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Starting A New Rp About Wh40k, And I Have Many Lore Doubts!

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Golokopitenko, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    That's incredibly useful!

    I only have small doubts now, such as, how do Arbitrators exactly deal with criminals? Do they execute them all at the slightest? Lets say my group is randomly checked by a patrol, how would the Arbites react to:
    -Finding illegal material

    Also again about the psykers, are they totally out of question? Or maybe a Baron Merchan could have one as a bodyguard?
  2. Freke Freke Subordinate

    Depending on the crime, Arbites usually either just kill them outright, or hand them over to higher-ups to be mind scrubbed and turned into servitors. This is usually done for serious crimes like arson, murder, defacing Imperial property, etc.

    Badmouthing and disrespect will not go over very well at all. If you were being stopped to be searched and you disrespected them, they'd probably try to beat you. They aren't very kind souls. Keep in mind, most Arbites have seen the worst of the worst humanity can do to each other. They deal with the most severe crimes and that will turn anyone into an asshole.

    As for illegal things, that varies between planets. Some planets ban the use of stimulants, others have them controlled. But I suppose they would be confiscated, arrested/fined, and detained for however many days (can roll for these). However, there isn't any rules for these in the books as far as I'm aware, so you can tackle the punishment however you wish.

    As for Psykers, they're always a slippery subject. Long story short, if a Psyker isn't collected by the Black Ships, then he/she is already strong enough to be employed anywhere and everywhere. So yes, they could potentially be used as bodyguards. Sparringly of course. Obviously someone like a Merchant Baron will want muscle and guns as bodyguards, and maybe use Psykers to thwart assassination attempts or act as interrogators.
  3. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    Thank you for all the tips and guides. I am plannig to host our first game this saturday, and I have nearly everything tied.

    We have thought to make one of the PC a ruined Rogue Trader that has lost his fleet and has to work his way to top again, with the other PC being his last loyal bodyguards/colleagues (which explains the funky ogryn/mechanicus/psyker combination of the party)

    Now, for the Hive City, I thought about creating various families, which work as different factions. Therefore, working for or helping certain families will make other families hate the party and even try to kill them if things get hot. Now I only need to make a proper map and give depth to every family and their characters.

    I think the only problem I have now is finding names for the planet/hive city, as for the characters I am using a 40k name generator I found with a simple google search.

    I couldn't have gotten this far without your extensive knowledge, Freke! If you have any suggestions or something I might be missing, go ahead.
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Different Family in way of houses should work without problems. I read about something similar in the Ultramarines books though it was an Agri World. Power of houses / families on Imperial Worlds is common I would say which comes through Private Enterprises / Mines, etc.

    *Just adding this knowledge to your family idea and letting you know that such stuff is truly common*
  5. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the further information, Urian!
    I am sketching a map of the upper hive:

    the yellow part represents a temple dedicated to the Glory of the Emperor, while the green zone indicates a zone of gardens which belong to this temple.
    The dark/light grey parts are a spaceport and the Adeptus Arbites HQ (would they be in the upper hive? Or maybe an Imperial Guard HQ would make more sense?)
    The rest of the colours stand for every family's "zone". Inside every family's zone there are warehouses, gardens, villas, etc. Note the purple zone in the middle is also a family territory. This family will be in charge to guard the "frontiers" between de different parts of the hive.
    Finally the grey lines represent streets, maybe with some sort of monorail system.

    I will do a circular map representing each section of the hive, and even name some major streets. What do you think?
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I personally do not know much about Hive Cities, but like where your thoughts are going. Some kind of Train / Monorail System I think is required but not sure.

    Arbites HQ makes sense, but you should most likely mark also smaller outposts. Imperial Guard HQ Iam not sure. Most likely yes but I leave that better for Freke or someone else to answer.

    *Sorry that Iam no help in particular for this*
  7. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    On the topic of Xenos relations:

    Only two groups have the Emperor-given right to deal with xenos openly: the Inquisition and the bearers of the Warrants of Trade. Both Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader are capable of handling xenos in the party, but you need to be careful where you tread as a GM to make certain the game still carries the correct atmosphere.

    I have done non-hostile relations with Xenos in an Ordo Xenos Dark Heresy game, but they were NPCs played by friends and not permanent characters. The party should always be distrustful and wary of them. The party needs to be ready to drop them in a moment's notice, and the first time they come across the xenos should be a very outstanding affair. If bullets aren't flying immediately, there should be a reason, even if that reason is neither side seeing fighting as helping themselves. The Ordo Xenos is mandated to protect and expand the dominion of man against the xenos threat and make safe the borders of the Imperium, so if talking with the xenos could reach this goal, then the party is legitimate in doing so. Of course, whether or not this is appropriate also depends on the party's immediate objectives and what the Inquisitor's style is. Does the Inquisitor work with xenos on occasion or is it always shoot-on-sight? The real question is, how radical is the Inquisitor?

    Let's not forget that the Xenos Hybris is an actual faction of the Inquisition, but this is the extreme left-wing of the Cabals. It's up to the GM to decide the flavor of the campaign and thus whether or not the acolytes' open relations with xenos is merited or damnable.

