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(Star Wars RP) Act 1: The Upcoming Storm

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by GobMaw_HellSmasha, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "I suggest getting out of their way now that they're clawing at each other instead of us!"
    Rtora had his blaster trained at the predators while closing in on Kelek and the Jawa in case they needed support. At least the child was safe, it gave him some comfort even if it was a simulation. The Ipharian hoped everyone had the sense to retreat and get on with their mission.
  2. @Maleth @Wata @High_Adept_Zeth @TuskatheDaemonKilla @BuriasDempsey @Avenging-Angel

    Rtora would move to cover Kelek and the rest, his Blaster aiming toward the beasts, although the action was unnecessary. The former cooperating Gutkurrs were all but cooperating at this time, as they continued to slash at each other, butt heads, and gnash their teeth toward one another. It would get to the point where the half-blinded one would run off into the forest, with it's partner running after it, the two of them dissapearing in the jungle.

    The group now had a crying Twi'lek child that seemed to be getting more upset the more they cried. This child of Ryloth didn't seem capable of dealing with nearly being eaten as well as the mercenaries near them were. And then their comms would be filled with the Old Man's voice yet again.

    "Don't rest now Jaro, I'm picking up more signatures nearing your position. And these ones don't seem to be Gutkurr."
  3. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With the child blubbering (and her able to understand what was being said), Alennia said to the child in Twi'leki "We're not with the metal men, you're safe. Okay?" She rested a hand on the Twi'lek's shoulder and gently squeezed to affirm being here, hoping the physical contact would prove to be reassuring for the child. Otherwise things may get worse before they got better.

    With that said, she then called out to the rest of the team (due to the detection of more signatures and subsiqent announcement by the old clone) "Looks like we've got droids as a potential threat, given what the kid's worried about. So keep your eyes open for anything metal heading our way, just in case that's what the signatures are."
  4. With the pink one taking care of the child, Garjin concerned himself more with the multiple signals the Old Clone had warned them about and readied his repeater smg. "Get in the bushes and hide, at the least we can set up an ambush for them if they find one of us." He told them in a harsh approximation of a whisper he could do as he looked for cover and concealment for his large self.
  5. Kelek held his chest as he felt the pain, no blood coming from the “wound” but none the less being in pain. He heard the child crying over the old man’s voice. He was unsure if he could do anything to calm them down but a part of him also wanted to try. But he also remembered that it wasn’t a real child either, all of this was a simulation thingy plus the pink woman just calmed the child down. So now he was happy that the child was calm, though became nervous because the pink woman mentioned droids. He heard stories about the things the droid army did during the clone wars. Not seeing anything else to do Kelek obeyed the large reptilian and got into the bushes.
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  6. @BuriasDempsey

    "Surely we don't have time. We should continue on to the clone's target."
    With the child safe-ish, and in the hands of the Zeltron and her calming pheromones, Xander personally had no wish to linger, especially if there were droids incoming. The fight against the insects hadn't been hectic enough that even he had lost the way forward and so, ignoring the Chistori, the Falleen resumed the walk through the trees.
  7. @Maleth

    The child would look up at the Zeltron grasping their shoulder, the feel of which seemed to be as close to reality as possible. If it wasn't for the fact that Alennia knew she was in a simulation, she would almost believe that this child is really their in front of her. The Ryloth child started sniffling a bit, wiping the tears with their arm, seeming to calm down thanks to Alennia's reassurance. While not nearly calm and collected, the child at least wasn't crying. The little Twi'lek tugged on the Zeltron's arm, and said something in their native tongue. It seemed like that was the only language they knew how to speak.

    Suddenly the group heard a faint low tonned synthetic voice state emotionlessly:
    It would be followed by much higher pitched and whinier sounding synthetic voices:
    [See, I told you I saw those two go this way]
    [Fine, let's just find the girl and take her back to base with the rest]
    The group would hear the noise of metallic joints and servos starting out faint and distant but slowly getting louder by the second. The humming of a repulsorcraft vehicle would also be to be heard amongst the other noises. The little Twi'lek reacted by hiding behind Alennia and letting out a frightened yelp. It seemed like whatever the Old Clone picked up the signatures of was getting closer.
  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Rtora flinched at the approaching droids. He darted for the foliage just as the Chistori had done. They couldn't sneak the twilek away with them fast enough so he really hoped this would work.
    Good thing they were droids, Rtora hated hurting people.
  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With the kid tugging at her arm Alennia and saying something, she was about to ask about what she wanted to say, but it turned out she was correct when it came to droids being the next thing to be dealt with. So she said to child in Twi'leki: "Please, hide for now. I'll be back once those metal men are gone."

    Hoping that the child would understand that she needed to be out of the way, the Zeltron then moved to try finding some concealment from the approaching droids. Now wasn't exactly the time to try pressing onwards in case the droids had a few stunning tricks up their sleeves.
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    As Gutkurr's continued to have it at each other, Dathomirian's safety was somewhat assured. Seeing that he was not injured as much as Vala originally thought, Jawa walked away putting much distance as needed between itself and the two embattled insectiods.

    Despite the comforts provided by its rescuer, the blue haired Zeltron, young Twi'lek screamed and sobbed. The situation was quickly turning into a mess and with Old Man's announcement that droid patrol was inbound, Jawa quickly made way after the Falleen, in efforts to continue the simulated mission. Twi'lek quickly made itself a liability and in the thick growth of this jungle, it was a magnet for both predator and prey.

    Following in Falleen's footsteps as the tall alien bulldozed thought the jungle's undergrowth, little Jawa holstered the pistol in favor for it's Ion Carbine. Priming the weapon, it prepared itself just in case the droid party went after them. Who knows, despite it being a simulation, maybe there will be a chance for good salvage after all? Maybe it counted in Old Man's mind?


    OOC: Overwatch on Jawa and Falleen.

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