elsewhere on the net, you get warnings from the community managers for nagging the devs - because it causes stress.
  7. Ras187 Recruit

    Thx for the info...
    the wait is a horror tho. o_O
  8. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    Thanks Patrick, it was a good wall of text as far as walls of text run :D

    If I can just provide a baseline response for the community's feelings and why there is a lot of heat all of a sudden: Miguel WAS not just the face of Eternal Crusade, he was the 'voice'. Most of the interaction, be it forums posts, twitch shows and external interviews were with him explaining the project and it's goals on behalf of the team. He made the lion's share (Dark Angel joke :p) of the statements and estimates and his exit, without a recognizable face/voice of his caliber has left us unsure of whether what he presented us is still accurate.

    I'd never pretend that it's a harder transition for us as fans than you as colleagues, and the details of the separation being so vague are unsettling (sudden changes in any production are scary to fans) but ultimately that's BHVR's business, however he was at times constantly our one and only window into the Studio. With his departure it does feel like that window has fogged and the typical restlessness of the community over dates, interactions, changes to the master plan, even little things, have all come to a head because that welcomed communication and morale he gave went away over the Christmas break and never returned.

    For me what I'm looking for is 3 things:
    • Some confirmation that nothing major has changed - Nathan and the team have been clear about that in the last few days. Thanks. If I could hotlink this threads OP to the social media and forum banner I would. 'Letters from the Producer' are a much needed commodity within the gaming industry imo :). Understanding that certain things are subject to internal disclosure restrictions, where possible or AT the time that news is released having some information to counter speculation would tamp down the drama (see my point on a strong voice to replace Miguel ^ if not as sexy a voice). And we're still a forum community but as far as forum communities go, we're *fairly* lovely.
    • Some return of the interaction we had prior - Katie told us the Twitch program would resume after Christmas and as late as the 5th of Jan said the intention was to get back to that regular schedule asap. I heard Nathan loud and clear that their is nothing to show at present, completely understandable, but wasn't this the intention of the mini-Twitch program ? o_O It's been a looooong time without any interaction of any kind, 9 weeks now with no explanation as to why the Twitch show is detrimental to production. If it is, I'm sure we'd understand but it feels like pulling teeth trying to get a response on this, it's not been explained at all and it has dragged painfully for us. Silence ON TOP of change is what is unnerving us -- Btw the one with Nicholas' art and a brief Q&A was fascinating but there was even a Dev-created poll a while back about things we'd like to see and I remember a lot of people just looking for some basic art team insight.
    • The FAQ and website - They've really stagnated. Again, Katie pointed out that the intention to fix that asap is there, and I completely empathize with how busy things are atm but it's really bad and Miguel told me at least 21 weeks ago that there was going to be some major overhauls and clarifications made to that FAQ. Things fall by the wayside but it's a lack of clarity that hurts. For what it's worth I'm making a community forum Living FAQ atm but that's only going to be based on previous development team statements, and won't cover the items an official FAQ should.
    I still have absolute love for this project and faith in the devs (won't lie, these confirmations, especially @Oveur's help a great deal) but I do want to be clear that I completely understand why faith has been shaken and it's all here: Big changes, radio silence and a lack of a succinct message, or some warning when plans are altered so it's not splashed all over the media before we have a chance to be the first to understand it in context (within the rules that BHVR has to follow re: typical corporate announcement procedure :rolleyes:).

    Thanks though, this response and others have helped.
    Apologies for the counter wall'o'text. You and the team are very much appreciated and these ^ are all minor qualms that can be addressed easily.
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    *Feathers Rustle*

    "Martyr their leader, ensue an Eternity of awesomeness and frothing zealotry."

    *Rustle Rustle*

    "Just as planned."


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