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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Nov 2, 2015.

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    Kirluth raised an eyebrow. " Sarge we got Alliance prisoners in that bunker. " With his now powered arm he slammed the wall of the bunker again and again. He was going to open that bunker.
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    "Those scum aren't alliance, they are Imperials! Do your job and nothing more!" The Sargeant went to push him away from hammering on the wall. "They deserve whatever fate they've been dealt. Move on to the next objective." The squad starts to move on leaving the civilians to die in the unpowered tomb.
  3. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Kirluth grunts as he dodges the shove. He continues trying to break into the bunker. " Your an Imperial if you think letting civis die is right. They are Alliance by virtue of not being a trooper. Either we save them or you get brought up on charges for war crimes." He grunted more with the effort of breaking in, he had his arm ampped up.
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    The Sergeant turned around, "This is war! Stand down soldier! They are Imperials because they chose to be, and they will die as Imperials should!" He attempted to stop him again, the rest of the squad looked on, waiting to see what would happen.
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    Kirluth leg sweeped the sergeant and the punched him in the chin with his non bionic fist to knock him out. He then continued to try to rescue the civilians. " You lazy jack asses can either help me or take this useless sack and get out of here."
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    The squad was dumbfounded at what was happening, and immediately set upon Kirluth. "They massacred our families! And now you want to save them!" Yes let the hate flow through you! See the lies they spread! They are the true enemy! The voice rang in his head. You already have the power to become great! Follow my teachings and no one will stop you!
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    Kirluth looks at the squad a moment and then continues. " Your idiots. No civilians did that. Their troopers did. You let civilians die then you are no better than a trooper. "
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    After a while of walking through out the tunnels, Blec stopped at their location. A large stone door was blocking the path and keeping them from going any further. Worn out inscriptions and symbols adorned the entrance way. The entrance alone gave off a strange vibe, as if something was inherently wrong with the place. Cyrus and Nex felt it with a great intensity, but one didn't need force sensitivity to feel a sense of dread that pervaded the area. Blec turned and a looked toward the group, purposely avoiding eye contact with Dakar as he did so. "

    Well this is it, the big stupid entrance we can't just blast through for some reason. Dramel said he didn't want to risk burying the temple in even more rubble then it probably already is or something. He's afraid we might accidentally destroy whatever it is he's after if we force our way inside." Blec looked around, looking for some form of life, or anybody really. "This is where I left the Miraluka, and the last place I saw him. I don't see any signs of him anywhere around here." He started to scratch the side of his head. Angry mercenary Kradd probably wouldn't have cared about the fate of Kirluth but Blec Ruc was legitimately perplexed. "He was supposed to get the door open by now. The kriff happened to him?"


    Nex felt a chill down his spine. A chilling feeling swept over him suddenly, causing the Kushiban to shiver. His fur running blue. He knew this feeling, it was familiar to him, but he did not like this feeling. Something was wrong, he couldn't tell what exactly but he could tell that it had something to do with this place. "Cyrus, do you feel that?" he asked, prying his eyes off the door to look at his master. He looked back toward the temple again. He may have been only going through the whole 'being force sensitive and being a Jedi' thing for a year, but he figured the ancient Jedi wouldn't have made their temple so cold and uninviting as this one. Unless this was some sort of testing ground for a trial of some sort, like what Cyrus mentioned about the trial of spirit. "I've got a bad feeling about this." he muttered aloud to no one in particular as he looked about the area, "are we sure that this is what we came here for? I don't remember the Yavin Jedi temple being as cold and uninviting as this place."
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    The squad pulled Kirluth away from the bunker. "No they are sympathizers and traitors! They are no better than the troopers they support!" They continued to impede his opening of the bunker. They are trying to hold you back. They don't want you to have the power to do what you want. The voice ebbed and flowed through his mind. You must stop them to preserve life. The Dark Side can grant you that power! Give in to your hate!

    Temple Entrance

    A Devaronian stood before them, "You are right young one, an evil presence is here. It seeks to gain the artifacts you seek!" The Devaronian gestured around them, "This is my temple, you must save it before he can find its secrets." The Devaronian flickered as if it were a hologram being projected. "I am growing weaker the closer he gets, are you worthy to fight and protect the ancient knowledge?" The feeling of dread still hung heavy in the air, was it caused by the Devaronian or something else? The cause was not readily available to even the Jedi. All they could sense was a strong evil about the place.

    Dakar stared in a sort of disbelief, it had to be a recording. Why would it think they were Jedi? All concern for Kradd had been forgotten and his attention was soully on the Devaronian. He looked around the group, trying to figure out exactly what he was getting himself into. Regardless of the danger, this was his way out so he had no choice but to move forward.
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    Kirluth shook his head trying to dislodge the voice. Hate wasn't what he felt but he did feel anger. " They are civilians. These are the people we are suppose to win over. " He breaks through the squads attempts to stop him. He was going to protect life. So more he punches the weakening stucture.
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