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Starting A New Rp About Wh40k, And I Have Many Lore Doubts!

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Golokopitenko, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    We had our first game yesterday and it went quite fine!


    We first spent 4 hours making the character sheets. We've never been good at that, but I have to say RT goes into deep detail (with all the origin options and such), but my friends and I really liked the immersion and customizability.
    Then we all tried to link all the character stories. We finally agreed that the Rogue Trader and the Explorator were distant relatives that knew each other. The now ruined Rogue Trader's family fleet was lost in a battle when he was young and now he wants to restore his former glory. The Explorator (who is from Mars) has been given the quest to find lost SCP, and he has joined the RT to do so.
    The other two players play a Sanctioned Psyker and an Ogryn (Arch militant).
    The Ogryn is an Imperial Guard veteran, who recieved a BONE implant, but for reasons unknown he left the army and is currently living in the lower parts of the lower hive, where the poor conditions granted him a mutation: a third arm. I know, extremely weird, but my friend chose an origin that granted him a roll on the mutation table and that's what he got.
    As for the Psyker, he's a void born, with a strong devotion to the Emperor. So strong he denounced his own family after finding heretical idols. He arrived to the RT's planet inside a Black Ship, he went straight to the hive's Emperor's Temple to pray.
    So the RT and the Explorator agree that they need to find some capable men for their adventure. They head to the center of the Upper Hive, which is the only way to the lower levels. They are charged a toll by the Arbites guarding the gates. The RT tries to convince that him being a Noble shouldn't be bothered with that, but the Arbitrator doesn't budge and they finally pay the regular toll (1000 thrones). When they take the elevator and get to the lower hive, they have to pay another toll to exit the customs. This time, the RT is able to convince the Arbitrator that there's no need for that and they can go without paying a single throne.
    Once they get to the lower hive, they start looking around for able men, when they find one, albeit flying through a bar's window. What comes out of the bar (this time through the door) looks just like what they're looking for. An ogryn. With three arms, no less. They decide to make an offer to him. The Ogryn, who is happy with 3 meals a day and a bed, joins them.
    Going back to the customs, the Arbitrator is not pleased with the presence of the Ogryn, and asks for a special tax to take him to the upper levels. After that they go to the Emperor's Temple to pray for the success of their quest. The RT hands his xeno-pelt cape to the ogryn so he can hide his third arm and not get even more attention.
    Inside the temple they find the psyker, and they offer him to join their quest, which will give him the opportunity to purge many infidels and bring the light of the Emperor to the darkest corners of the galaxy. He agreeds and joins the party.

    So for now that was just some sort of tutorial/excuse for the party to exist. Later I gave them a small mission of eviction a small community of mutants that had installed next to an evacuation door. They did quite a massacre.


    So the only problems I met so far are that there are a load of rules, and we still need to learn how to play. Another thing I noticed is my friends missing a lot of shots, but I suppose this is normal, for they have just started playing and their characteristics aren't that high (the highest one being 61).

    The tools Freke linked me were incredibly useful! Specially the one that calculates burst fires and rolls 1d5 dies and whatnot. The only problem I found is that it's not that useful for melee combat, and the burst fire tool requites that I roll everything (for I am the only one with computer while playing). We will probably not use it as much as I thought (despite being such an awesome program!)

    And last but not least, aren't there any rules that apply Strenth bonus to melee combat? One of the players is a 3-armed ogryn, and to us it makes no sense that his damage is restricted to the defined damage each weapon has. If someone has higher strength it only makes sense that his blows hit harder, shouldn't he?
  2. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member really bloody high at start. (And quite high even at the conclusion of the campaign)

    I know Rogue Trader is beefier than 1st Ed Dark Heresy, but 65 is often the absolute highest a human can achieve from just starting rolls of 25+2d10 and the four characteristic advances. I'm using DH as a comparison to RT, but I know RT gives them a lot of free XP to spend at start for just that sort of thing. My point is that 61 is decently high.

    If the Ogryn is that strong, then his strength bonus should be quite high and please remember that you always add strength bonus to damage for a melee weapon (with some extra from the SB with certain weapons like Power Fists). He may also be able to get unnatural strength to knock that even higher. A melee weapon does 1d10+4 Pen 2, your Ogryn has a SB of 6, so it's actually 1d10+4+6 Pen 2. That can sting.
  3. Heart Brighteyes Well-Known Member

  4. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    We used the other way of allocating the characteristic points (25 starting and add 100 adding no more than 20 in one single characteristic). If it's that abnormally high maybe I should revise their sheets to see any irregularities. Also, the Ogryn has a bonus STR of 10. Is that too much? He has unnatural STR and 50 STR so, seems about right.

