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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Nov 2, 2015.

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    Kirluth shakes his head and moves to the open passage. Arguing with a Force ghost does him no good at the moment. He might have some knowledge of the force but that wasn't his forte. He was an engineer and this was an abuse of his abilities. As he moved on he started grumbling about pirate lords who send him into dark tunnels and unknown doorways.
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    Hidden Passages

    @TechCaptain After entering the passage, the wall closed behind him, sealing him off from the main passage. He wandered down a narrow tunnel that seemed to rise further into the asteroid. Kirluth could hear echoing voices all around him, but they were not loud or clear enough to distinguish.


    Dakar kept pace with the group continuously keeping an eye on Kradd. He didn't trust that merc, he didn't trust most mercs for that matter!
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    Hidden Passages

    As Kirluth made it further along the passage the voices seemed to get clearer, and strangely familiar. Not only were the voices affected but the passage seemed to change, gradually at first. Changing from the rocky floor to deck type material that clanked under foot, he continued walking until he came to an opening. It appeared to be a maintenance bay, it was very familiar but it was not one he had been in on this asteroid.

    The sounds of machinery droning on gave an almost feeling of comfort to the engineer, until the voices returned. Even over all of the apparent commotion of machines and workers, voices seemed to mock him as he progressed. It began with snide comments and remarks, and then pushing tripping and shoving.

    Then a familiar voice rang out, "Kirluth you blind waste of space! Why aren't you done with the project I assigned you! I don't want your excuses, I want results!" And then he was abruptly shoved over a bench colliding solidly with the grated floor. It was an old supervisor long gone from his past! The machines grew louder, the yelling increased in volume. Taunts, insults, slurs, he was hit by wrenches and pushed back down! It seemed the tormentors of the past had found him once more!
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    Cyrus shrugged, it had indeed been over a year since his mother has reminded him, in no uncertain terms, that he was wanted for a visit as soon as possible. He hadn't been radio silent during that time thankfully, keeping his family updated on how his training went and whatnot. He reached up to pat his fluffy apprentice. "I have no doubt we'll be able to visit some time, in a decent ship like the one we have now, it should only be a three day trip to the core worlds. Duty comes first though."

    He turned to the Dug. "Right then, consider yourself a part of our crew until this is'll be more appropriate to wait for a final answer until that time. So, how about we get a move on to this temple? The less time we spend here the better off we'll be."
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    Kirluth grunted and spun himself on his back. His legs kicked out pushing himself with his one hand, then snatching up his sword. He brandished it at his foes that were invisible to him. The Force around him was too strong to pick up individuals. With one arm dead and what little sight he had useless, he was cautionous with his defensive sword stance. " I am blind not defenseless. Have at you. Your taunts are nothing."
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    Maintenance Bay???

    The visage of his old boss stands before him, his force sight allowing him to see. Something was off from what he remembered, almost unnaturally so. "Ha so you hope to strike down a Superior?" The voices chuckle around him, all eyes burning with malice. "I'll let you take the first swing! It's not like you could hit me anyways!" A riotous laughter fills Kirluth's ears, drowning out the sounds from before. "That's probably not even a real sword! Merely a walking stick to fool people!" He reaches forward to shove Kirluth onces more......


    "Sounds fine by me! If, after this you don't want me around, we can part ways. But if that's what you choose I will ask for a 'small' favor from ya before you go." When he said small he motioned with one hand almost touching his thumb and finger together. "But we can discuss that later, so what's this temple thingy anyways?"

    Dakar wasn't worried about a musty old temple buried inside an asteroid. He was actually in a great mood! Finally having a way off this rock, it would still take him some time to get back in business but still, he would get there! Then he noticed Kradd again, he hoped the merc was leaving as soon as they made it to the temple. He snorted in his directions before moving away from the Rodian again.
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    Kirluth shakes his head and kicks at the midriff of this apparition. " Your no superior. Your just an image of an idiot with no sense of honor." Kirluth didn't need his sword yet and was uncowed.
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    Maintenance Bay???

    As soon as the kick lands, the noise immediately stops. Nothing there but the open air of a long past battlefield. All around the stench of death and dying lay heavy on the air. Kirluth was attached to Gamma Squad assigned to clearing an Imperial Fortification. Upon reaching one of the main power generators the Sergeant called for Kirluth. "Kirluth get up here and demo this generator! That'll teach those dogs, they will pay for what they did!" The generator was attached to what could have been a bunker, could have been a sick ward, who honestly knew! "Hurry up Kirluth! Kill them!"
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    Kirluth could see through walls and tried to do so now as he started initial set up of the demo charges. When he was up at the generator his nearly dead hand that had been recharging from his natural bio energy grabbed it and started draining it of power. He chuckled as his arm was powering up. There is more than one way to take on any problem. " Sarge, it will be disabled shortly."
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    As he looked through the walls it appeared to be unarmed men, women and children huttled inside seeking shelter from the raid. He noticed that many were starting to choke gasp as if the air was being drained or stopped from filtering to the airtight bunker...

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