    Now for Rogue Traders. Do remember that the Warrant of Trade mandates their actions, and they are expected to always act to expand and exploit in the name of the Imperium. They are most often the first contact the Imperium has with the various xenos of the galaxy. To best exploit them, sometimes diplomatic relations are the best course of action. Rogue Traders want glory, profit, redemption, respect, etc. and many of them will happily trade with xenos for a mutual benefit, whereas many others will unload their stores of torpedoes at the same xenos and loot the remains. Just like Dark Heresy, it's up to how the GM (and the Rogue Trader character) flavors the game. Every xenos will be as varied as the Rogue Trader that discovers it.

    Many Rogue Traders do trade with Eldar, Tau and even Orks. Orks often trade bits and goods for recovered imperial equipment and artifacts that they found. Eldar goods fetch an exorbitant sum in the right places, and you can trade certain goods such as soul stones with the Eldar for a high price. (though a filled soul stone can go very well or very poorly depending on your diplomatic skills) Tau have a fair amount of material wealth and are often more than happy to trade with a Rogue Trader in hopes of garnering a loyal merchant though it is unwise for a Rogue Trader to become attached to the Tau as one dispute over an Imperial world turning Tau will force the Rogue Trader to strike with impunity. If they don't do so, then they can expect a phone call.

    In Rogue Trader, there is much more room for including xenos in the party as Rogue Traders do often include xenos in their retinue as they are quite useful. The game also wisely curtails this as xenos characters suffer monster negatives on fellowship rolls with humans, the presence of xenos on the ship often decreases crew morale, and they will often be some of the first targets should a mutiny occur. Rogue Trader currently only offers rules on including Kroot, Ork Freebootaz, and Dark Eldar in the crew.

    Why Kroot? Because they're good mercenaries that are easy to please and are quite scary in boarding actions.
    Why Ork Freebootaz? Basically the same as the Kroot, just give them shiny goods and plenty of fightin' and they'll be good.
    Why Dark Eldar? This is a fun one to explain. Craftworld Eldar don't often leave their homes as outcasts, but when they do, they tend to stick with their kin as mon-keigh are beneath them and they have no good reason to serve in the barbaric conditions of a human ship. Dark Eldar care a lot less about all that and many of them want to leave Commorragh and the dangers of living there. Plus, their souls are considerably safer staying in realspace than in Commorragh without a constant stream of slaves to torture, which becomes hard when backstabbing is so common and losing respect or falling from the kabal might mean that they cannot maintain the torture necessary to stave off their death. Serving in a Rogue Trader's retinue with a bunch of humans is often safer than anywhere else for a lot of Dark Eldar.

    Rogue Trader's often take them on for a few reasons: they can lynchpin Eldar relations, they are often present less because of profit but more because it's just nicer working with the Trader than anyone back home (though they still like profit), a skilled Dark Eldar warrior is utterly terrifying in combat, and if you need to interrogate or scare somebody; just threaten to leave them in the room alone with the D-eldar. The Dark Eldar might also be able to save the crew's skin should they be overtaken in a Dark Eldar raid (or make it worse, depending on how they left Commorragh). The only real downside to trusting a Dark Eldar is trusting a Dark Eldar. That's asking for trouble if you aren't exceedingly careful as they can be fairly ambitious or difficult to deal with as they're not as easy to please as the other xenos. That really depends more on the Dark Eldar's personal backstory, but I digress.

    I've also GMed an Only War game, but if you try to include xenos relations there then you're doing it wrong. Though having an Inquisitor or Commander roll up and demand a ceasefire can cause intrigue, the party is just a squad of dudes so unless they are somehow in direct line to these persons then they shouldn't be talking to xenos without expecting their local neighborhood Commissar to give them a phone call.

    As for Deathwatch...also wrong. If they show up, relations already failed; start shooting.

    Finally, for Black Crusade: it really depends on the party and the xenos, though most Eldar should always be an antagonist.

    Xenos relations are loads of fun and great for intrigue. Trust me, I'm the fellow to ask on this particular topic.
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  8. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    Can somebody explain me how does pushing psychic powers actually work? I've read the rule like 10 times already and it's not clear to me yet.

    For instance, at Unfettered level, it says "If the psyker rolls doubles roll on the Psy fenomena table". But what does it mean he rolled doubles? Like 33, 44, 55...? And it refers to the percentile die you roll when you test, right?

    And the thing is most unclear to me is focus power. Look at the example they give in the book:

    "Astropath Transcendent Quitis Majjam has a Willpower of 45 and
    a Psy Rating of 5. When using his Psyker Powers at Unfettered
    Psychic Strength, Quitis’ Focus Power Tests that use Willpower
    begin at 70 (Willpower 45 + Psy Rating 5x5)."

    But... that means that his WP is 70 when testing for this ability? Ergo, he'll have to roll a percentile die of at least 71 to fail which means he'll have it easier to pass the test the more he pushes, am I right?

    Damn, I think I just understood the whole thing while making this post. Well I'll post it anyway in case I am wrong.
  9. AnotherOne AnotherOne Subordinate

    Seems to my like you have the correct interpretation the rules there.

    In the Errata( page 4 right column) it's a written a bit more clearly
  10. Freke Freke Subordinate

    Seems you got everything down. :D

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