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State of the Crusade - 2018

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. :( guess I'll have to invent time travel
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    The assets exist in the game files.

    Arguably, these aren't that great. It might have been that they took a look at them and said "these are not that great. We need better assets for our game to succeed. Bad assets will hurt people's opinion of the game".

    Alternatively, there might have been a lot of polish work that needed to be done. The termi doesn't seem to have any textures on him and I'm not sure if there are any animations. Animations alone would be an expensive resource.

    They may have lacked any good ideas of how to actually implement these units fairly (despite my repeated suggestions).

    Honestly nobody is ever going to know why these assets never got used. These assets looked like this back in 2017 when we were told "terminators in 3 months". Honestly with these assets you can understand why they would have estimated 3 months. If they actually spent 3 months working on these assets, they could very well have produced them.

    I mean surely they must have been approved, otherwise GW would never allow them to be shown on twitch in the first place.
  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    You seem to be the only one to not know why they havent been used : no animations
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  5. I think getting the models done is some of the easiest parts in implementing new units to the game, especially if they are so different to the other units.

    But IIRC there have at least partially been animations, I remember that wraith guard walking/running.
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    Hey guys, the last time Oveur was logged in was in June 2018??!?
  7. whos that oveur of yours ?:OrkMoon:
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    Should be Nathan, unless he got cloned by the Necrons?
  9. patch? when?
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