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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

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  1. Nexnip

    "Alright, I have a worse feeling about this now." he muttered out loud once more. He didn't like how whatever it was that appeared to greet them seemingly read their minds and knew what they were after. The apparition of a Devaronian in front of him, appearing to be there and not be there at the same time received a glare from the Kushiban. "Well if you're the caretaker of this temple, you could have done a better job at sprucing up the place." Nex snarked, unsure how to gage their new arrival, "not having company for a few thousand years is no excuse to let everything fall to shambles." Nex had an uneasy feeling creep over him, made even worse by not being able to pin point why. This place was definitely not a Jedi temple, even with his limited knowledge on the subject Nex was able to figure that out. The dark side was prevalent here, and he couldn't tell what or who was the source of it all. Until he found out what was causing this, the Devaronian that claimed lordship over the temple was not to be trusted.

    "And you are who exactly?" Nex asked the Devaronian with a raised eyebrow.
  2. Temple Entrance
    @GobMaw_HellSmasha & @UnluckyFellow | There was a wrongness in the air, a similar wrongness, albeit fainter, to when she'd caught sight of Darth Onii aboard the Blazing Phoenix. Startled slightly by the appearance of the Devaronian Na'tala fixed her gaze on the flickering image, not that with each flicker the image seemed to change, one moment being an average Devaronian the next being a disfigured reflection.
    "So we have a missing Miraluka and doors that appear to be unopenable." Turning Na'tala glanced at Cyrus. "Opening the doors looks like it will be your problem. Unless anyone has a better idea?"
  3. Temple Entrance


    "What, do you expect us to just wave some force stuff around and magically open the doors like that?" Nex looked at Nat raising an eyebrow, "that's not how the force works." He looked back toward the Devaronian specter unsure about this whole mission. It seemed like they were being played for fools. Just open up the clearly evil temple and allow the pirate to ransack it of it's artifacts. What could possibly go wrong. No, Nex was way smarter that, to fall for such an obvious ploy. He looked back to the Devaronian.

    "If time is of the essence then why don't you just open the doors for us and let us through. We can more then prove our worth once we're inside. We'll purge whatever 'evil' has come about this place" He sat up on Cyrus's shoulders and crossed his arms, "unless of course there is no real urgency at all, then we can take our sweet time 'admiring' this temple of yours till we stumble upon a means of opening the doors ourselves." With a sly smirk he began moving his head around as if he was leisurely taking in all the sights around them. "Nice pillar you have there. Very decrepit looking, really adds to the whole temple of doom vibe you got going on here."
  4. kanila kanila Subordinate


    "You'll pay for this traitor! We'll be back and you'll be in the brig when they are through with you!" The squad picked up their unconscious see garb and moved out of sight. Kirluth conutinued slamming into the bunker hoping to break it open.....

    Temple Entrance

    "You are right, how rude of me not to introduce myself, I am Dav'kvar. And yes this is a most urgent matter! As far as where you stand this is just the gate for the temple, the true beauty lies within!" With that said the door grinded open, causing dust and debris to fall from inactivity. "I implore you to hurry! He has already defaced many of the ancient monuments in the search for what he is after." Dav'kvar seemed to ignore some of the more rude commentary and completely ignored the comment about the missing person.....

    Temple Grounds/Battlefield???

    As the group entered they saw an immense fountain with a statue of an ancient Jedi, water pouring endlessly from his hands into the fountain. Many statues and monuments stood to represent the Jedi order. Several were destroyed and lay in ruin. A pounding could be heard a short distance away, and what appeared to be the missing Miralaku shamelessly smashing one such monument.....

    Kirluth continued tirelessly to free those poor souls trapped inside. In the distance he saw another squad approaching.....

