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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

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    The circumstances leading up to them entering the temple had just gotten weirder and weirder, the hair on the back of his neck stood up the minute they entered and that feeling of dread matched the one he experienced on Dagobah. It was odd, the entire place felt like it wasn't even real. Cyrus wasn't even sure if he could trust that his companions were truly there...they could have vanished the moment they walked over the threshold. Up until then he'd just observed the Miraluka, convinced the ravings came from what he thought was the truth, not some illness of the mind.

    Cyrus couldn't blame Nex for trying to hold him, the little guy's first instinct was to help which in and of itself was a good thing. Cyrus took a few deep breaths to center himself for both their benefits before he approached, placing a hand on the Miraluka's shoulder and trying his best to speak in a dead calm voice. "Even your special sight can be blinded...stop for but a moment and look around. Focus and the Force will set you free."
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    Kirluth latched onto the hand that grabbed that grabbed him ready to twist it. But he did as the trooper asked, at this point a moment to rethink his approach to saving the civilians. With a deep breath he tried to center himself and the currents of the force subtly changed. The civilians faded from his sight. His body relaxed as the adrenaline drained. " Thank you. It seems I was ensared."
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    @TechCaptain @UnluckyFellow @kanila
    Nex observed as Cyrus brought the statue punching man's senses back through simple words, and a certain calmness in his voice. This was probably why Cyrus was the master and he his apprentice. Cyrus knew how to handle situations more effectively then he did."Now you're not gonna go punching things again, right?" he asked the miraluka after the man calmed down, "because if we can do as little damage to this place the better. Least until we find out what we're dealing with here." Nex still hasn't completely gotten over that foreboding feeling that the temple seemed to exude. It was making him uncomfortable to even be in the place, his only solace was having his friends their along with him, and having that force bond with Cyrus to help keep himself calm. Looking over to the Dug briefly he quipped in with "So this is your friend you're looking for right? Or are we looking for another Mirelurka trapped somewhere in here?"

    "You feel that too, right Cyrus?" Nex asked his Jedi master as he looked around the room. Taking in his environment on base survival instinct, watching out for potential dangers that could have been lurking. "Everything seems...false here. There's something wrong with this place, I can feel it." He glanced over to the Miraluka, lowering his hood and having his ears spring upwards attentively.

    "So I'm guessing you're here because that pirate with that stupid face of his wanted you to open the temple. And from that collar around your neck I can see that it probably wasn't voluntarily either." he said, acknowledging the Miraluka's slave collar around his neck, something he was used to seeing during his travels with Zuri. "So, do you remember exactly why Dramel sent you to the temple, anything he mentioned that he was looking for in it perhaps? Because if we can help ensure he doesn't get whatever it is, that'd be great. If anything I would get the satisfaction of denying him his prize and wiping that smug look off his face."
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    Temple Plaza

    Before any answer could be made a loud laughter could be heard echoing around the chamber the once mighty Jedi statues and monuments began to crumble to dust. And once the dust began to settle an unnatural wind began spinning the dust violently around the chamber. Where the statues and monuments once stood began forming those of the Sith! The last to be changed was the majestic fountain, which now depicted a Jedi knight on his knees holding his hands to the sides of his head frozen in a mock scream with crimson red flowing from his eyes.

    As soon as the transformation took place a deadly silence filled the area. After what felt like an eternity a slow clap could be heard around the chamber. Perch atop the crying statue was the spectre of Dev'kvar, clapping in mock congratulations. "Bravo, bravo. I wasn't sure you would see through my ruse so quickly." With a snap of his fingers torches leapt to life, filling the chamber with a ghostly light. "I must say, I am disappointed in you Kirluth. You could have been my greatest pupil. But alas it was not meant to be. You will never find the prize you seek! I will see to that!" With a flourish of his duster Dev'kvar was gone. "Oh and before I leave you to die, you will find it was easier to enter than it will be to leave! Mwhuahahaha."

    Dakar looked at the group, both blasters out. "What exactly is going on here? And yes as that 'thing' is correct when it said this is Kirluth." Turning to Kirluth, "If we get out of this you owe me!" He began pacing around keeping an eye on the shadows that danced in the eerie light.
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    Kirluth raised an eyebrow at Dakar. " Dakar you ninny, calm down. Your blasters are little use at the moment. It looks like your new friends will be the key to this. You see the one who had trapped me in visions of the past. So thanks for freeing me from that, now we have to free us from this temple. And little one I do not know. I was to simple open it and act as a guide around traps for him, sorry. Any harm to him would be a good thing." Kirluth looked exhausted and drained.
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    Temple Plaza

    Behind the crying statue a long path led to a Grand Temple. On either side of the path Sith statues lined the way, all holding torches.

