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Starting A New Rp About Wh40k, And I Have Many Lore Doubts!

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Golokopitenko, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    Will certainly do that at some point!

    Just another thing, about the three-armed Ogryn, I know anyone would be startled by that. Would high authorities want to execute the mutant? How poorly regarded is such a beast?
  2. jjffjhjf jjffjhjf New Member

    Chances are that Ogyrn would be as appalled by that third arm as anyone else. Ogryn are VERY loyal to the Emperor, one of the reasons they are allowed to exist. Likely if he didn't get rid of it, he'd have it covered in all kinds of Imperial Catechisms for purity and the like. These tattoos would likely make him seem less dangerous and therefore less likely to be shot on site. Usually mutants are NOT regarded well by the Imperium at large. So an Ogryn mutant would be even worse. So without the purity seals and the like he'd probably be doubly mistrusted and would likely have to always be around his RT to give credence to the fact he's NOT going to end up murdering everything. Course, any Imperial Guardsman who has served with Ogryns before would be willing to give this one a chance. Ogyrns are usually thought well of by their wee fellows, mainly because Ogryns are MORE than happy to act as meat shields when necessary to protect their little friends.
  3. Freke Freke Subordinate

    Ogryns are generally really awesome people. That said, as long as he would be seen in good company at (almost) all times, he should be totally okay.

    Could always attempt to remove it if he has to operate alone/without a Rogue Trader, as a mutated mutant would be really untrusted.
  4. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    After playing our second session I only find one problem: that ogryn is way too hard to harm.
    He has 50 T (unnatural), and regular flak armor, which means I have to deal at least 15 of damage or more to actually hurt his wounds. The problem is that this damage would be too much for any other members of the party. Also, he has 26 wounds, which like twice as much as the rest.
    I thought about designing enemies that have tougher weapons/more AP/venom and other damage that ignores armor and TB but will only aim at the big guy, which would fix the problem, but... it would be like excluding him to another category, and would seem like always having two paralel fights going on.

    Also I am still doubting whether to use profit factor or an actual currency system with thrones. As my party's RT is not an actual RT *yet*, he's not that rich to use profit factor, and I think PF would make it too easy for them to find items (specially since they're in a hive of millions of people at this moment), and besides, PF makes it less satisfying (at least for me) to earn wealth. Ain't nothing like getting a big bag of coins after a hard quest.
    I heard Dark Heresy has a throne-based currency system. Is it good? Should I check it out?

    Apart from that everything runs quite smoothly. I only feel a bit overwhelmend in combat, because I have to multitask a lot and go back and forth from PDF to PDF. Yesterday we had quite a lot of fun, specially when I used this ( and this ( soundboards to add voices to servitors and mutants, and when the Ogryn tripped from a roof and fell on an enemy psyker, crushing him to death accidentally.

    PS: Also, for psychic powers, we're having some doubts with the telekinetic ones. For instance, Telekinetic crush, does the psyker need to be in line of sight with the target to perform it? And the damage penetrates armor and TB or just acts like a bullet? And what does exactly mean the "sustain" of each ability?

    Damn I ended up making a shitload of questions once again... I can't express how much grateful I am for all the help and kind answers!
  5. don't forget about he necrons, for we are the strongest.
  6. AnotherOne AnotherOne Subordinate

    Yeah, that's some of what I had in mind when I mentioned the problems with the ogryn.
    As for conversion of PF and Throne gelt, I think there was a table somewhere (I seem to remember somewhere in the general area of bringing characters over) but can't find it anymore.

    The rules are quite a bit drawn out throughout the books, that's a bit annoying. It's not unusual to jump a lot when you are not yet firm, I guess.

    Telekinetics... well, I am not that competent regarding psychic powers, but this is the way I see it: the telekinetic action itself (with moving objects and stuff) do need to see whatever you are trying to do, but with Telekinetic Crush - while not necessarily be in line of sight - I'd say the user has to be aware of the position of the person. By other psychic powers or listening to gunfire or something, but in that case I'd utilize some modifiers - and possibly have them hurt someone near to the target. I would think crush would ignore the armor but not the toughness, but I might very easily be wrong there.

    Sustaining a psychic power means maintaining it over several rounds, I think there is no new role necessary (maybe the resisting roll?) and it's getting increasingly harder to use other powers. (pg. 158 in core) Again, if I'm incorrect here please correct me.
  7. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    Another thing, two weapon fighting is kinda pointless isn't it? It will only allow you to spend a full action to attack with both weapons with -20 modifier. Why would someone want to do that instead of attacking twice with a single weapon with no negative modifiers?
    The only sense I find with these rules is when you want to have a pistol and a melee weapon at the same time and you don't want to spend actions to holster your weapons, but why bothering to do that when you can just get quick draw and use both weapons with no drawbacks whatsoever.
    And the ambidextrous is even more useless, am I right? It only further reduces the modifier to -10. Why on Holy Terra would anyone purchase two talents when you can do better with just one?
    The only thing that seems worthy about it is dual strike/shot talent, which takes away the -20 mod. and halves the TB for both attacks, but still, looks lackluster.

    And speaking of two weapon fighting, would an Ogryn use a two-hand weapon with one hand? Furthermore, in the weapon list, how do you know if a weapon requires one or two hands?
  8. Freke Freke Subordinate

    The thing is you can combine this with other talents and actions to get rid of the modifiers and cleave through people like they're butter. In one of my campaigns I had a Khornate berzerker who used two chainweapons and was able to attack twice with each weapon (upon a successful WS test), giving him 4 attacks. +another talent which instead of getting 2 damage dice and taking the highest (tearing) he gets 3 damage dice and takes the highest, maximizing his damage output. He was a monster. Furious Charge (I think is the name) gives you a +10 to melee attacks, all out attack also gives you a +10 to melee attacks, negating modifiers and even giving you a +10 with two weapon fighting.

    As for knowing one or two hands, it will tell you in the table. :p

    As for using 2 handed weapons in one hand, I believe there's a talent somewhere that allows you to do that. Obviously there would be negatives to using a Great Chainsword in one hand, as they're fucking huge.
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