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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Nov 2, 2015.

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    Kai had been silently looking at the paths after they had entered the temple, the odd being that was appeared and the path that was once lit and during that time he was deep in thought until a idea popped in his head. looking down to his boot he began taking it off one of his boots and looking at the path before him, Deciding to try to attempt to see if there were any traps were he might step he began sliding his boot along the ground to try and make a safe path or trigger any traps that maybe on the path that is lit. "Well lets see if this trick will work." Kai said with a smile under his helmet.
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  2. Temple Plaza
    @Vulpas | Na'tala had turned at the sound of an igniting lightsaber and Nex's voice, hissing as the Miruluka activated a torch and nearly blinded her. Glancing around at the now-lit chamber the Twi'lek let out a near-hysterical giggle at the sight of Kai pulling a boot off.
    "Why not use your helmet instead? Let us see your face for once."
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    Kai turned his head as he heard Nat talking about using his helmet instead of his boot. "Welp Nat, A helmet provides a bit more protection to the head, and its quite important to protect the head especially in a dangerous temple like this where a trap could send a arrow or anything else at my head, That and a boot is more replace able then a this old helmet of mind." Kai said as he slowly slid his boot to check for traps. "Got to protect the head and face most important ports of the bodies especially for you all my friends." Kai said
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    Temple Plaza

    Nex and his master seemed to be drawn to the puddle, almost as if the rhythmic drip was a beacon. As they ventured to determine the source of the puddle they heard the conversation between Kai and Nat. Would they continue their own investigation or ignore it to follow the group?

    As Kai removed his boot and tested the area for traps, he stirred up dust but nothing more. Was the group being overly cautious, or was the Sith Ghost tying to lull them into a false sense of security? The path was a cracked and decayed form of cobblestone that seemed aged with both years of use from the past and neglect in the more recent times. The shadows still danced in the torch light almost seeming to tempt them from the path to chase mysterious figures. Any where Kirluth's light reached dispelled most of the phantom shadows. Were they merely more mind tricks or truly just the dancing shadows of the torch light?

    Dakar was torn, who should he follow? The group on the path, or the tag team of Jedi that were investigating the dripping? He remained between the two groups, maintaining a vigilant stance while observing the surrounding area.

    A sudden draft wiped through the area, where it originated was unclear. Could someone else have entered the chamber? If so was it from the Temple proper or another entrance into the Temple Plaza? As quickly as the draft started it disappeared. What was going on here? Was it just Sith or were there others here as well?
  5. @Avenging-Angel @Vulpas

    Nex's ears rose up as he turned around to look toward both Kai and Nat who spoke up while they were investigating the source of the dripping. As he looked over he noticed Kai was missing a boot of his, which seemed odd to him, he wasn't sure as to why Kai would be missing a boot all of the sudden. "Kai is it really the appropriate time to get comfortable and make yourself at home? This isn't exactly the most inviting of places for that." He noticed the Dug was sort of stuck on the middle between the two groups, Nex was able to sense his uncertainty. And even without the force, the Dug wasn't exactly hiding how confused he was at the time. To hopefully get his attention and ease his mind Nex whistled toward him.

    @kanila @UnluckyFellow

    "Hey Dakka...Daka, Da...whatever...what do you think of this liquid. Does it look familiar to you? Possibly anything that looks like what you saw on this asteroid before?" Nex asked with genuine curiosity. He looked over to Cyrus, Nex scratched the bottom of his chin as he pondered the situation himself. "So, Cyrus, what are the odds that an ancient Sith temple still has a source of water after all of this time? Are you sensing a trick or a trap, because something is definitely up with this place."

    And as if to prove his point further, he felt the draft sweep over them and suddenly stop as fast as it came. "See what I mean? A dripping of fluid, and now suddenly a gust of wind in a sealed temple. There's definitely something going on here. Now whether it's actually happening or merely a trick of the mind, yet to be determined." Nex began to calm his breathing, and began meditating. This place is festering with Darkside energies and sorcery. He would have to clear his mind of all distractions if they had any hope of getting out of here alive.
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    "Not exactly getting comfortable my friend more of testing the floors for anything dangerous." Kai said as he continued moving his one boot up the floor. "If this is a temple for the sith as they are called think we should still try to recover the artifact here? Maybe good to bring it back to that sky walker fellow and the jedi to protect if someone went to the effort of building a temple around it." Kai said as he continued looking down the hall. "Better safe then sorry." Kai said as he continued slowly going down the hall.
  7. @Vulpas

    "Just..." Nex hesitated, his nerves finally caught up to the rest of him,as if he suddenly felt the dire circumstance they were in, "Just be careful." Nex looked toward Kai nervously, as if expecting the temple itself to swallow him whole, "and don't do anything too reckless Kai. We're still not sure what we're dealing with here, and I rather we stay on the safe side." Nex wasn't sure what he should be frustrated with more. The pirate lord for deliberately lying to the Jedi Order about the nature of this place. The Jedi for sending them their in the first place, away from his family, his home, the love of his life, just so they can go tomb raiding. Or himself, for willingly and knowingly taking part in all of this, despite his heart's protests on the matter.

    The only consolation the Kushiban had was that he was at least among friends, close friends that he trusted with his life-as well as two complete strangers he's never met prior, but that was just due to odd circumstances and pushy Dugs.


    "Nat, do keep an eye on Kai please. We don't want him throwing everybit of clothing around just to check for traps. That would probably just get awkward really fast." he scoffed a bit at a passing thought, "then again, if he threw his helmet out there, I'd finally be able to look him in the face at least."

    He glanced over to Zuri and Kass, former Hunter and quarry as they looked about the temple themselves. It was still almost unbelievable how close the two of them have gotten in such a short amount of time. Hopefully that bond would prove stronger then anything this temple could have threatened them with. They needed each other, they all needed each other at this time if they wanted to escape the place.


    "I'm still not happy about this master" Nex said, turning to look Cyrus in the eyes, "Are we really here to recover a Sith artifact? I'd rather destroy the kriffing thing myself, make sure it could never fall into the wrong hands, especially if that Pirate is after it as well. Master Skywalker would understand if it ends up being a true danger to us all, whatever it is. I'd like to believe our lives have priority over the condition of evil artifacts of Sith Sorcerory." Nexnip sat up and pouted, clearly displeased with the recent turn of events that have befuddled them. "At least I hope that's the case..."
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  8. Temple
    @GobMaw_HellSmasha & @Vulpas | "I'll be sure to keep an eye on him Nex." The Twi'lek's gaze was still flicking from shadow to shadow but there was less madness in her eyes, a bit calmer than she had been, and she gripped her rifle tightly as she followed Kai along the hall. Catching up to the man wearing only one boot Na'tala smirked at the sight of him nudging his boot along. "Found anything yet?"
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