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(Star Wars RP) Act 1: The Upcoming Storm

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by GobMaw_HellSmasha, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. @High_Adept_Zeth

    Xander relaxed when the Blurrg wandered off, the Falleen loosening the grip he had on his pistol.

    When he heard an artificial voice though he was tempted to smirk and moved to activate the comm-link the clone had given him.
    "Vala. I think now would be a good time to use that carbine of your's."
  2. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Seeing Blurrg losing interest in Xander, Vala relaxed satisfied it did not had to waste blaster charges on the beast. Little Jawa was no expert marksman, but judging from beast's size and strength if not intellect, Vala supposed that a lot was needed to bring one of these unwilling steeds down.

    A high-pitched squeak followed by a clanking of metal - sounds that composed alluring music for Vala's sensitive ears. Approaching sounds belonged to a specific item, an item that Jawas as a race feel very close to, closer then to any other item in the whole wide galaxy!


    That always means one thing and one thing only - scrap! Remembering that this was only a simulation, Jawa was not dissuaded from it's initial enthusiasm, assuming if it did well on this test, it would be able to get scrap anyway!


    To Falleen, Jawa nodded furiously in a rapid manner, almost threatening to break it's own neck in a bout of excitement at what is to follow. Replacing it's blaster for the Ion Carbine, Jawa scampered across the field, taking cover behind a tree, it's position directly opposite of Xander's.

    Despite the hurry, Vala was careful not to step on the hem of it's robe and thus trip over - a lesson learned the hard way. Taking cover behind a trunk of a thick jungle tree, it took aim, one of it's bright eyes closing as it squinted down the carbine.

    OOC: Ambush!
  3. Kelek wasn't really appreciating the very jerky nature of their trip, he wasn't quite sick but he certainly wasn't feeling well either. He didn't want to be on this thing anymore but he had to ride it since it was in theory faster than walking. Kelek might be willing to offer contradiction to that thought process but really he was feeling too sick to say much at all really. He was laying on the ground grumbling and groaning as his body seemed to be screaming at him to get off this thing.
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Rtora had to brace himself to not tip over in the transport.
    "We're getting there, a little farther." He wanted to be supportive in despite of it all.

    Then he saw Kelek groaning on the floor. "Hey, you okay? You might take a seat instead." He was about to help the Zabrak up but decided against it. Some might take offense for offering help, which was baffling to the Ipharian, the galaxy was a confusing place.
  5. Garjin remained tight lipped and tight fisted on the controls as the damn MMT jerked back and forth while he manhandled the instruments, making his driving skills look as if he was some senior citizen behind the wheel rather than a competent bounty hunter. The insulting idea behind that making him fume more than usual as the snake boy tried consoling the horned one as he heard sounds of gurgling from the horned ones abdominal region.
  6. @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Wata @BuriasDempsey

    From either the sheer power of spite or finally getting a grasp on the controls of the vehicle, Garjin finally got grips of the control with the MTT. Not only was the ride much smoother then before - much to the gratefulness of all it's occupants - but the Chistori also gained such a familiarness with the vehicle that he'd be able to cut the travel time down by a minute. Now moving much smoother and at a much efficient pace then previously the Twi'lek occupants began to collect themselves and relax without feeling the need to brace themselves for a sudden jarring janky bit of movement. The Zeltron was also able to collect her barrings and stabilize herself in the MTT, sighing loudly as she propped herself up against a side of the wall in the middle portion of their transport. Suddenly the occupants heard a loud CLUNK As something big seemed to hit itself into the side of it. However due to Garjin's piloting, the repulsor craft was not hampered in the slightest as the groan of a Blurrg (now probably with a headache at this point) was heard from the side of the collision.
    [Travle Time cut down by a minute: 1 minute thirty seconds till arrival]

    @Avenging-Angel @High_Adept_Zeth

    The Falleen and Jawa duo stood their ground as the sound of mechanical feet continued to encroach on their position. [Must have been around here somewheres] they'd hear a similar synthetic voice to the one they heard before as they stayed silent in their positions. Thirty seconds passed of waiting in anticipation when they were able to get a visual on their opposition. It was a scouting party of three droids, 1 rather bulky blueish colored droid with a small bright red circular light on the upper left portion of it's torso , and 2 much skinnier almost skeletal droids with curved head units carrying blaster rifles continued walking down the clear path through the forest and entered their line of sight. [NEGATIVE ON AUDIO TRACES] the bulkier droid bellowed out as it pointed it's right wrist skywards revealing a wrist mounted Blaster built it into it as it moved it's body to scan the area. [Start moving out. Whatever it was, it couldn't have gotten far]
    [Roger Roger]
    [Overwatch action]
    Vala took the moment to initiate an ambush upon the scouting party, aiming for the bulky droid and firing away with his Ion Carbine. The droid barely had time to register something was wrong until the blast of ionized energy slammed into it, causing the mechanical to seize up as sparks began to shoot off from it's chassis. [SYST-SYS-SYSTE-SYSTEM-SYSTEMS] the droid was barely able to garble out as it's internal systems were overloading. And then the seizing stopped completely from the droid, and it remained completely still. A stiff breeze suddenly picked up and the bulky droid began to tilt in direction the wind was blowing until it hit the ground with a THUD. The two skinnier droids seemed to be lost in processing what just happened and were taken completely aback by the sudden assault on the much bigger unit.
    [2x B1 battledroid: Stunned 1 round]
    [1x B2 Super battledroid: Total Shutdown, Prone]
  7. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    As the bulky droid slowly tipped over and crashed on the ground, Vala peaked from behind the massive tree trunk that it was using as cover, blinking at the results of it's marksmanship. Like two crescent moons tilting horizontally within the darkness of it's hood, Vala giggled, for a moment forgetting that this was simulation. Judging by the B2's weight, it presumed lots of valuable components within the metal chassis.

    The only thing better then this, is the very act of scavenging.


    One the two stunned droids that remained, little Jawa took aim at one, waiting for Xander to pick it's target and fire, Vala unwilling to focus both of their fire on these trooper droids when there was a good chance to eliminate them in one go.

    OOC: Firing at the droid not focused by Falleen.
  8. The previously annoyed Chistori now smiled a little to himself after finally smoothing out the MTTs movement, making even better time than before now. He even afforded himself a chuckle after seeing the blurrg walk away like a punch drunk after ramming itself into their ride. After that he kept focus on the path to the outpost, eyeing how to use the two twin cannons that were on the front of the MTT. He had a feeling they will be useful later.
  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "This simulation is very convincing." Rtora tried a nervous laughter to shrug off the loud clunk. Wouldn't be long now, they were getting close he could feel it.
    "Let's hope it is in one piece."
    He kept squeezing his sword hilt nervously.
  10. With the ride smoothing down considerably Kelek managed to get up off of the floor and find a seat to wait on. His head still swirled a little still but it was more manageable now as the reptile man seemed to get the hang of driving. “Yeah, it’s kinda weird how convincing it is.” He said to the snake man as they seemed to share an opinion about the sim. In truth Kelek almost forgot that this was some marvel of technology and not magic.

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