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State of the Crusade - 2018

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    EDIT: On second thought, the post was about pointing out that you can't trust bE's timetables and roadmaps.

    The garrison has been talked about since at least March 2017.
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  2. From my recent experience- the veteran player base are the only players who will kill or resurrect this game:

    Since playing Ive encountered matches with only vet players steam rolling new players and beign toxic in chat- like really guys?

    also perhaps zones should be locked like in eveonline where only be allowed after reaching a rank. I played eve for 5 years so this works really well there. and since the producer also has played eve- he knows what I mean.

    balance is very tricky -it really depends on loadouts and squad communication, so I dont really have an opinion on this yet.

    but my main concern is how unbalance the matches are in this game with loyal players who have reached max rank n gear with new players - this is something iam sure you guys have looked into- but really needs to addressed going forward if you want to resurrect this game with new and returning players.

    iam sure everyone will have their opinion- but this is my experience returning to the game. I cameback in rank 1(Iam currently rank 4) looking forward to rank 5!

    I believe this game could make a turn around- many current AAA shooters out there are currently failing- so I can see the playerbase in EC make a comeback, lets us be a part of it!
  3. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    EC doesn't have enough players as is to seamlessly go from match to match. EC cannot afford to split the playerbase even more and create even more queues with even less people in them.

    That's a misperception: The biggest difference is not the wargear of the character but the experience of the player. You can already do pretty well with a level 3 character.

    Also, this game has mainly veteran players because new players aren't coming in sufficient numbers. And that is because EC has gained a bad reputation over time and doesn't have enough publicity and visibility to do something about it. Just google for reviews of Eternal Crusade.
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