    OOC: feel free to explore as you wish and I will respond with observations and findings.
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    "Gee, the evil temple radiating Sith sorcery was actually an evil temple of Sith sorcery. Who could have seen that coming?" Nex groaned looking at Cyrus. He brought his head up and shouted out to the room, "has anyone ever told you Sith that you're awful interior decorators?! Aside from just being gaudy, this place is shoddy at best." Yeah it was an obvious trap, yeah they walked into it willingly. They were still going to get out of the trap anyways, and then where would the Sith be? Alone in a temple after the Order ends up quarantining to place. "Right, we've been in worse situations then this before. Granted they didn't involve Sith sorcery, but hey, we haze Zuri 'Sith Killer' with us." he stated giving the Chiss a sly smile and a mock bow, "I'm sure we can manage ."

    "Feel free to keep punching the statue by the way" Nex said as an aside to the Miraluka, "doesn't mean anything to me anymore. If some Sith statues get busted to dust then hey, no skin off my teeth." He continued to look around, to see if the temple had any noticeable signs of degrading, so potentially they could force their way out, granted Zuri packed enough explosives in order to do so. However, less self-destructive means of escape came to mind as he continued to ponder the situation. " Can anybody try to get a message out through comms? We can potentially send out an emergency signal to Scrapper if we get the chance. It's not going to get us out of here immediately, but at least we'd get the message out." He continued to look about, trying to see what the flickering lights were illuminating, to see if there was any clue on how to get out of the temple.

    "Well, we can't go back. I mean we can try blowing the door open now, but we'd risk caving in the entire place on top of us. Looks like forward the only direction we have going for us. Unless there's something hidden in the dark somewhere behind the statues. Remember, Sith temple, so death traps are preeeetty much guaranteed, so, watch yourselves. This place isn't going to be our tomb, we'll show that pointy horned son of a Hutt." He stated out loud as he looked around, trying to find anything of use to them at this time.
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    Temple Plaza

    The flickering light danced along the wall casting varying shadows. The mind played tricks, one moment it was obvious the shadow was cast by a rock or pillar, the next....... not so much. Dav'kvar didn't seem to be listening to the rant or didn't care about the insults. Dakar didn't holster his blasters, and continued to poke around the decayed Temple Plaza. "Kirluth I know better than to use these on a ghost! It's the other stuff that's gotta be in here that the blasters are for!" He paused sniffing the stale air, as if he smelled something odd, but just shook his head and kept probing around.
  9. Nexnip continued to look around the temple. Noticing the light was only making some things in the room cast shadows periodically meant this was most likely another trick the temple was pulling off on them. Whatever he was looking at most likely wasn't even there. Nex looked over to the Dug sniffing the air and shaking his head dismissively. A thought came to mind, it was a bit of advice from Master Skywalker's mentor that Cyrus mentioned awhile ago: You're eyes can deceive you, don't trust them. If this Sith apparition was able to make them to see things that weren't there, then Nex wasn't going to use his eyes. Robbing the Sith of his weapon against them.

    And so the little Kushiban silently closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. If the Dug smelled something funny, then perhaps Nex with his keen sense of smell would be able to tell whatever it could have been, and more importantly, where it was coming from. Hopefully the force would be on their side today and would aid him in perceiving what was, and wasn't real around them. Determining what was a trick and what was reality would be their first step in escaping this place with their lives.
  10. Temple Plaza
    @GobMaw_HellSmasha | Having entered the temple with the others Na'tala had watched Nex and Cyrus help the Miraluka, the engineer that they had been sent to find, and touched her neck when she caught sight of the slave collar he wore. The sense of wrongness she felt was still there and it only increased when all the statues and ornamentation changed, her lekku twitching as she looked at the statue that had replaced the fountain, and she refused to lift her gaze to watch the spectre that had greeted them at the entrance.

    Turning her attention to the other statues instead Na'tala slowly approached one, a hand resting on her E-11. Yavin IV had been her only experience of somewhere saturated by the Force but this place was greatly different, much more malevolent and foreboding.
    "Death traps? What do you mean there'll be death traps?"
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