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(Star Wars RP) Act 1: The Upcoming Storm

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by GobMaw_HellSmasha, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. @High_Adept_Zeth

    "My little brown friend. I'm glad to see you survived the beasts." Xander had grinned when he spotted the Jawa, only to frown when he turned to watch the fortress. "But perhaps you'll wish you hadn't."
    The Falleen certainly wasn't looking forward to the pair of them going up against the stronghold they were tasked with sabotaging.

    Taking a look at the herd around them though, remembering the devastation they'd caused in the forest, Xander began moving away from the fortress and drew his blaster. They reacted so well to one blaster shot, let's see if they respond as well to mine. Taking aim at a patch of ground just behind one of the Blurrgs facing the fortress Xander let loose a single shot, praying that the natural world would obey him.
  2. Without much to do Kelek stood by and watched the ensuing violence against the droids, he then followed the big reptile man and the snake man into the vehicle. He heard the snake talk and ask a question so Kelek decided to give his thoughts. “Well that’s what the old clone man said, why would we lie?” He asked as he peered over to see what the controls looked like. Kelek wasn’t going to pretend he knew how to drive anything but stillnhe had seen the controls of mining machines before, maybe this thing had similar controls.
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    With precise timing and less precise landing, Vala managed to jump down from it's Blurrg, without any great harm Landing on it's backs, little Jawa rolled several times to avoid being stomped, but in all actuality the beasts were probably not even aware of a Jawa in their midst.

    Dusting itself of, the coarse material of the brown of it's robe, could probably be smeared in grease and engine oil and still retain it's color, Vala noticed the tall Falleen, graceful dismounting his ride.

    At Falleen's words Vala's two yellow orbs squinted downwards, turning perfect circles into upside-down crescents, the closest one got to noticing Vala as emoting, apart from regular energetic gesticulation and high-pitched squeaking.

    "Xander! You not pancake!"

    Tracing to where Falleen was looking, Vala observed the massive fortress. At the prospect of walls, energy shielding and massive perimeter however, Vala was not disheartened. More then anything, a perceptive eye could even spot excitement in the little creature.

    "Not worry. Big walls - big reward!"

    Coging for a moment, the action obvious when it assumed a thinker's poise, Jawa was about to suggest a manner of approach, but was interrupted by Falleen's whipcrack of a blaster discharge. Confused at first, but realizing it's companion's intention, Vala giggled - the sound high-pitched and sniggering.

    "Smart-smart!" it vocalized, though realizing that the plan will probably involve a lot of running and shooting. It did not mind the later, but on former - it was already tired and quite hungry. Strapping the carbine on it's backs, it got out of herd's path, preparing to follow the beasts in their trail.
  4. @Avenging-Angel @High_Adept_Zeth

    Xander attempting to tame nature would have a series of sudden discoveries one after another. The Falleen discovered-whether through sheer luck or misfortune - that whatever patch of ground he was shooting was not just ground. As Xander fired, the Blaster bolt richoted off the "patch of ground" and ended up hitting the Blurrg in it's rear end. After a few seconds of awkward silence and standing around, the Blurrg turned around to face the Falleen that fired upon it. It was at this moment Xander discovered something else, nature was not so easy to tame. And wild beasts tended to act unpredictably. The same empty looking dopey look that they've seen so far from most Blurrgs was entirely gone. The Blurrg that looked at Xander was clearly furious as it stared him down, snorting angrily, it's face contorting into a grimace, it's growling causing it to bare what teeth it had. While not nearly as impressive as Gutkurr teeth, the size of it's mouth alone indicated it could very easily swallow a person whole.

    The last discovery the Falleen would be able to make before being charged at by the Blurrg is that a very angry Blurrg was a very dangerous Blurrg. The large bipedal reptile charged right into Xander lifting him off of his feet and flinging the Falleen a good two meters into the air behind it, causing him to land on the branch of a tree and in quite a lot of pain. The Blurrg continued running forward until it ran into a another tree a meter away from Xander, toppling it over. It took a few seconds to register that what it was charging at was no longer in front of it, and it slowly looked around side to side searching for the green man that shot it.