    (Que climatic music! Sorry for the delay just finished a 12hr shift!)
  5. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Kirluth looked up for a second at the coming squad. " Hurry there are civilians in here. If you come to help get work, if your here to hinder move on with your mission and let me save lives." And back to pounding the Bunker (statue?). His arm flashing brightly with every hit. The Miraluka looks disheveled and dirty like he had been in the tunnels for days. He has obviously has missed meals, shaving, and in general decent care of himself. Around his neck is a slave collar, marking him owned by the Pirate Lord. The expression on his face is desperate to save the 'civilians', and to those sensitive to the force his potential.
  6. Temple Entrance

    @kanila @Avenging-Angel @UnluckyFellow @Vulpas @TechCaptain

    Nex wasn't entirely sure what he was witnessing. There was a clearly disheveled and potentially deranged man, with what looked like a collar around his neck, punching into what looked like the statue of a Jedi with his cybernetic fists. His first reaction was to look over toward Cyrus for some direction, a confused expression plastered across his face as he did so. "I...think we found your friend." Nex mentioned aside to their Dug hanger on, "you want to, you know, talk to him. Make him stop punching things perhaps." Nex wasn't sure if what he was witnessing was actually real or not. Everything around them seemed too...prestine. Aside from the destroyed monuments and statues, things seemed too...clean. This was an ancient temple on an asteroid with free flowing water still? That couldn't be real, right? Despite his limited knowledge of the Galaxy even he felt it was off putting. Nex still couldn't trust the words of the Devaronian manifestation, Dav'kar he called himself. He felt there was something more to this then they weren't being told about, and he didn't like being left in the dark.

    Not to mention the feeling of dread still hasn't left him, and he didn't feel it coming off of the Miraluka. In fact he felt that the Miraluka was more emotionally distraught then hostile. His intent didn't seem devious or malicious, more like he honestly felt that he was doing the right the thing.Which meant he was most certainly delusional, most likely from being stuck in this place for so long.

    "We're not here to help you destroy the place if that's what you're asking us. But we can help you, as in get you out of here. I'm sure you probably want to do that by now. Do you even remember the last time you ate? Or...bathe, for that matter" Nex asked the strange statue punching man, hesistating a bit as he took a whiff of what someone being stuck in a temple for who knows how long smelled like. He looked around toward his friends with pleading eyes. "Can I get some help over here, please?"
  7. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    "Trooper, get ahold of yourself. We can't leave a battle half done. Rest of Gamma squad abandoned these civilians in this bunker and went ahead on mission. Either help me free them or join Gamma squad and help them take out these imperial fortifications. " Kirluth looked at them with blindfolded eyes for a second and then continued his efforts, hoping he was in time. " He cursed under his breath about cowardly and immoral sergeants purposely letting civilians die. Each strike sent electricity flying from the impact point. " I will get a bath and chow back at basecamp, when the mission is complete. I got rations in my pack anyways. " He stuck a thumb at a small boulder that he 'sees' as his pack.
  8. Nexnip

    "Okay, I've seen enough. Didn't want to do this, but it's for your own good." Nex extended his hand out, trying to using the force to hold the definitely insane fellow in place, similar to when he and Cyrus held that crazy battle droid in place. From the deranged man's ramblings he can decipher that he believed them to be soldiers, wasn't too far off on at least some of them so he had to give him that. He thought he was in the middle of a battle, saving civilians by punching a statue, and believed a rock was a pack with rations. It was enough reasons to try to stop this guy before he ended up hurting himself, or them for that matter. "Now just get hold of yourself. This is no battlefield..." he silently looked over to Cyrus and back at the Miraluka, "though given our luck, I would not be surprised if it ended up being one soon. My point is, whatever you think your doing is not actually happening. You're not fighting the empire, you're fighting an inanimate object." Nex winced at the pressure of trying to hold someone in place and split his concentration by talking, he was still but a learner, but you get better through practice anyway, "now try to remember, how did you end up in here? Did it have anything to do with a man with pointy horns on his head by any chance?"
  9. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Kirluth's mind

    Even now they send Jedi to stop you from saving the civilians, the innocents! You must strike them down if you hope to save them!

    Temple Grounds

    Dakar looked at Kirluth and then back to the group, "I know he's a good engineer, I didn't know he was crazy." Kirluth struggled against the invisible bonds.
  10. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    The hold only slow him for his sensitivity to the force also let him resist its affects. He coukd see the light side shining from two of them. " I talked to him before I entered a tunnel but that was the past. Right now this is an airtight bunker and civilians are inside. Jedi do what your order was made for and save them. " He continued hitting the statue bunker abet slowly now but no less powerful. It didn't even cross his mind to hit the jedi. The force vision had him strongly still. The Dark Side clouded his mind even as he struggled against it and the force hold.

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