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(Star Wars RP) Act 1: The Upcoming Storm

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by GobMaw_HellSmasha, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. @BuriasDempsey @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Wata @Maleth

    The group seemed to have been able to coordinate their efforts much more effectively at this moment as they began to cull the numbers of the droids. Garjin first lit up one of the skinnier droids escorting the convoy originally, the shots from his smg impacting the droid's torso and knocking it flat on its back, no longer functional. Followed shortly behind Kelek, who would fire his E-11 at the skinny mechanical escort and would also land a killing blow on their chest, rendering the functionality of the droid permanently inert. Rtora upon previous success with dealing with one of the droids in melee would find this remaining one more durable then the last one. While he was able to successfully hit the droid across the chest without hitting the Twi'lek man on it's back he was unable to provide enough force to cleave through the front armor completely. Lastly there was Alennia who while clumsily dropped her Blaster before, quickly recovered from her error by quick drawing her other Blaster and snap shotting the droid pilot that just exited the repulsor craft right in it's head unit. Which removed it completely from the droid's body, and cause the mech to fall over on it's side.
    The remaining bulkier droid continued to struggle with the handcuffed native that must of have had a vice grip on it's back since it was completely incapable of removing them. Despite this the grappled droid would attempt to fire upon the Ipharian currently attacking him, missing them completely, but ending up hitting it's pinned skinnier comrade in it's head unit, destroying the pilot's functions.
    [INTIATING BACKWARDS MOVEMENT] the bulkier droid would drone as it attempted to back away from the snake man with a vibro sword, wobbling a bit due to the increased weight of the Twi'lek man on it's back.

    [1x B2 Super Battledroid: Distracted, Grappled, Left Arm Destroyed, Unbalanced]

    @Avenging-Angel @High_Adept_Zeth

    Xander, either through sheer dumb luck or decent timing, was able to leap onto a passing Blurrg that fortunately enough didn't seem to notice or care as it continued running forward, and did not attempt to toss the ride on off of it. However -unlike the holodramas- jumping on to a moving wild animal wasn't nearly as smooth a move as the Falleen may have been lead to believe; as he ended up being awkwardly sprawled across the reptilian biped's back, and not in the rider's position Xander was intending for.
    Vala on the other hand, had less fortune. Scaling the beast turned out to be more difficult for the short sentient as they were only able to scale from the Blurrg's under belly to partway up the beast's side.

    The one upside for the two of them that they were now heading toward the outpost faster then before, almost making up for lost time by latching on to the frightened herd of Blurrgs. Another fortunate event for them was the Blurrg's seemed to be slowing themselves down. It would be difficult to determine whether it was from exhaustion, calming down a bit, or the beast's simply forgetting while they were running in the first place.
  2. With all but the one large droid taken care of, and itself too busy dealing with the Twi'lek on its back, Garjin put the acp smg away and began running forward at the remaining droid. The Chistori lowered his shoulder and went for a tackle against it to knock it down to the ground, from there he'd would proceed to kick its tin ass into shutdown.
  3. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Despite it's best efforts, Vala couldn't manage to climb onto the Blurrg's back. Riding it out dangling from the beast's side, little Jawa latched onto what little scales the Bluurg had, using it as a handhold. Jawa was silently grateful to whatever wisdom it's parents bestowed on it, knowing that if it didn't holstered it's weapons before the wild ride, it would be lost in the jungle or smashed to peaces under the stampedes relentless march.

    In rhythm with Bluurg's gait, Jawa was constantly slapped against the beast's body with each step, reminiscing in it's dazed state ,of an untied saddle-bag during full gallop. Thankfully the ride seemed to be lessening in intensity as the herd calmed down, approaching the group's mission objective. Feeling each of it's bone shaken from their fleshy socket, Jawa couldn't wait to let go, yearning for the tranquil stability of having ground under one's feet.