    But if 50 is already high, that means that *normally* they will miss half of their shots and fail half of their tests (without modifiers). I thought 50 was OK and 60 good, 70 really really good and so on.
    Well, if we consider modifiers, having 60 can easily go up to 80 or 90, maybe you're right. Consider I've only played a single session. Anyway if I see my friends having it too easy I will turn up the Grimdark™ level.

    EDIT: Also, when applying damage to an NPC (or PC). that doesn't trespass armour/TB, how should I describe it? And even if the enemy has no wounds, even then he can recieve many shots without actuallty dying, isn't it? Should I make critical damage cumulative? (I know about sudden death "mode").
    I'm sorry if it's already explained in the book, if it's the case just tell me to read it better, I just make too many questions.

    PS: Brighteyes, this thread is made entirely by wall of texts :D
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    On Dark Heresy I got with my character sheet through traits and allocating stats a BS of 50 and that was with like really pushing it *just as reference*
  6. WHERES MY TL;DR?!?!?!
  7. You could also do a modern world...which is like today's world but 90% of the surface is New York City boston Hong Kong etc
  8. AnotherOne AnotherOne Subordinate

    Just as a point of reference Space Marine Characters add 30 to the rolled number (2d10 as well) for each statistic (though it may not be 100% congruent, plus they get a bonus depending on their chapter as well) so with 61 the Ogryn would be stronger than a generic Marine.
    Statiscally this would mean most shots would miss (or at the very least ricochet off the armour/cover without doing any damage), yes; but the standard shot would be more or less a shot from the hip (as I see it) and the players could use aim (in ranged combat) or full out attack (in melee) to improve their chances, also there are a lot modifiers possible at your (the GMs) discretion.

    Concerning the No-Damage-Hits, I'd say something along the lines (in case of ballistic guns) of "The bullet hit you in the chest [or wherever] but failed to penetrate your armour. The impact is going to leave a bruise, though." Or imagine if the PC sits in a tank and someone shoots with a pistol at it "You hear the bullet bounce off your tank's armour." In short: some insignificant damage occurs but none gameplaywise (chipped paint, bruises, etc.). You could reduce the AP if someone has been hit a lot in the same area to simulate the damage, but I don't think there is an official rule for that.
    can't say anything right now about the critical damage as I don't get what you mean by the cumulative part :)

    As a last thought, I'm not quite sure if the Ogryn doesn't get rather complicated in the long run. For starters I don't know where you got it's basic stats from (is it taken from Only War?). Also the player seems to be a bit of a powerplayer (not meant to be degrading) which are taxing at times anyway :)
  9. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    No, no no, the Ogryn's STR is 50. The only ones that have 60 and over are the Psyker and the Exlorator. They started with 45 (25+20), they got to 50-55 with homeworld and other origin bonuses, plus they bought one or two characterstic advances. I assisted their character creation and I didin't see anything out of order.

    As for the ogryn I am using these rules: as Player Characters.pdf
    I use the ogryn specific characteristic advances, but the skill/talent advances of the Arch-Militant (which is the carreer path he chose). Also, he has three arms... Because he chose "mutant", inside the "Tainted" Lure of the Void, and he rolled 91 (multiple appendaxes). So I guess it's fair.

    Edit: What is the exact difference between skills and talents? Talents work like non-upgradeable advanced skills, am I right?
  10. Freke Freke Subordinate

    Talents are non-upgradeable yes, but generally offer more specialization than skills. Skills are things that you roll against (DM's choice overall) such as Dodging, Parry, etc. There's more in-depth descriptions in the PDFs.

    As for Strength bonus' to melee weapons, you add the Strength Bonus (SB) to the damage of a weapon.

    So your Ogryns STR is 50, the SB is 5 (first digit of the characteristic) and he attacks using a chainsword or whatever. It'd be 1d10+9(4+5) (If I'm remembering the damage correctly) making it a pretty powerful weapon, as the least amount of damage he could possibly do with that is 10.

    And as someone stated, remind your players that there are actions they can take to improve their chances, and as a DM you are responsible for keeping in mind modifiers such as visibility, cover, etc. So if someone is standing in the open then it should be pretty reasonable to hit them, so giving them a +10 or +20 would be entirely okay. Flip side being if they're in cover or it's dusty or otherwise difficult to see, then a -10 or -20 would be entirely okay.

    Also if your party seems to be steamrolling all the bad guys you face, try fighting Hordes or beef up some boss character. Give him whatever the fuck (within reason of course) talents, skills, and armor you wish. I found that keeping a sheet with handpicked talents, armor, and weapons for bosses is pretty handy. You can mix them up to keep things from getting stale.

    Examples of armor could be some primitive form of power armor slapped together that gives all locations 6AP, but is prone to malfunction or gives them the Hulking trait (easier to hit). Get creative with shit, it can be fun.

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