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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Nov 2, 2015.

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    Nexnip's ears shot up upon hearing Nat's inquiry. It was the only reaction out of the Kushiban that indicated he even heard the Twi'lek at all. He continued his steady breathing, but figured it'd be polite to acknowledge her question. "This is a Sith temple, Nat." he said calmly and slowly as he sat their, "made by the Sith, for the Sith. Expect it to be as hostile and dangerous as those who built it. Not saying there are death traps definitely, but I'd rather be aware of the possibility of traps then to blindly stumble upon them." He took in a breath and slowly exhaled as he continued his meditation. A reassuring smile on his face as he sat on his master's shoulder, "Nat, you're going to be okay. We're all going to make it through this, I promise." he stated confidently. Losing oneself to fear is just what the Sith would want. What better way to break their spirits. He maybe small, but he was not going to be easy to break.
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    Kirluth kind of just took deep breaths to try to aort through all the force currents. He current could only see fuzzy outlines of walls and stuff. He took out his sword and was using it like a seeing cane. " This place is saturated but not. The force here is too active even for just having a ghost or two. For it to snare my senses it was powerful. I am certainly am going to me more mindful of inconsistency with what is known. "
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    Temple Plaza

    Sniffing the stale air caused the little Kushiban to sneeze from the remnants of dust in the air. But atleast he knew THAT was real! Aside from the stagnant air and the residual smell of cigarra, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The whole place still retained the eerie otherworldly sense of dread and dispair.

    Some of the torches seemed to flicker and die out, but a path stayed lit leading to the temple. Was this another trap? Or was the master of this temple just being conscious about energy? Extra shadows seemed to dance and play tricks in the dying light. A dripping sound could be heard in one of the unlit sections of the plaza. (OOC: placeholder, did anyone try the radio? I know it was mentioned but I didn't notice anyone try)
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    Cyrus took a few moments to look around at the mess they had gotten themselves into. He remembered the briefing notes he'd read over once they whole Disciples of Ragnos business had been cleared up. Their plot had taken them to places that were strong in both sides of the Force. Dagobah apparently being one of them. Considering the same chill now ran down his spine that did when he was tested there, Cyrus could pretty safely assume they were standing in one of those hubs of Force energy. "Yes, the Sith do tend to be very...flashy with their choices of decor. Honestly they probably would have lasted longer if they just hired a good architect. So...yay for shoddy construction planning I guess."

    "Trapped for the moment as we may be, no place has ever been built that is absolutely impossible to escape from. It simply depends on us being smart enough to find the way out. Off the top of my head with it being a Sith temple...I'd say it has something to do with bloodshed or proving that you're better than someone. Perhaps we must simply banish the ghost that clings to the place and we'll be free to walk out the same way we came in."

    The Jedi looks over the shoulder devoid of fluffy creatures at the stone that now inhabited their entering point. "But just in case the ghost wants us to overthink this..." He walks up to the rock, pulls his saber hilt from his belt and ignites it, and tries to plunge it deep into the rock.

    Sorry for the time between posts, at a new job -and- trying to move house at the moment :p
  5. @UnluckyFellow

    Nex wiped his nose after his sneeze. It was distracting, but it didn't take him out of his plan of finding a way out here without using his eyes. However, hearing Cyrus's lightsaber activate did have him open his eyes out reaction. Were they actually under attack by something already? It hasn't even been an hour in the temple and they were already being assaulted? As Nex reached for his own lightsaber he noticed what was the reason behind Curus igniting his saber. Nex wasn't exactly sure what made Cyrus go for stabbing statues at the moment, as such he gave him a confused look.

    "You know I enjoy defacing Sith artifacts as much as the next guy, but...what are you doing?" the Kushiban asked his Jedi mentor. If this was a plan of his, he wasn't sure what Cyrus was hoping to achieve by doing this. Not to mention there was a weird dripping sound that was keeping him from thinking straight. Dripping meant there was a source of liquid somewhere in the temple, and the idea that there was anything like that in an ancient that hasn't dried up yet was suspicious. "Does anybody else hear that? Or is it just me?" he asked the group as he looked about the room trying to pin point the location of the sound.
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    (Sorry for the delay)

    Temple Plaza

    The lightsaber burrowed deep into the rock, but other than that nothing seemed to be happening. The rock that had replaced the doorway seemed to be real, had they gotten turned around in the chaos of the Sith mind games? Nothing was as it seemed but what was real and what was false were yet to be seen. Clearing their minds had removed the initial illusion, or was it just another ploy to force them to question everything?

