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(Star Wars RP) Act 1: The Upcoming Storm

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by GobMaw_HellSmasha, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. The Bright Jewel Sector, a system located toward the mid rim of the galaxy held within it a junkyard of a planet called Ord Mantell. The majority of the planet coated in mountains of junk and filth, where many a crashed speeder, scrapped ship, and broken down droid would be taken to be added to the ever growing pile. A planet that houses a seedy underworld for some of the galaxies most notorious smugglers, thieves, spice runners, and other wretched examples of scum and villainy. A planet that holds little value to a majority folk in the galaxy-aside as an occasional stop in the middle of a hyperspace run for food and drink. Most folk never purposefully plan for a trip to Ord Mantell, and yet it is here where an unlikely group of strangers would ultimately meet.

    A good walk away from the dry dock of Brighter Days-an Ord Mantellen "city" comprised mainly of scrap and broken dreams- and past the local Cantina stood a large three story building. One that was nearly impossible to miss. Not only did this structure tower over most of the other buildings around it, it was also one of the few structures in the entire city that was actually constructed out of a reliable building material and not just rust and grime. Such a building was the location the open call for hired guns from one Motzula the Hutt instructed any would-be mercenary to go.

    The entrance to the building had two 2 meter tall droids armed with DLT-18 Laser Rifles standing on either side of the sealed blast door. A low synthetic voice would utter out from one of them:

    "[State Your Business]".
  2. A tall crimson colored Chistori strode on up with boots crunching the dirt and scrap underneath his feet to the entrance of the only thing that could actually be called a building in the area, keeping his Trandoshan Smg attached to his grey armor under the leather black greatcoat of his. One of the tin cans asked for his business. Even with the Droid's heights, he still had to look down at them with his pale blue eyes. 'IG-RMs, purpose build 'meat'heads for gangs. Guess this place has some creds to through around afterall." The Chistori thought to himself. These things didn't give a damn about pleasantries, which suited him just fine. "Gargin Suttan, bounty hunter looking for work." He stated, his voice a low gravelly bass as if coming from the chest. He then stood there and waited to see how the droid reacted, wondering if the damn things will open fire or not.
  3. The two droids looked toward the Chistori for what felt like an eternity as the sensors looked over the long coated lizard-like being. Their heads then snapped forward suddenly and the blast door opens in front of the lizard man.

    From inside, Gargin would see two more IG-RMs flanking him from either side as he stepped through the doorway with the blastdoor sealing itself behind him. The inside of the building on the first floor had a private indoor bar right near the entrance with an Ithorian barkeep-that cheerfully waved toward the Chistori while he washed the mug in his hand. Looking farther into the the room he would see the lavishly decorated interior, with the walls lined with fine silks, busts and statuettes of strange looking creatures, a lounge area with comfy looking couches and large chairs all centered around a durasteel table with a holo projector built in the middle of it.

    "Oh you should probably just sit there for a little bit" the Ithorian spoke clearly in basic at Gargin, "the Old Man can be a bit cranky if he doesn't get to call up the new folk himself and they just barge up on their own"
  4. Garjin grunted but nodded to the barkeep as he decided just where to sit for now, ignoring getting a drink to keep his senses sharp. Afterall, a bounty doesn't disappear of a man's head just by going to a different system. Choosing one of the couches around the hologram, it allowed him to sit comfortably for someone of even his stature. Other than the barkeep, it seemed rather...empty in here for a place with a bar. The bounty hunter wonder what that could have meant as he tried to keep an eye on his surroundings for now, see if anyone or anything else shows up for one reason or another, fishing out a ration from one of his pockets to chew on in the meantime.
  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Rtora had been staring at the doors and the droids for a while now from a hiding place nearby. He had no one to ask or confide in so he had to follow his gut with this one. A chistori approached the place and was let in, maybe this was the right place after all.

    After a few minutes later, Rtora gathered his courage and approached the droids. He tried to not look nervous. When the droids did their inquiry, the Ipharian's words got stuck in his throat first before he coughed it clear.
    "I am looking fooorr money and information...?" He asked uncertain while wringing his hands together. "I mean, work! Money is what you get from work, right? I-I mean of course." He shook his head. "Work and information." He nodded satisfied when he found his words.
  6. Looking up from the datapad in his hand as a large snake-like being moved past the cantina, having emerged from somewhere, Xander slowly turned to watch it approach the tower guarded by a pair of droids. Quickly checking the heights of the droids, the door they were on each side of and the snake the Falleen smirked. Here was a useful thing to work with.

    Rising from his chair Xander ambled towards the tower, tucking the datapad into a satchel. He looked down at the droids when he came closer, inwardly sneering at the snake as it stuttered away at the two droids. Waiting until the other being had finished Xander sketched a quick bow, carefully watching the droids.
    "I understand your master is looking for employees. I am here to apply."
  7. @Wata
    The two droids looked over Rtora for an uncomfortable amount of time. Then their heads snapped forward, and the blast door opened, to reveal the same sights that Gargin took in as he stepped inside-Ithorian bar keep waving at him and all. As the snake being entered the door shut behind him.
    "Oh hey, another one already, hello there" was the greeting he got from the fluent basic speaking Ithorian.

    Xandar would witness the snakeman being observed by the droids in silence after they stumbled with their words. Yet, the door still opened for the Snake man and quickly closed shut without much issue. As the Falleen approached the door the two droid's sensors would scan him over and almost immediately their heads would snap forward and the door would open, the same sights greeted the Falleen like all the others that walked in before him-including an ethusiastic Ithorian waving and greeting him.

    "Hi there, you two can take a seat if you wish" the Ithorian would tell both the snakeman and Falleen, "don't want to crowd the entrance in case anyone else shows up" The Ithorian's tone seeming almost hopeful as he finished his statement.
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Alennia had been looking at the building from close-by, keeping an eye out for if the call for help was genuine or instead a front for something else. Satisfied from observation that she would at least have company if she was right about the call for assistance being false, even if the droids standing by the door meant that getting in was not going to be as 'easy' as perhaps convincing an organic guard to lower their blaster with a wink, a smirk and an insinuation from her.

    With Falleen, Chistori and one rather snake-like alien heading inside, the Zeltron followed after them, doing her best to look confidant as she strode towards the tower, blasters in holsters while she wore one of the more 'respectable' pieces of attire she owned. She said to the droids as she stopped outside the door "I happen to be hear about offer, and I'm here to offer my services.... But not as a dancer, alas."
  9. @Maleth

    The two droids would look over the new arrival, scanning over the Zeltron woman with their sensors. When suddenly their sensors would start flashing periodically. The blastdoor did not open for the Zeltron and the two guards heads did not turn away from her.

    The same low synthetic voice would utter out
    "[WEAPONS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES]" with one of the droids holding out there metal hand expectingly."[HAND IN ALL WEAPONS IN YOUR POSSESSION]"
    "[WEAPONS SHALL BE RETURNED ONCE BUSINESS HAS CONCLUDED]" she would hear the other droid chime in with an identical low synthetic voice.
  10. Stepping over to the bar as the Ithorian spoke to both him and the snake Xander settled against it, glancing at the barkeep.
    "I imagine that someone who keeps a room such as this would have some nectar available. If I could have a glass please."
    Xander turned away to examine the lushly decorated room while he waited for his drink to arrive, ignoring the snake and the large Chistori seated at the table.

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