    Waiting for a perfect moment, lest it get's tramped by the beast's kin that ran behind them, Jawa would let go of it's mount as the herd stopped to graze or perhaps turn around the other way at the sight of the armed outpost.
  4. Only just on the Blurrg's back, more than thankful that Vala wasn't there to see him, Xander held on as his mount continued its run, oblivious to the Falleen on its back. He cautiously shifted into a more dignified position when the Blurrg seemed to start to slow down, finally sliding down to the ground as the herd's speed dropped to manageable levels.
  5. Seeing a chance to help finally get rid of the big droid Kelek went forward too with the large reptile man, switching the blaster out for his spearlike weapon. He went in conjunction with the reptile man so move forward and stab the machine through it’s red eye. Hopefully not stabbing too deep and hitting the man that was on its back earlier, Kelek didn’t want to hurt innocent people after all.
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Rtora's target was getting ganged on, which was good but he still worried for the twilek getting caught in the flurry of attacks. To take full advantage of the attack swarm he swayed to the side and aimed a heavy sword strike to the bot's leg joint. It'd be easier to finish the thing on the ground.
  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With everyone ganging up on the final droid, Alennia did not take part in ganging up, instead going for equal parts recovering her dropped modified blaster and keeping watch for anything else lurking around that might jump out from the undergrowth and dare attack the team.
  8. @BuriasDempsey @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Wata @Maleth
    Rtora, being in arms reach of the bulky droid struck first and ripped their vibro sword toward the legs of the Battledroid. The damage to the droid's leg caused the machine to buckle, finding difficulty in supporting itself and was brought to a knee. Both Garjin and Kelek both took the opportunity to strike the droid at the same time, something the Twi'lek currently on the droid's back became well aware of and leapt off the droid's back to not get caught up in their assault. Garjin coming in with a fierce shoulder tackle laid the crippled droid out on it's back. Kelek unfortunately didn't seem to have an opening to do much to the bulky mech, as Garjin proceeded to stomp the droid into the dirt, and left little options for the Zabrak to follow through on without hitting the Chistori. Alennia, viewing that the boys had what remained of their foes handled, would look out to see if any others were approaching their position, and luckily found no others currently enroute towards them.

    The remaining three prisoners in the droid's convoy took it upon themselves to join in and begin stomping on the droid as well, which upon receiving excessive amounts of blunt trauma was shut down completely. The six Twi'lek prisoners cheered and were absolutely elated, bowing their heads in respect toward their saviors and thanking them in their native tongues-which while lost to those that simply couldn't understand them, the natives at least sounded very happy.

    The Twi'lek Child ran out from the underbrush away from Alennia and toward the same Twi'lek that initially jumped on the Bulky droid's back, who ran to pick up the little one and spin them into a same hug. While the freed captives celebrated their newfound freedom, the repulsor craft convoy remained still and in place, the engine humming as it continued levitating off the ground.

    @Avenging-Angel @High_Adept_Zeth
    Xander's and Vala's Blurrgs they hitched a ride on began to slow down as well as the herd around them. The Reptilian bipeds then began to simply stand in place, absentmindedly. With Xander gently leading himself to the ground from the back of the Blurrg, while Vala would less gracefully plop to the ground and land on their back. Upon meeting up with one another, they found themselves in viewing distance of their main objective.

    What awaited Vala and Xander was not a rinky dink outpost they may have previously been expecting, but a venerable fortress in it's size and level of protection. The hostile encampment's size being what appeared to be 200 meters long and 48 meters wide, with guard towers stationed on the corners of the large 10 meter tall walls that made up the perimeter of the Outpost. The same walls also obfuscated what Vala and Xander would be able to see further inside, although the red colored deflector shield itself was clearly visible as it domed over the span of the outpost, shielding it from aerial bombardment or any other conventional aerial attack. As well as the ten meter wide crimson red laser gate entrance in the center of the frontmost wall of the outpost facing their direction, being an obvious main entrance for the enemy encampment.
  9. Venting quiet a bit of some long held frustration on the prone droid with the heel of his boot, he was actually confused at first when there was cheering that was meant for him for once. Forcing his way through awkwardly, he went to where the pilot droid was dragged out from to see if he can't get this hunk of metal moving.
  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "This simulation is really convincing." Rtora couldn't hold back a smile as cheers came their way. Then he saw the chistori get inside the vehicle so he followed.
    "We don't have many minutes left and I don't know how to drive."
    He slithered behind Garjin and took one look at the controls to confirm that he would indeed be terrible at driving.
    "They are not really going to bomb us, are they?"

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