    Dakar turned to Nex, "Yea I hear it to, seems to be over that way." He gestured with one of his blasters. "The light doesn't seem to carry that far, anyone have a light on them?" Dakar continued to scan the darkness. "So no one knows what exactly is hidden here besides an obnoxious Sith who likes to play with people's minds?"

    The dripping continued at a steady pace, was it remnants of an old atmosphere recycler unit? Or was there a water source hidden within? A set of unseen eyes peered from the darkness, observing the group from their hiding place. Watching...... Always watching........
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    Kirluth shrugged and messed with the settings of his arm for a second. Suddenly his arm was a bright torch. It did nothing for him but it might help his saviors.
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  8. Nex's eyes were just trying to adjust to the darkness around him, when suddenly a brilliant bright light made him cover his eyes as the flash hit him in the face. "Gah!" the Kushiban padawan groaned as he rubbed his eyes with his hands trying to protect them from the shining light till his eyes can readjust themselves to the brightness that shone off the Miraluka's arm. He squinted as he looked to the Miraluka with a grumpy expression on his face. "Warn us before doing that next time." he grumbled as he looked around the temple again, this time with the aid of a glowing arm to illuminate the place.


    "We were sent here to look for and recover any lost knowledge of the force from this place." Nexnip plainly stated to the Dug, "However we were also sent here with the thought that this was a Jedi temple and not some damnable Sith tomb. So evil Sith spirits was actually not planned for. Though by just looking at the place it came to be expected pretty quickly."

    He tried to look over to where the source of the dripping noise continued, hopefully with some added light being able to see better through the seemingly endless darkness that surrounded them.
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    The light illuminated many of the dark reaches of the Temple Plaza. The source of the dripping seemed to be a small puddle, but at this distance it was unclear of size or what liquid. The source of the drops reached high above where the light source could reach at this distance. Maybe if they moved closer they could better see what was still hidden.

    Dakar squinted in the change of light. It's helped considerably with lighting the area as well as chasing away some of the more 'disturbing' shadows. "Well that's all fine and dandy, but what warrants this a success? Finding a hidden long lost trinket? Or escaping to tell someone else?" He shrugged his shoulders, "It honestly doesn't matter to me one way or their other, I just want to get moving."
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    "Well getting out of here intact is obviously our objective now." Nex hissed at the smartalack Dug. Why the Dug was acting so smart was beyond his reasoning. He was the one that blindly followed them afterall. "Everything else is secondary if we can't guarantee a way out of here after all. If we happen across any Sith Artifact that might happen to be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands, we'll ensure it never gets to fall into those with some aggressive negotiations."

    "Don't say I didn't warn you there Da...Dah..." Nexnip completely forgot what Blec called the Dug when the two were having their little angry match. "Ah slag, it's on the tip of my tongue...Da...Daah..Dakka! Don't say I didn't warn you Dakka. This is sort of trouble we have gotten into over the past year or so. Granted, it never involved Sith temples up until now. But we've done good on making enemies with those that follow the Dark side."

    He then poked the side of his master's head to get his attention, pointing his finger out to the puddle of unknown substance. "Cyrus, that watery stuff over there. Let's see where exactly it's dripping from. I'm not saying it's water, but whatever it is, it had to get into the temple from somewhere right? If there's a flow of whatever that stuff is in here, then following the stream up to it's source may be our ticket out of here." He gave Cyrus a warm smile. The Kushiban being proud of his deduction of their situation, "see, I've been paying attention to your lectures. And you thought I was sleeping with my eyes open."


    "Miral- no sorry that sounds insulting and demeaning, uhhh I...didn't catch your name...anyways-would you mind keeping that arm on while we investigate this place. Oh and if it wouldn't kill you...I honestly don't know how that arm works-can you dim it a tad. It feels like I'm staring into a sun just looking at the thing." Nex asked aside to the Miraluka that they discovered, the Kushiban's hood now placed over his head again in an attempt to sheild his eyes from the excessive illumination of the light.
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