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State of the Crusade VI

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by BrentEllison, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Frank FrankM Curator

    is there only battles going on in the front lines or is there territory capturable behind enemy lines? can there be pve and objectives behind enemy lines? asking because there seems to be a few outposts and strongholds that won't be seeing much action
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  2. You trying to make it sound like only EC will have this problem. I played CoD4 Modern Warfare( The way before it went downhill), And against a Team of all Guildies, BF4 played against a whole team of guildies with a scrub team, LoL played a Premade 5 man and i got the scrubs. This happens in games where guilds are premade and can be better, but mostly because they communicate with eachother. Even in those games it can be close and you aren't always gonna get scrubs, Games will happen like these theres almost no way to avoid it.

    even if ork gets the freebies it doesn't mean 100% failure rate. Why people are assuming that freebies are going to go to shit is wrong. I figure this can happen and there is a good chance that there will be some and i will need to deal with them. Some of the Freebies will flock to the guilds or atleast the good players around and try to listen, They aren't blindly walking around. Remember some of them are testing the waters to see if the game is worth there money. others are there to be stupid and having fun. The serious players want to try the game to the best they are able to and try harder. I mean the way it goes i can see more people who paided having more fun and screwing around then some freebies
  3. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    This state of the Crusade has become a discussion about "how do I want a game" rather than an update from the developers. First of all, as it has been stated several times in many, many discussions the game is not ready yet, they are sharing their ideas with us and trying to came with solutions to problems that present during the development. Things can change and they will change.

    In second place the winning problem, is not really a problem, winning is just the name we give to an acomplished task, so two different factions can win even when they face each other, since there are many objectives. The SM faction can send a group of players to conquest something from CSM but leave an area open to be taken by CSM. So who won? In fact both. Having more players in one faction, as Brent stated (correct me if I'm wrong), means that they have to achieve more objectives, but also to defend themselves from factions that have objectives in that faction territory. Games represent unreal situations like killing orks, or being a superhuman, maybe they are thinking about a situation where even when you 'win' the action still goes on.

    In third place, I've always been a game who likes to play alone (I don't have much time, and I don't take seriously playing) so you can guess that I'm not an "elite" player. Games usually become boring or annoying not because the system itself, but because there are players who don't understand the term having a good time. In short that is a community problem not a game desing problem.

    Let's have more faith in this men, because they have experience in what they are doing. I think that they are doing a great job not only for delivering a good game (this I hope so), but for sharing with us all the problems and decisions.

    Finally for those that compare this game with others remeber that 'nothing new shines under the Sun' they didn't present this game as something that no one has ever seen, but because has somethings that make it worth it.
  4. Kor'El Es'Tau Ar'Kais Korel Well-Known Member

    Exactly. This game looks like it's going to be very easy for those that play in Large Organised Guilds, as they will mostly be playing against unorganized Pubs. :rolleyes:

    This also means this game will have a much smaller player base, as most people will rage quit the game from getting stomped over and over. Most competitive multiplayer lobby based games I've played put you in a Match with players with similar stats/level as you.

    And experience from playing Planetside 2 shows me that about 1% of people use comms for coordination. And I totally agree that good Coordination gives a massive advantage in battles, which is why the Elitist Guilds are going to dominate this game in a big way.

    I find it rather funny that it always seems to be Ork players that disagree with me in regards to the specific game mechanics that are obviously going to seriously gimp the Ork Faction.... :D
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  5. Sigvald Darthy Curator


    ....Is this actually bad? No seriously, if you DO NOT ORGANIZE...don't you deserve to lose?
  6. Why you assume its an automatic weakness? Isn't the SM the weakest faction as the pure fact that they have the highest population, Thus have a statically higher chance to have less players that communicate with the team

    Also you assuming if you are pre-made you win automatically
  7. Kor'El Es'Tau Ar'Kais Korel Well-Known Member

    It all depends on how many people you actually want to play this game, whether it's a bad or good thing. ;)

    I'd personally prefer a massive amount of players, which would ensure a good revenue stream so that the game can be continually updated with new content and be expanded. :cool:

    Orks will have by far the highest population.... unless the Free-to-Waaagh! option somehow fails miserably. :eek:

    Yerp, past gaming experiences have shown me that Organized Premades usually win around 90% of the time against Random Unorganized Pubs. :cool:
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  8. "5. Campaign objectives, you guys talked about them, some kind of special events played on non regular maps who will play those maps? the first people to queue? will there be several instances of the same mission and the faction who wins most "maps" will win the event?

    BRENT: In general everyone will be able to participate in campaigns, but we are working on a system for high-value battles that only the top veterans would participate in and will give you more details when we’ve got a firm direction. Our goal is to avoid any aggregate mechanics for outposts/strongholds though - you should see the results of your own battle on the actual location you fought in."

    They'll come up with something to address the biggest concerns.
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  9. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    But the example you just gave, that being Planetside 2, has tons of players.

    As do countless other games who give advantages to players who organize and 'get gud' at the game.
  10. I agree with Korel. There is a reason why matchmakers and ELO exist.
    World of Tanks is the best example how NOT to do it.
    There is a reason why you only get matched against 5man premades as a 5man premade in games like LoL and HotS. And if you are 3 man premade, 2 randoms you get matched against 3 premades with 2 randoms.

    Another option would be autobalance. AFter you played a match on a server, it autobalances. But that won't be possible with how this looks to be. Also people want to play their faction.

    And yes, Premades always win if there is no matchmaking involved (some games put weaker premades against stronger soloplayers), either because they are individually strong players that band together to only play with strong teammates, or the are average players but with good coordination.

    It is a valid concern how this will be handled. Does anyone know a game with the same situation as here, that has a good Solution?

    EC will be lobby based, but also open. In planetside 2, you can simple go to another battle if you are outmatched, (or not if you faction is underpopulated at that moment, we had a thread about that somewhere...)
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