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(Star Wars RP) Act 1: The Upcoming Storm

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by GobMaw_HellSmasha, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. When the bulky droid dropped to the ground, taken out by Vala's shot, Xander took aim at one of the skeleton-like machines, focusing on the droid's spindly neck. His plan to attack the base hadn't exactly gone right since it had started but it was still providing results. Hopefully the others benefit from what we're doing.

    OOC: Firing at the droid not focused by Jawa.
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    Suddenly the groups comms were live and a familiar voice filled their ears. "Alright Jaro, looks like you're nearing the outpost. Albeit you're going to be a minute behind schedule when you get there...buuuuuttt perhaps you can make up for that lost time somehow. Reminder, your objectives are to take down those shields and get that data on other hostile outposts. Failure to do so and...well...just don't fail and you won't have to worry about that. Old Man, out." With that the Old Man's voice was no longer heard, and for Garjin, Rtora, Kelek, and Allenia they continued moving down the path in the repulsorcraft convoy. "So" the Zeltron woman piped up, "how do we want to do this guys? I guess this is a better time then any for that discussion, huh"

    @Avenging-Angel @High_Adept_Zeth

    It eventually occurred to the two remaining droids that they should probably begin firing upon their attackers, unfortunately for them Xander and Vala proved to have the faster reaction times. Vala fired upon the skeletal droid on the right with his Ion Carbine, the ionized blast enveloping the droid causing it to flail about wildly and spaz out of control as it's circuits began sizzingling and popping. The other droid on the left didn't fare much better as Xander blasted the droid in the neck with his blaster, the curved head shot completely off the mechanical as it flew a few feet away from the rest of it's body. At that moment the seizing droid stopped seizing suddenly, frozen in place, and both droids fell over onto the ground simultaneously - almost poetic in their synchrony.
    And then it was quiet for the two, only the sound of the wind that picked up earlier in their confrontation and the droning of a pair of those flying brightly colored insectoids were heard. All was peaceful.
    However, for Vala, they were able to hear the the faint humming noise of a repulsor craft vehicle in the distance. The sound of which seemed to be coming behind them.
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    Vala got out of cover, inspecting their work. Satisfied with the level of success their ambush on the three droids yielded, Jawa waved Falleen over, giving him a signal that all is clear. Inspecting their work, Vala's mood lowered knowing they had no time for scavenge but must push on, the outpost finally within reach.

    The only sound that broke the idyllic peace was faint buzzing, reminding Vala of repulsors. The barely perceptible sound came from the direction where firefight was raging moments before, whatever besetting the remnant of their party probably turning their way.


    Noticing that Falleen was oblivious to the sound, Vala warned him:
    "Repulsor sky board. More droids? We hurry!"

    Warning his comrade, Jawa moved toward the outpost preparing to tackled their mission objective.
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    With the droids taken care of Xander crossed over to Vala, kicking the neck stump of the one machine he'd destroyed, and glanced at his smaller companion.
    "Good job with that first droid." Vala's warning had the Falleen looking around in alarm and he hurried after the Jawa when he noticed him moving towards the outpost. "Hold on little guy!"
  5. Kelek thought for a moment about how he thought they should proceed. “I don’t think we should try and make a lot of noise, there’s a lot more droids than us. Maybe we just go in and be quiet and get it, get out really quickly before bombs drop. Droids might not even know we were there.” He said hoping the others could see things his way. He didn’t want to get into a big fight here, he didn’t think they had much of a chance against what he imagined would be an army.
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    "Yea, if we all stay in this tin can, they might let us through if I can bluff our way in. Either of you three good with hacking? Thats going to be the real decider if we can blitz out of here before the bombers show up." The Chistori explained his thoughts to the snake, horned, and pink cohorts of his as he maintained focus on driving them all. "Maybe one of those tail heads might know something too if any of you know how to speak their tongue." He also recommended.
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    "I've never tried splicing computers but I like to think I'm a quick learner." Rtora piped up after a moment's hesitation, innocent optimism ringing through his words.
    "Whatever we do it has to be quick, sneaking might be too slow. I'm a better follower than a leader so I'll back you up, but can we achieve the objective without hurting people too much?"
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    Upon suggesting that perhaps the Twi'leks in the Repulsor Craft, Allenia took it upon herself to ask a few of them in Twi'leki, only to be met with mostly confused looks, shrugs, and shaking heads. "Well I asked them if they knew anything about computer slicing...and one of them believes they may have sliced a computer with a sword before. I think it's safe to say we're not going to be getting help that way." The Zeltron woman paced back in forth through out the bottom of the MTT, stopping in place when she came to a sudden realization. "There was 6 of us here right, what about the other two? Maybe one of them have better experience slicing then the four of us...did we even tell them about hijacking this convoy thing?" And then the Repulsorcraft was silent for a good few seconds, the only sounds to be heard being the humming of the engines as the vehicle continued on it's path.
    One thing that did break up the ride however, was three humanoid looking shapes lying on the ground in the middle of the path a few meters away from them their Zeltron companion was able to point out to them. "Huh they look kind of like the droids we were dealing with earlier, looks like someone else took care of them for us though." she would comment.

    @Avenging-Angel @High_Adept_Zeth
    Meanwhile, both Vala and Xander continued pressing forward after hearing the hum of repulsor engines behind them and neared the outpost itself. The foliage around them providing natural cover from the watchful ocular units of patrolling battledroids upon the top of the outer walls. The gun emplacements themselves didn't seem to be manned at all. Upon looking at them further, they seemed to have been droids themselves, propped up on three mechanical spider-esque legs, the cannon head swaying side to side scanning over the area in front of them. The pair of Falleen and Jawa were currently unable to be seen from the Outpost's sentries, but who knows how long they would be able to keep themselves unknown to the droid look outs.
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    Abandoning the prospect of further quarry in favor of completing the mission, Vala in company of Xander stalked the jungle's edge that doubled as perimeter of the targeted outpost as well. Huddled in a large overgrowth, Vala observed the enemy patrols, their numbers and routes.

    Turning to the Falleen, it blinked once, twice, then spoke, it's voice hushed yet somehow still recognizable as Vala's jittery and excited speech:"We kill-kill or shadow-kill?"
  10. "I did ask if anyone could contact the short one and green one earlier......" Garjin growled but continued watching the road instead of looking back behind him with a scowl. At least the tail heads might be good meatshields. His thoughts were interrupted by the sight of the neutralized droids. "I ain't stopping just for this, we need to keep going, take a look through the screens if you want." Garjin informed them. They couldn't exactly waste anymore time at this point, but he did wonder if this was the work of the two that bailed on them before the ambush happened.

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