    [1x BERSERK BLURRG: Fucking Pissed, Unaware, Oblivious]
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    "I know how soldiers are, but I'm not one. Suicidal odds aren't to my liking. I like living, not to be treated like I'm disposable."
    Rtora replied to Kelek. It was worrying how little people cared about this fact, no matter if it is a simulation or not. It's like they didn't care if they lived or died, that doesn't sound like a healthy team to roll with. At least he had the Force to keep him together through thick and thin.
  6. That didn't go like I'd planned. Xander clutched himself as he lay on the branch the Blurrg had thrown him onto. It didn't feel like anything was broken, merely bruised, and luckily the stupid creature didn't know where he was... yet.

    Tightening the grip on his blaster Xander took a quick look round to see where Vala had ended up and if anyone from the base had noticed what was happening before slowly inching away from the Blurrg, blaster trained on the creature's face.
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    At the unexpected twist, Jawa almost run away in the wake of Blurgg's tantrum. So close to their objective, yet so far away, Vala pulled out it's blaster pistol, the frown of it's two yellow orbs suggesting frustration. Deciding to end it, Jawa mimicked Xander, not trying to provoke the creature further, but still holding it within crosshair.

    OOC: Overwatch on Xander, in case Fucking Pissed Bluurg charges again.
  8. @Wata
    "Its not about expendable lives or shit kid, it's about getting a job done and right. If they don't bomb it when they have the chance that outpost would continue being a massive Thorn in operations, something I bet they can't continue having or risk even more lives than just a squad sent to deal with it in the long run. And if you're gonna work for a hutt, get ready for a lot of shit to get thrown your way." Garjin explained crassly at the snake alien as he started getting the MTT ready. "Now all aboard already. And can someone radio where the hell the green one and short one went? Those two left." He said for one of them to do it as he concentrates in trying to shave off some minutes in getting to that place.
  9. Kelek looked over the larger reptilian man's shoulder as he drove the strange vehicle. "I don't know where the hooded one or green man is but I think I might know which way to go. If you let me direct you of course." He said wanting to help their effort in the mission. @BuriasDempsey
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  10. @Wata @BuriasDempsey @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Maleth

    With everyone entering the MTT the group noticed that the recently freed Twi'leks have now unshackled themselves from their cuffs and are now armed with the Blaster rifles of the fallen droids. They seem pretty adamant with sticking inside the MTT possibly to aid in the four's endeavor at the outpost with them piling in the back of the convoy.
    However getting the MTT moving properly seemed to be a harder challenge then anticipated, with everyone but Garjin being completely stumped on how to even operate the vehicle. And even then, the Chistori still experienced issues trying to drive the CIS convoy. In the attempt to get a grasp on the controls the MTT began moving forward, only to stop suddenly, then picked up speed only to stop once again and jostle the occupants inside. At one moment the vehicle began moving backwards only to stop suddenly as the red scaled lizard man corrected himself.

    [Enroute to Outpost: ETA 3minutes]

    @Avenging-Angel @High_Adept_Zeth

    The really angry Blurrg continued looking for the horrible little green man that shot it. Although still being a Blurrg, turning around seemed to never come to mind for the beast as it continued looking side to side furiously. Then it stood there-as if contemplating deeply on the fabric of life itself- only to waddle itself aimlessly into what remained of the forest after the stampede.
    The bout of luck the pair had not having to continue dealing with a furious three meter tall reptile came to end when they heard a faint high pitched synthetic voice cry out: [I think I saw something around here], followed by the clanking noises of mechanical legs getting louder. It seemed like the run in with the Blurrg didn't go unnoticed by someone or something as both Vala and Xander would hear the the steps of metal feet grow louder by the second.

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